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BMP-1AM Basurmanin

BMP-1AM Basurmanin
Content BMP-1AM Basurmanin

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Base typeBMP-1 Parent category: BMP
Kit manufacturerYK 3D HOME (YK 3D HOME:) Videos: , Web: , FB:
Origin countrySU Parent category: Asia, Europe
Operator countrySU Parent category: Asia, Europe
Build era0 (not yet built)
TopicsArmoured Vehicle (Ground Equipment:) Vehicles
Parent category: Ground vehicle, Ground Equipment
Aera of useafterwar
BaseVehicleGround Equipment
Referenced by Kit Combination ZPU-2 on BMP-1, Kit Combination ZPU-4 on BMP-1
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Model BMP-1 Irak
BMP-1 Irak class=BMP-1 Saddam {{eval IS(origin country,Poland)}} BWP-1 {{eval IS(origin country,Czech Republic)}} BVP-1 OT-90 {{eval IS(origin country,Iran)}} Boragh {{eval IS(origin country,Rumänien)}} MLI-84 {{eval IS(operator country,Sweden)}} Pbv 501 {{eval IS(origin country,Vietnam)}} XCP-01
Model BMP-1TS
Model BMP-KSh (NATO: M1978)
BMP-KSh (NATO: M1978)
Model Toyota Pickup w/ BMP Turret
Toyota Pickup w/ BMP Turret class=Toyota Land Cruiser Toyota Technical BMP-1
Kit Combination ZPU-2 on BMP-1
ZPU-2 on BMP-1 class=ZPU BMP-1
Kit Combination ZPU-4 on BMP-1
ZPU-4 on BMP-1 class=ZPU BMP-1
Model ZU-23-2 on BMP-1A1 Ost Griechenland
ZU-23-2 on BMP-1A1 Ost Griechenland class=BMP-1 ZU-23-2
Type Definition RM-G Repair and recovery vehicle

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ZPU-2 on BMP-1

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