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Rating System of Waships 18. Century

1.Rate: 100+ Guns; 3,4 decks ; 2600 ts+ ; 850-950 complement
2.Rate: 98-90 Guns; 3 decks; 2000 ts+; 750 complement
3.Rate: 80-64 Guns; 2 decks; 1300-2000 ts; 490-720 complement
4.Rate: 60-50 Guns; 2 decks; 1100 ts; 350 complement
5.Rate: 44-32 Guns; 1 deck Frigate; 700-900 ts; 215-320 complement
6.Rate: 28-20 Guns; small Frigate, Post Ship; 550-650 ts; 160-200 complement

Unrated: Sloops, Corvettes, Cutter

More detailled see (10)

HMS Victory
HMS Victory

Royal Louis 1784
Royal Louis 1784




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