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This site shows an 'order of battle' page. As models it displays either the ship or one of the same class. If I have a model, this is shown. Otherwise candidates in the market may be referenced.

1945, 7. April, Operation Ten-gō (Luft- und Seeschlacht südlich von Japan)



Yugumo Class, 1941-44
Asashimo †

Asashimo 1944 (Yugumo Destroyer)
Kagero Class, 1939-41
Hamakaze † , Isokaze † , Yukikaze x

Shiranui (Kagero 1939 class), Tan Yang / Tanyao 1955 ex Yukikaze (Kagero 1939 class), Yukikaze (Kagero 1939 class)
Akizuki Class, 1942-45
Suzutsuki xx

Akizuki 1944 (Akizuki Destroyer), Akizuki (Akizuki Destroyer), Akizuki (Akizuki Destroyer)
Fuyutsuki Class, 1944 (Akizuki Subclass)
Fuyutsuki x

Fuyuzuki (Fuyutsuki Class)
Hatsuharu Class, 1933-35
Hatsushimo x

Hatsuharu (Hatsuharu class), Nenohi (1933) (Hatsuharu class), Hatsushimo (Hatsuharu class), Ariake (late) (Hatsuharu class)
Asashio Class, 1937-39
Kasumi †

Kasumi (Asashio Destroyer)
Essex class
Hornet, Bennington, Essex, Bunker Hill, Hancock

USS Intrepid CV-11 (Essex class)
Independence class
Belleau Wood, San Jacinto, Bataan

USS Independence CVL-22 (Cleveland|Independence)
South Dakota class
Massachusetts, Indiana, South Dakota

USS Massachusetts (BB-59) (USS Massachusetts), USS Massachusetts (BB-59) (USS Massachusetts) (1/350)
Iowa class
New Jersey, Wisconsin, Missouri

USS Iowa 1984 (Iowa BB-61 class), USS Iowa (Iowa BB-61 class) (1/1200), New Jersey BB-62 New Faces II (Iowa BB-61 class) (1/908)
Alaska class
Alaska, Guam

USS Alaska CB-1 (Alaska class), USS Alaska CB-1 1943 (Alaska class) (1/1250)
9 Cruiser
30+ DD
Balao class
Threadfin , Hackleback, …

USS Balao SS-285 (Balao class)


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