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This site shows an 'order of battle' page. As models it displays either the ship or one of the same class. If I have a model, this is shown. Otherwise candidates in the market may be referenced.

Indian Ocean Raid 1-9.4.1942

Kongo Class, 1913-1915
Kongo, Hiei, Kirishima, Haruna

Kirishima (Kongo Class), Kongo 1914 (Kongo Class)
Amagi class, 1927

Akagi (Amagi class), Akagi unvollst. (Amagi class), Amagi 1923 (Amagi class)
Ryujo, 1931

Soryu Class, 1937-1939
Hiryu, Soryu

Hiryu (1942)
Shokaku Class, 1941
Zuikaku, Shokaku

Takao Class, 1932

Chokai (Takao class), Maya (Full hull with Drydock) (Takao class)
Mogami Class, 1935-1937
Suzuya, Mogami, Mikuma, Kumano

Mogami (CA) (Mogami class), Kumano (CL) (Mogami class)
Tone Class, 1938/1939
Chikuma, Tone

Nagara Class, 1922-1925
Yura, Abukuma

Natori (Nagara class), Isuzu 1944 (Nagara class), Nagara (Nagara class), Kinu (Nagara class)
Fubuki Class, 1928-31
Murakumo, Hatsuyuki, Fubuki, Shirayuki

Hatsuyuki (Fubuki Group (Fubuki I)), Fubuki 1941 (Fubuki Group (Fubuki I))
Asashio Class, 1937-39
Arare, Kasumi

Kasumi (Asashio Destroyer)
Kagero Class, 1939-41
Urakaze, Tanikaze, Shiranui, Isokaze, Hamakaze, Akigumo, Kagero

Shiranui (Kagero 1939 class), Tan Yang / Tanyao 1955 ex Yukikaze (Kagero 1939 class), Yukikaze (Kagero 1939 class)
British Forces
Hermes †

HMS Hermes 1942 (Hermes class), HMS Hermes 1/1250 (Hermes class) (1/1250), HMS Hermes 1942 (Hermes class)
Illustrious class
Indomitable, Formidable

HMS Victorious (1945) (Illustrious), HMS Victorious 1958 (Illustrious)
Queen Elizabeth class

HMS Barham 1941 (Queen Elizabeth class), HMS Warspite 1942 (Queen Elizabeth class)
Revenge class
Resolution, Royal Sovereign, Revenge, Ramillies

HMS Royal Oak (Revenge class)
E class / Emerald class
Enterprise, Emerald

HMS Emerald 1943/1944 (Emerald class), HMS Enterprise (Emerald class), HMS Emerald (Emerald class) (1/1250)
County class / Kent group
Cornwall †

HMS Suffolk (County class|Kent Class) (1/600)
County class / Norfolk group
Dorsetshire †

HMS Dorsetshire 1934 (County class|Norfolk group), HMS Norfolk, Battle of North Cape Limited Edition (County class|Norfolk group)
C class AA modified series

Similar style HMS Calcutta 1941 (C Class Cruiser)
S class 1916
Scout, Tenedos †

HMS Sabre H18 (1944) (Admiralty-S Class), HMS Trojan (1918) (Admiralty-S Class)
V & W class
HMAS Vampire †

HMAS Vampire D68 (V Class Destroyer)
A class

HMS Acasta / Ardent (A class), HMS Acasta 1930 (A class) (1/1250), Similar type Caldas ex Douro (Douro class) (1/1250), HMS Codrington (A class) (1/1250)
C & D class

HMS Daring H16 (CD class)
E & F class
Fortune, Foxhound

HMS Echo (EF Class Destroyer)
G & H class
Griffin, Hotspur

ORP Garland H37 (GH Class Destroyer)
N class
HMAS Norman, HMAS Napier, HMAS Nestor

HMS Kelly / Kipling (JKN Class Destroyer), HMS Kipling Mai 1941 Kreta (JKN Class Destroyer)
O and P class
Panther, Paladin

HMS Onslow (OP Class Destroyer), HMS O class (OP Class Destroyer)
Aux Cruiser †
Tromp class
Jacob van Heemskerck

Tromp 1942 (Tromp cruiser class), Jacob van Heemskerck 1940 (Tromp cruiser class) (1/1250), Jacob van Heemskerck 1944/70 (Tromp cruiser class)
Isaac Sweers class
Isaac Sweers

ZH-1 ex Gerard Callenburgh / Tjerk Hiddes (Isaac Sweers class), ZH-1 (1940) (Isaac Sweers class) (1/1250), Isaak Sweers 1942 (Isaac Sweers class)


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