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This site shows an 'order of battle' page. As models it displays either the ship or one of the same class. If I have a model, this is shown. Otherwise candidates in the market may be referenced.

Operation Galvanic, Gilbert Islands 19-28.11.1943

Pennsylvania class

USS Arizona BB-39 (USS Arizona)
New Mexico class
New Mexico, Idaho, Mississippi

USS New Mexico BB-40 (New Mexico class) (1/1250), Similar type USS Arizona BB-39 (USS Arizona)
Tennessee class

USS California BB-44 1941 (Tennessee class), USS Tennessee BB-43 1944 (USS Tennessee)
Colorado/Maryland class
Colorado, Maryland

USS Maryland BB-46 1941 (USS Maryland)
North Carolina class
North Carolina, Washington

USS North Carolina BB-55 (North Carolina)
South Dakota class
South Dakota, Indiana, Massachusetts

USS Massachusetts (BB-59) (USS Massachusetts), USS Massachusetts (BB-59) (USS Massachusetts) (1/350)
Lexington class

USS Saratoga CV-3 (Lexington class)
Yorktown class

USS Enterprise CV-6 (Yorktown), USS Yorktown CV-5 (Yorktown) (1/1200), USS Enterprise CV-6 (Yorktown) (1/1200)
Essex class
Bunker Hill, Essex, Lexington, Yorktown

USS Intrepid CV-11 (Essex class)
Independence class
Belleau Wood, Independence x , Cowpens, Monterey

USS Independence CVL-22 (Cleveland|Independence)
Bogue class
Nassau, Barnes

USS Bogue CVE-9/AVG-9 (Bogue class|Attacker class|Type C3 class), HMCS Nabob (Bogue class|Attacker class)
Sangamon class
Chenango, Suwannee

Kit candidate: Sangamon by Loose Cannon East
Casablanca class
Liscome Bay † , Coral Sea, Corregidor

USS Casablanca CVE-55 (Casablanca class)
Pensacola class
Salt Lake City, Pensacola

USS Pensacola CL-24 / CA-24 (Pensacola class)
Northampton class

USS Chicago CA-29 (Northampton class), USS Chester CL-27/CA-27 (Northampton class) (1/1250)
Atlanta / Oakland class
Oakland, San Diego, San Juan

USS San Diego CL-53 (Atlanta Class), USS Oakland CL-95 (Atlanta Class|Oakland class)
New Orleans class
Minneapolis, San Francisco, New Orleans

USS Tuscaloosa CA-37 (New Orleans class), USS San Franzisko CA-38 (New Orleans class)
Portland class
Portland, Indianapolis

USS Indianapolis CA-35 (Portland class)
Cleveland class
Mobile, Sanata Fé

USS Vincennes ex Flint CL64 (Cleveland class) (1/1250), USS Springfield CLG 7 1970 (Cleveland class|Providence class), USS Miami CL-89 (Cleveland class)
Baltimore class

USS Pittsburgh CA-72 (Baltimore class)
USS Farragut (DD-348) class
MacDonough, Farragut, Monaghan, Dewey, Aylwin, Dale, Hull

USS Hull DD-350 (Farragut Class)
USS Porter (DD-356) class

USS Porter DD-356 1936-40 (Porter class), USS Selfridge DD-357 (Porter class) (1/1250)
USS Gridley (DD-380) class

USS Gridley DD-380 (Gridley class)
USS Benham (DD-397) class
Maury, Wilson, Sterett, Stack

USS Benham DD-397 (Benham Class), USS Benham DD-397 (Benham Class)
USS Sims (DD-409) class
Anderson, Morris, Russell, Mustin

USS Hammann DD-412 (Sims Class)
USS Benson (DD-421) class
Frazier, Meade, Gansevoort, Bailey,Hughes, Bancroft

USS Benson DD-421 (Benson Class)
USS Fletcher (DD-445) class
Nicholas, Erben, Chauncey, Kidd, Bullard, Jenkins, Taylor, Radford, Fletcher, Bradford, Boyd, Conner, Charrette, Izard, Edwards, Hale, Brown, La Valette, Kimberly, Burns, John Rodgers, Franks, Hoel, Cowell, Cotten, Hazelwood, Sigsbee, Harrison, McKee, Dashiell x , Schroeder, Murray, Ringgold x , Heerman

Base type Fletcher
AM Raven/Auk class
Pursuit, Requisite

USS Raven AM-55 (Raven class), USS Raven AM-55 1940 (Raven class) (1/1250), USS Pilot AM-104 1942 (Auk class) (1/1250), USS Raven AM-55 (Raven class)
Base type USS Narwhal/Nautilus class
Similar type SMS U71 Minenleger 1915/18 (UE|SMS U71 Minenleger 1915/18)
Gato class
Corvina †

USS Gato (Gato class), USS Tunny SS-282 Regulus (Gato class) (1/1250)
I-169, I-175

I68 / I168 IJN (Type KD6A), I-171 IJN (Type KD6A)

Similar type I68 / I168 IJN (Type KD6A), Similar type I-171 IJN (Type KD6A)
B1 (Otsu)
I-19 † , I-35 † , I-39 † , I-21 †

I15 IJN (Type B1), I19 IJN (Type B1)
I-40 †

I-140 IJN (Type B2) (1/1250)
Kaichu 6 class
Ro-38 †

Ro-35 IJN (Kaichu)


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