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ORP Krakowiak 1944 1/700

ORP Krakowiak 1944
Box art ORP Krakowiak 1944

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Base typeHunt-II-Destroyer Parent category: Hunt class
Kit manufacturerIBG
Origin countryGB Parent category: Europe
Operator countryPoland For the class: Denmark Germany GB Greece India Norway Poland Parent category: Europe, Asia, , , ,
Build era0 (not yet built)
TopicsDestroyer (Ship:)
(Ship:) ,
(Ship:) Navies: To the list of all ship classes
Parent category: Ship
Aera of useWW2 (WW2:) second world war
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Model Gneisenau F212 1958
Gneisenau F212 1958 class=Hunt-II-Destroyer Klasse 138
Model Gneisenau F212
Gneisenau F212 class=Hunt-II-Destroyer Klasse 138
Model HMS Badsworth L03 (1942) / HNorMS Arendal
HMS Badsworth L03 (1942) / HNorMS Arendal
Model HMS Badsworth 1941
HMS Badsworth 1941
Model HMS Middleton Aug.1943
HMS Middleton Aug.1943
Model ORP Kujawiak
ORP Kujawiak
Referenced itself or via the class in Malta Konvois 1940-1942 (... Fold out for more)[+]Battle of Madagascar / Operation Ironclad 5.5.-6.11.1942 Operation Pedestal 3.-15.8.1942 Dieppe Raid, 19.8.1942 Operation Agreement, Raid on Tobruk 13./14.9.1942 Operation Torch, 8.-12.11.1942 Dodekanes Raid 8.9.-22.10.1943 Catastrophy of Bari 2.12.1943 (only a similar ship) Operation Anvil-Dragoon, France, 15.8.-14.9.1944

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