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This site shows an 'order of battle' page. As models it displays either the ship or one of the same class. If I have a model, this is shown. Otherwise candidates in the market may be referenced.

First Sino-Jap. War, Battle of Weihawei, 20.1.-12.2.1895

See (German:)

Chinese Fleet

Ting Yuan, Chen Yuan

Chen Yuen, Chin-Yen
Ping Yuan

Heien ex Ping yuan Ex Longwei (Ping Yuen class), Ping Yuan / Heien (Ping Yuen class)
Lai Yuan
5.2. † by Tokata

Lai-Yuan (King Yuen class)
Ching Yuan

Ching Yuen 1887 (Chih Yuen class)
Chi Yuen

Tsi Yuen / Jiyuan / Saien
Kuang Ping

Kuang Yi Torpedo Cruiser (Kuang Ping class)
Wei Yuan, Kang Chi

Kang Chi (Wei Yuen class), Similar type Kuang Chia 1897
Epsilon class
Chen Tung, Chen Hsi, Chen Nan, Chen Pei, Chen Chung, Chen Pien, Chen Hai

Epsilon / Cheng Tung 1895 / Chinto (Epsilon class), Zeta / Chen Hsi / Chinsei 1896 (Epsilon class)
Ting Yuan I, Ting Yuan Erh
Chen Yuan I, Chen Yuan Erh

Chen Yuen
Yu I, Yu Erh, Yu San, Tso I, Tso Erh, Tso San

You I (Tso Erh class), TSO I, Fu Lung
Fu Lung

TSO I, Fu Lung
Hsi Chao

Chung Chia und Chung I
assume Chung Chia same as Kuang Chia ????

Kuang Chia 1897

Japanese Fleet


Matsushima (Itsukushima class)

Itsukushima 1891 (Itsukushima class)

Hashidate (Itsukushima class)

Chiyoda 1890 (Chiyoda 1890)

Yoshino 1893 (Yoshino class|Veinticinco de Mayo|Yoshino|Elswick Type Cruiser)

Akitsushima 1899

Naniwa 1885 (Naniwa class|Naniwa|Elswick Type Cruiser)
Kongo class
Kongo, Hiei

Hiei arm. corvette 1878 (Kongo armoured corvette)
Katsuragi class
Musashi, Katsuragi, Yamato

Yamato screw corvette 1883-1950 (KATSURAGI screw corvettes)
Maya class
Maya, Chokai, Atago, Akagi

Akagi (1888) (Maya class 1888)

IJN Kotaka
5 class
5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 13, 14, 18, 19

IJN TB No 5 (IJN TB No 5 class), IJN TB No 10 (IJN TB No 5 class)
21 class
22 class
22, 23 (Schichau S7 class)

SMS S7 (S7 Class)


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