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This site shows an 'order of battle' page. As models it displays either the ship or one of the same class. If I have a model, this is shown. Otherwise candidates in the market may be referenced.

Guadalcanal campaign: Henderson Field 23-26.10.1942

Bombardement 14.10.1942

Kongo, Haruna

Kirishima (Kongo Class), Kongo 1914 (Kongo Class)
1 CL
9 DD

Naval Battle of Henderson Field 24.10.1942

Junyo, Hiyo


Sendai (1933), Jintsu (1933)

Natori (Nagara class), Isuzu 1944 (Nagara class), Nagara (Nagara class), Kinu (Nagara class)
Akatsuki x , Ikazuchi, Shiratsuyu

Akatsuki (late) (Akatsuki Group (Fubuki III)), Hibiki 1941 (Akatsuki Group (Fubuki III)), Inazuma 1944 (Akatsuki Group (Fubuki III))
Zane DMS-14, Trever DMS-16

USS Hovey DMS-11 1940 (Clemson Class) (1/1250)
Navajo class
Fleet tug Seminole †

USCG Tamaroa WHEC-166 (Navajo class|US-Tug), USS Penguin ASR-12 (Penguin class|US-Tug)
patrol boat


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