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This site shows an 'order of battle' page. As models it displays either the ship or one of the same class. If I have a model, this is shown. Otherwise candidates in the market may be referenced.

Bombardement of Alexandria, 11.-13.7.1882

HMS Alexandra

HMS Alexandra 1875
HMS Superb

Similar type Messudieh 1903 (Superb class)
HMS Sultan

HMS Sultan 1870
HMS Temeraire

HMS Temeraire 1876
HMS Inflexible

HMS Inflexible 1881
HMS Monarch

HMS Monarch 1868
HMS Invincible

Similar style Fuso 1900 (1/1250), Similar style Fuso 1894
HMS Penelope

Kit candidate: HMS Penelope (1867) by Brown Water on Shapeways
HMS Hecla
Torpedo boat tender (carried Thorneycraft T boats)
HMS Helicon
Despatch boat
HMS Condor
Gunboat, bark-rigged Condor class composite, 774 ts
HMS Bittern
Gunboat, bark-rigged 805ts Glover class
HMS Beacon
Gunboat, bark-rigged 613ts Beacon class screw driven
HMS Cygnet
Gunboat, barkentine-rigged 455ts Forester class, 4-gun
HMS Decoy
Gunboat, Ariel class, barkentine-rigged 440ts
HMS Humber
ammunitions ship, troopship
SS Iris, SS Tamar (troopship), SS Nerissa, SS Rhosina
In the area or en route or after battle replenishments
Minotaur class
Minotaur, Northumberland, Agincourt
Achilles class
Achilles armoured frigate

Similar type HMS Warrior 1860
SS Tanjore
SS Peninsula
HMS Mosquito
SS Malabar
CS Chiltern
telegraph ship
SS Holland, France, Grecian, Canadian, City of Paris
HMS Euphrates, Orontes, Ready, Nyanza
HMS Tourmaline
wooden sloop
HMS Carysfort
14-gun wooden sloop
HMS Chester
HMS Supply
water ship
HMS Don, Dee
iron river gunboats
HMS Euryalus
wooden-iron corvette 18-gun
HMS Eclipse
wooden corvette, 12-gun
HMS Ruby
composite sloop 12-gun
HMS Dragon
6-gun sloop
HMS Mosquito
4-gun gunboat
HMS Seagull
4-gun gunboat
Further countries in the vicinity, protection of citizens, not directly involved
USS Lancaster
screw-driven sloop
USS Quinnebaug
USS Nipsic
Habicht, Möwe

SMS Adler (SMS Adler)

pic by

SMS Zieten 1876 (Zieten class), SMS Zieten 1876 (Zieten class) (1/1250)


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