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Renault ZT3

Renault ZT3
Renault ZT3

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  DBTyp  Model  
  Base type  Renault AMR35  
  Kit manufacturer  SSModel  
  Material  3D-Print  
  A/c manufacturer  Renault  
  Origin country  France  Parent category: Europe
  Operator country  France Germany  Parent category: Europe
  Built  13.3.2023   
  Topics  Tank  (Ground Equipment:) Vehicles
Parent category: Armoured Vehicle, Ground vehicle, Ground Equipment
  Aera of use  time(1936-1940)  
  Scale  1/72  
  Colours  3- or 4-tone camouflage. It was generally brush-painted in fairly large rounded shapes, which were separated by a blurry edge painted in black. The four colors used were olive green and Terre de Sienne (brown) for the darker colors, and ochre (in practice yellow) and vert d’eau"(watery green, imagined to be a lighter green color) for lighter colors.(1699)
Beispiel in (1700)
Revell Olivgrün 361, Afrikabraun 117 
  BaseVehicle  Ground Equipment  
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Model AMR 35 ZT
AMR 35 ZT 
Model Pz. AMR 35(f) mit schw.Granatwerfer 81mm
Pz. AMR 35(f) mit schw.Granatwerfer 81mm 
Model Renault YS
Renault YS 

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