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Navies and their vessels

This list is not an alternative to the available databases or books. It is more for categorization of models into classes. Alongside developped an informative list of ship classes.
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1/700 Helicopters
1/700 Aircraft

Amphibious Assault Ship

Mistral class
built for SU in France, 2015 EU embargo aganst Russia; sold to Egypt; delivery planned for 2016. Gamal Abdel Nasser ex Wladiwostok, Anwar al-Sadat ex Sewastopol

Mistral class
Type 071
planned order of Chinese Amphibious transport dock

PLA 071 LPD-989 (NATO:Yuzhao)

Zerstörer, Fregatten, Korvetten

Anchusa class / WWI Flower class
Sollum (ex-Syringa) escort sloop 1917; 1920 to Egypt, sunk 1941 Tobruk
El Amir Farouq Sloop 1926-1948 . Launched in 1926 as a passenger cargo ship before conversion to military service in 1936, very similar to Flower class, so listed here. Sunk by Israeli explosive boat 1948

Ähnlicher Typ Hai Chow ex HMS Pentstemon
Raqib (ex-P57) 1917;1920-1936

HMS P class 1916 (1/1250),
Bausatzkandidat: P-boat sloop announced by Kombrig 07.2021
River class
Frigate 1948 to Egypt
Domiat ex HMS Nith 1942;1950-1956, Rashid ex HMS Spey 1941;1949-1975, Abikir ex HMS Usk 1943;1950-1956

HMAS Gascoyne 1945, HMS River class (1/1250)
Black Swan (Wild Goose) class
El Malek Farouq (555) ex HMS Whimbrel 1942;1943-1949 November 1949 to Egypt as El Malek Farouq, renamed Tarik 1954

Ähnlicher Typ Scharnhorst F213 1960 (1/1250), Ähnlicher Typ Hipper F214 1959 (1/1250), HMS Starling, HMS Ibis
Hunt I class
HMS Mendip (L60) 1940-1946, 1948/49 rent to China as Lin Fu, 1949 to Egypt as Mohamed ali-El-Kebir, renamed Ibrahim-El-Awal 1951; in Suez crisis 1956 captured by Israel, renamed Haifa. Served till end 60s

HMS Atherstone L05 (1942)
Flower class
El Sudan 1940;1949-1970 ex br. "Mallow", 46 ex jug. "Partizanka", ex "Nada", 11.1.44 ex br. "Mallow"

Basistyp Flower Class
Bangor class
Nasr ex br. "Bude" 194.;1949-1972, Matrouh ex br. "Stornoway" 194.;1949-1968/69, Sollum ex br. "Wedgeport" 194.;1949-1953

HMS Bangor J00 (1/1250), HMS Bangor J00 1940, HMS Bangor class 1940
Tacoma / Colony class
1943 USS PG-192... PF-84 USS Howett … HMS Papua (K588) … 1946 USS Howett 1950 civil Egypt SS Malrouk 1953 Misr; sank after a collision in the Gulf of Suez 17th May 1953(165)
17.5.53 ex s/s "?", 50 ex br. F "Tobago", ex "Hong Kong", ex "Holmes", ex am. PF 81 1943/44;-1953-1956, 17.5.53 ex s/s "?", 50 ex br. F "Papua", ex "Howett", ex am. PF 84  1943/44;-1953-1956

Kusu JMSDF, USS Tacoma 1943 (1/1250)
1955 Al Fateh (F921) ex HMS Zenith, El Qaher ex HMS Myngs (R06)

HMS Venus
30bis/Smelyi (Skoryi) class
3 ships 1954 and 1958, one sunk in 1967, rest retired in 1985-86: El Naser 1952;1956-1987, El Zafer 1951;1956-1985, Damiette 1950;1962-1988, Suez 1950;1962-1985, El Naser 1973:6 October 1967-1985, Damiette 1967-1985

Ähnlicher Typ Ognevoi Pj 30, Bystryi (1/1250), Skory (1954) (1/1250)
50 (Riga) class
4 ships acquired 1962-1969, all decommissioned 2008-10

Riga class (1953) (1/1250), Riga class
Petya class Project 159
4 ships acquired between 1965 and 1971, 1 sunk in combat in 1973, 1 still in service

Petya class Frigate
Koni class P1159
2 frigates

Delfin Pr.1159 Koni I
Gearing class
2 geplant, gingen dann aber an Pakistan

Basistyp Gearing class
Descubierta class corvette
1984 Spanish project. El Suez (F946), Abou Qir (F941)

Descubierta 2005 (1/1250), Ähnlicher Typ Gomez Roca
Type 053HE / Jianghu-III class
Najm al Zafer (F951), Al Nasser (F956); Chinese export

Ähnlicher Typ Bangpakong (053T/H2 Jianghu III) (1/1250), PLA 053H2 Jianghu III 536 芜湖 Wuhu
Knox class
Domyat (F961) (Damietta) 1972;1994-, Rashid (F966) 1973;1994-

USS Knox FF-1052 (1970) (1/1250), USS Robert E. Peary ( FF-1073 )
Oliver H. Perry class
Alexandria (F911); 1982 USS Copeland (FFG-25); 1996 Egypt as Mubarak (F911); 2011 renamed Alexandria
Sharm El-Sheik (F901) ex USS Fahrion (FFG-22); Taba (F916) ex USS Gallery (FFG-26); Toushka (F906) ex USS Lewis B. Puller (FFG-23)

USS Oliver H. Perry FFG-7
FREMM Aquitaine class frigate
French built: Tahya Misr FFG-1001 ex-Normandie

Aquitaine D650
Molniya Pj12421 class
on base of Tarantul class; P-32 ordered 2015

Tarantul, Ähnlicher Typ Tarantul I/II oder Pauk
Gowind-class corvette
coop with France; 4 to be built El Fateh 2016;1017-, Port Said 2018; , El Moez 2019;,

Shabab Misr
S.Korean Pohang class 1986;2017-heute

4 orders in Germany.
Al-Aziz 904 Stapellauf 21.4.2021
Plan: Muhammad Ali, Tariq, Saladin


Nicht zugeordnet

Minensucher (ggf. Geleiter/Kanonenboot)

Fairmile B

HMS Fairmile B (1/600), HMS Fairmile B (1/1250)
YMS class

HMS BYMS (1/600), YMS (1944)
Lerici class
Osprey class
T43 class Pj 254

PLA 6610 early Ocean Minesweeper, T43 Minesweepers (1/1250)

kleine Kampfboote

Fairmile D

HMS Fairmile D 1943 (1/600)
037 class corvette

Hai Quing 037IS, Houxin class 037IG
Klasse 148

Tiger (II) S41 1972 (1/1250)
Komar Pj183 / 183R Komar

Komar mit SS-N-2 Styx, Komar 1962 (1/1250)
Osa class

Osa I Prj205 Moskit, Osa II Prj205 Moskit (1/1250), OSA I/II, OSA II
Project 183
Rocket Boat

Project 183P / P-6, P-6 MTB, 183R Komar, Komar mit SS-N-2 Styx
Type 062 Shanghai class
Type 062 Shanghai I,II class


Klasse 209

U-Boot Klasse 209-1200
Romeo class / PLA 033 Romeo/Golf

Romeo PLA 033 class
Whiskey class

Whiskey Class U-Boot (1952) (1/1250), Whiskey class Pj644 2-cyl, Whiskey class Pj665 Long Bin



War Pigeon 1917 (Full)

UJ6073 Nimet Allah (1/600)


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