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Navies and their vessels

This list is not an alternative to the available databases or books. It is more for categorization of models into classes. Alongside developped an informative list of ship classes.
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1/700 Helicopters

Kanonenboot, Korvette

Taurus class
Yacht/gunboat Aurora 1200ts: 1903 HMS Nirvana paddle steamer; 1909 kuk Taurus; 1914 Albanien Taurus 1920 Italian gunboat Marechiaro 1928 prime minister yacht Aurora 1938 aux gunboat 1943 lost
Gardon class
Ilirja:1918 French minesweeper; 1939 Italy 1940 Albania gunboat Illiria BU 1958
FM class / Shqipnia class
Shqipnia ex German FM16 1919;1925-1935, Skenderberg ex FM23 1918;1925-1935.
Were warprize of Italy, passed to Albania

FM 23 (1/1250), Ähnlicher Typ HNLMS A Minesweeper
gunboat ex kuk merchant steamer with a bow mountain gun
Kronstadt class Pj122bis
5 boats 1949-56; 1967-1979

Kronstadt class Pj 122bis (2x) (1/1250), PLA 6604 / 122bis Kronstadt


KM4 class

Bausatzkandidat: KM-4 announced by PTDockyard
PO2 class
T301 Pj 253 class
T43 Pj254 class

PLA 6610 early Ocean Minesweeper, T43 Minesweepers (1/1250)


Whiskey class Pj 613
4 boats 1955;1960-1995

Whiskey Class U-Boot (1952) (1/1250), Whiskey class Pj644 2-cyl, Whiskey class Pj665 Long Bin


Elco 1917 80ft subchaser
4 built for Italy 1917/8 as MAS, aquired by Albania 1926 Tirana, Saranda, Durres, Vlore. 1939 captured by Italy, returned 1945
2 boats 1943;1946-197x

MFP Typ D Marinefährprahm
Project 201M / SO-1

Project 201M (SO-1) 1959 (1/1250)
Vosper PT 368 class

PT-170 Boat Type 103
Chin 024 Hoku Subchaser
Chin 025 Huchuan Subchaser
Chin 062 Shanghai II Subchaser

PLA 062 Shanghai class


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