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This site shows an 'order of battle' page. As models it displays either the ship or one of the same class. If I have a model, this is shown. Otherwise candidates in the market may be referenced.

Operation Avalanche, Salerno Landings 9.-16.9.1943

Structure see , here by ship types
flagship USS Ancon, HMS Hilary, USS Biscayne AVP-11/AGC-18

USS Barnegat AVP-10 (Barnegat class) (1/1250), HQ-5 Trần Bình Trọng ex USS AVP-35 Castle Rock (Barnegat class)
HMS Ulster Queen
fighter-director / AA ship

HMS Ulster Queen (1/1250)
HMS Palomares
fighter-director / AA ship

HMS Pozarica 1942 (Palomares class) (1/1250), HMS Palomares 1944 (Palomares class) (1/1250)
HMS Unicorn

HMS Unicorn 1943/59
HMS Battler, HMS Attacker, HMS Hunter, HMS Stalker

USS Bogue CVE-9/AVG-9 (Bogue class|Attacker class|Type C3 class), HMCS Nabob (Bogue class|Attacker class)
Illustrious class
Illustrious, Formidable

HMS Victorious (1945) (Illustrious), HMS Victorious 1958 (Illustrious)
Nelson class
Nelson, Rodney

HMS Nelson (Nelson class), HMS Rodney (Nelson class)
Queen Elizabeth class
Warspite xx by Fritz-X, Valiant

HMS Barham 1941 (Queen Elizabeth class), HMS Warspite 1942 (Queen Elizabeth class)
HMS Shakespeare

HMS Sahib S-class P212 1942/43 (S class U-Boot)
Colony class
HMS Mauritius, Uganda xx by Fritz-X

HMS Trinidad (1942) (Colony class)
Leander class
HMS Orion

HMS Ajax 1942 (Leander class)
D class
HMS Delhi

ORP Conrad (Cruiser D class)
Dido class
HMS Euryalus, HMS Scylla, HMS Charybdis

HMS Naiad (1940) (Dido class)
Brooklyn class
USS Philadelphia x by Fritz-X near-miss, USS Savannah x by Fritz-X, USS Boise, USS Brooklyn

USS Boise CL-47 (1942) (Brooklyn class)
HMS Roberts class
Roberts, Abercrombie x Mine

HMS Abercrombie 1944 (Roberts class)
Destroyers 64
40 British
1 Greek
3 Poln
Gleaves class
USS Knight, USS Bristol DD-453 † by U-371

USS Livermore DD-429, Monsson DD-436 (Gleaves Class), Similar type Asakaze DD-181 (Gleaves Class)
Benham class
Rowan DD-405 † by German S-Boote

USS Benham DD-397 (Benham Class), USS Benham DD-397 (Benham Class)
Sims class
USS Buck DD-420 † by U-616

USS Hammann DD-412 (Sims Class)
2 Dutch
1 French
26 (1† by sub)

YMS (1944) (YMS class), HMS BYMS (YMS class) (1/600)
4. 1: Navajo class: Nauset (AT-89) †

USCG Tamaroa WHEC-166 (Navajo class|US-Tug), USS Penguin ASR-12 (Penguin class|US-Tug)
Salvage tugs
Transports, LSI
SS Bushrod Washington and SS James W. Marshall both † by glide bombs probably Hs293


LCT (LCT|Allied Landing Craft WW2)

LCI(L) 1-350 Landungsboote (LCI|Allied Landing Craft WW2), LCI (LCI|Allied Landing Craft WW2)

LCS(L) (3) (LCS|Allied Landing Craft WW2), LCS(L) (3) (LCS|Allied Landing Craft WW2)
RFA Derwentdale
x by bombs

Kit candidate: Derwentdale announced by AJM (FB 10.12.2022), Similar style Breisgau ex Salomé
wooden hull, 23, steel hull 8

USS SC39 110′ Subchaser 1917 (SC1 class) (1/600), USS SC497 110' Subchaser Wk2 (SC497 class|PGM-1 class) (1/600), USS PC 173' (PC461) (USS PC461 class) (1/600), USS PC 173' (PC461) (USS PC461 class), USS PC-466 (SC 173' ) (USS PC461 class)

PT-170 Boat Type 103 (PT boat|PT-170 Boat Type 103)
Launches, Trawlers
Air/Sea rescue craft

RAF Air Sea Rescue Launch
Hospital ships
HMHS Newfoundland † Fritz-X, HMHS Leinster, HMHS Somersetshire


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