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Baltic War, Intervention of the Royal Navy in the Baltic Sea 1918-1920


Royal Navy


HMS Vindictive 1938 (Hawkins class) (1/1250), HMS Vindictive (Hawkins class)
C class
Caledon, Cassandra † 5.12.18, Calypso, Cardoc, Cardiff, Ceres, Curacoa, Cleopatra

HMS Caledon 1923 (C Class Cruiser)
Arethusa class
Royalist, Galatea

HMS Arethusa 1914 (Arethusa 1914 class) (1/1250), Similar type SMS Brummer 1917
D class
Dragon x by German artillery off Lathvi, Delhi

ORP Conrad (Cruiser D class)

HMS Erebus
VW class
Valyrie, Verulam, Vendetta, Vanessa, Vortigem, Vittoria † 1.9.1919 by Pantera, Vivacious, Versatile, Voyager, Westminster, Wessex, Wolfhound, Walker, Wryneck, Windsor, Wakeful, Woolston

HMAS Vampire D68 (V Class Destroyer)
Thorneycraft Leader
Shakespeare, Wallace

HMS Wallace 1918 (Shakespeare class) (1/1250), HMS Shakespeare (Shakespeare class)
S class
Scout. March-May 19:Seafire, Scotsman, Scout and Seabear(1141)

HMS Sabre H18 (1944) (Admiralty-S Class), HMS Trojan (1918) (Admiralty-S Class)
Admiralty leader

HMS Scott (Admiralty Leader), HMS Douglas 1942 (Admiralty Leader)
E class
E27, E39, E40

Similar style HMS C class submarine, Group 2 (HMS C class submarine)
L class
L12, L16, L55 † 9.6.19

Similar type Ro-60 IJN 1941 ex Sub No 59 (L4 type) (1/1250), Similar type Ro-57 IJN ex Sub No 46 (L3 type), Similar type U-Boot SU Type L (L3) (1941/3) (U-Boot SU Type L), Similar type Nebojsa 1927 (Hrabri class) (1/1250)
CMB 4, 7

HMS 40′ CMB (CMB 40ft) (1/600)
CMB 31, 72, 86
18.8.19: CMB 24, 62, 79, 88

IJN MTB 55ft CMB (55ft CMB), IJN MTB Chinese 55ft CMB (55ft CMB)
Flower class
Myrtle † 16.7.19, Gentian † 16.7.19…

Hai Chow ex HMS Pentstemon (Arabis class|Flower 1915 class)
Ascot class
Banbury x

HMS Ascot (1917) (Racecourse class)


Gueydon class
According to different sources different names (maybe one after the other?) Montcalm(1482)(check if this was in the Murmansk area?) / Marseillaise(1483)/ Gueydon(1484)

Montcalm 1902
4 T-Boats
2 Gunboats


DD ex SU Spartak

Valerian Kuibyshev ex Kapitan Kern (Novik Group Gavriil Orfey)
DD ex SU Avtroil

Almirante Guise (Avtroil class) (1/1250)
Gunboat, ex Bobr
Gunboat, ex icebreaker Hercules
Gunboat, ex Sputnik
Gunboat, ex Lot
MS, ex SU M2
Kalev, Traal
MS, ex SU M8, M9
MS, ex Finnish passenger ship/tug
River flottilla on Lake Peipus
Gunboats Ahti, Vanemuine, Ilmatar, Taapa, Tartu, Uku, patrol ship Vambola

Soviet. Baltic Fleet

Petropavlosk, Sevastopol

Sewastopol 1945 (Gangut class)
Andrei Pervozvanny

Imperator Pavel I 1910 (Imperator Pavel I class) (1/1250), Andrei Pervozvannyi 1906
18.6.19 by CMB4

Bogatyr (Bogatyr) (1/1250),
Kit candidate: (Bogatyr+Oleg+Ochakov by Kombrig, Oleg by WTJ), Similar type Aurora (late) (Diana class)
Orfey class

Valerian Kuibyshev ex Kapitan Kern (Novik Group Gavriil Orfey)
Gavril class
Gavril, Konstantin, Svoboda

Almirante Guise (Avtroil class) (1/1250)
Vsadnik / Gaidamak class
Amuryets, Vsadnik, Gaydamak, Ussuryets

Similar type Emir Bucharsky (Emir Buharskiy class) (1/1250), Similar type SMS Magnet kuk 1900
Bars class
Vyepr, Volk, Tur, Jaguar, Pantera, Rys, Tigr
Minelayer ex cruiser 1873

General-Admiral / 25 ago Oktjabria 1936 (General-Admiral class)
Minelayer ex German cargo
MS ex Norw. Whalers
Garpun, Kitoboy, Nyevod, Yakor
MS Minrep class
MS Udarnik class
Klyuz, Udarnik

Rautu 1936 (Udarnik class) (1/1250)
MS No 24
ex tug
Barsuk class
Escorts Vydra, Gornostay, Kunitsa, Laska, Sobol, Khorek

Barsuk 1915

Soviet Navys 1st Kill 31.8.1919

Vittoria as part of the Allied Intervention forces torpedoed by the Russian submarine Pantera being freshly Bolshevik off the island of Seiskari in the Gulf of Finland (1485)
Bars class
V class
HMS Vittoria †

HMAS Vampire D68 (V Class Destroyer)


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