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Navies and their vessels

This list is not an alternative to the available databases or books. It is more for categorization of models into classes. Alongside developped an informative list of ship classes.
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1/700 Helicopters
1/700 Aircraft
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Almirante Cochrane class
central battery ironclad
Almirante Cochrane 1875-1935, Valparaiso 1876:Blanco Encalada 1876-1891
Huascar class
turret ship
Huascar 1866 Peru, captured 1879-1902; then training ship, 1917 submarine depot ship, then museum

Huascar 1866
Capitan Prat
barbette ship
Capitan Prat 1893-1931; 1931-1936 submarine depot ship
Constitucion class
Constitucion ;-1903-1903 completed for UK as HMS Swiftsure, Libertad ;-1903-1903 completed for UK as HMS Triumph

HMS Triumph ex Libertad (1/1250), HMS Triumph ex Libertad
Almirante Latorre class
Almirante Latorre design based on Iron Duke, layed down as Libertad / Valparaiso, finished as HMS Canada by UK, 1920/21 passed to Chile as Almirante Latorre 1920-1958, Almirante Cochrane ex Constitucion ex Santiago ;-1913-1918 finished as aircraft carrier HMS Eagle in 1923

HMS Canada 1915 (1/1250), Ähnlicher Typ HMS Iron Duke (1/600), HMS Eagle (1/1250),
Bausatzkandidat: Shapeways COB Admiral Latorre,
Bausatzkandidat: Canada by Kombrig


Arturo Prat class
unprotected cruiser
Arturo Prat ;-1880-1885 sold to Japan as Tsukushi

Chao Yung & Yang Wei
Esmeralda class
protected cruiser, the origin of the so-called Elswick cruisers. History video see
Esmeralda 3000ts 1884-1894

Izumi 1900 ex Esmeralda 1884, Ähnlicher Typ Hai Tien
Presidente Errazuriz class
protected cruiser, France built
Presidente Errazuriz 1892-1930 since 1919 gunnery training, Presidente Pinto 1892-1910
pic see shipbucket

Presidente Errazuriz
Blanco Encalada class
protected cruiser Elswick type
Blanco Encalada 1894-1946: served as a prototype for Argentinean cruiser Buenos Aires, Chinese Hai Chi, Chilean Esmeralda

Ähnlicher Typ Izumi 1900 ex Esmeralda 1884, Ähnlicher Typ Hai Tien
Esmeralda class
armoured cruiser Elswick type based on Blanco Encalada class
Esmeralda ;7000ts 1896-1929

Esmeralda 1896 (1/1250), Ähnlicher Typ Izumi 1900 ex Esmeralda 1884, Ähnlicher Typ Hai Tien
Ministro Zenteno class
protected cruiser
Ministro Zenteno 1898-1931; sister-ship of Brazilian cruiser Almirante Barroso class which became USS New Orleans CL-22, USS Albany CL-23

Ministro Zenteno (1/1250), USS New Orleans 1898 PG-34 / CL-22
O' Higgins class
armoured cruiser
O'Higgins 1898-1958, scrapped 1964; served as a prototype for Japanese Asama class

Tokiwa, Asama 1899
Chacabuco class
protected cruiser
Chacabuco 1902-1959; Sister-ship of Japanese protected cruiser Takasago layed down as private Fourth of July

Takasago 1898, Ähnlicher Typ Yoshino 1893
Brooklyn class
light cruiser
O'Higgins ;ex USS Brooklyn 1951 1978-1975 1992, Capitan Prat ex USS Nashville 1982:Chacabuco 1951-1984

USS Boise CL-47 (1942)
Tre Kronor class
light cruiser
Almirante Latorre ;ex Swedish Göta Lejon 1971-1984

pic by

Tre Kronor, Tre Kronor (1947) (1/1250), Göta Lejon (1/400)


Foudre class
Sargento Aldea ex frz Foudre 2011-

Sirocco L9012


Wooden corvette 1855-1879

Bausatzkandidat: Esmeralda 1855 by Brown Water on Shapeways

Virgen de Covadonga class
Virgen de Covadonga 1859;1865-1880
Almirante Lynch class
torpedo gunboat
Almirante Lynch 1910:Tomas 1890-1919 Draw see Shipbucket , Almirante Condell 1910:Talcahuano 1890-1919
Almirante Simpson class
torpedo gunboat
Almirante Simpson 1896-1907 to Ecuador 1907 (Libertador Bolivar)
Golub class
gunboat ex russ Minelayer
Orompello 1919;1920- , Colocolo 1919;1920-bef.1939, Elicura 1919;1920- , Leucoton 1919;1920-bef.1939; sisters of Finnish Uusima gunboats

Golub 1917 (1/1250), Hämeenmaa


Capitan Orella class
Turtleback destroyers: Capitan Orella 1896-1924, Capitan Munez Gamero 1896-1924, Teniente Serrano 1896-1924, Guardia Marina Riquelme 1896-1924
Capitan O'Brien class
Improved Orella class: Capitan O'Brien 1902-1924, Caitan Merino Jarpa 1902-1924
Capitan Thompson class
Capitan Thompson 1902-1924
Almirante Lynch class
Almirante Lynch 1912-1945, Almirante Condell 1913-1944; 1911 Chile ordered 6 strong destroyers. Because of war the first 2 were delivered, UK requisioned the latter 4 and delivered 3 after the war, see Williams class
Drawing on Shipbucket

Ähnlicher Typ HMS Tipperary (1/1250)
Almirante Williams class
Same as Lynch class
Almirante Williams ex HMS Botha. 1920:Almirante Williams Rebolledo 1914;1920-1933, Almirante Uribe ex HMS Broke. 1920:Almirante Goni 1914;1920-1933, Almirante Riveros ex HMS Faulknor 1920:Almirante Simpson 1914;1920-1933, Almirante Riveros -1914;--1914 ex HMS Tipperary sunk in Battle of Jutland

HMS Tipperary (1/1250)
Serrano class
Based on reduced HMS Amazon type
Serrano 1928-1967, Orella 1929-1967, Riquelme 1929-1963, Hyatt 1929-1963, Videla 1929-1957, Aldea 1929-1957

Ähnlicher Typ HMS Amazon 1927 (1/1250)
Almirante Williams class
Almirante Williams 1960-1996, Almirante Riveros 1962-1995

Almirante Williams Exocet ca 1980
Fletcher class
Blanco Encalada / Almirante Blanco Encalada 1943;1962-1983, Cochrane / Almirante Cochrane 1944;1962-1983

Basistyp Fletcher
Allen M. Sumner class
Ministro Zenteno 1944;1974-1990, Ministro Portales 1944;1974-1990

Basistyp Allen M.Sumner Class
Condell class (12I Leander class)
Almirante Condell 1973-2008, 2008 to Ecuador as Eloy Alfaro , Almirante Lynch 1974-2008 to Ecuador , Ministro Zenteno 1968;1990- , General Baquedano ex HMS Ariadne 1971;1992-1998
Background and 3D-Model see Report by Lars on Modellmarine , Version of 1978 Beagle conflict with camouflage see

Ähnlicher Typ Taragiri, Ähnlicher Typ HMS Leander (1/600),
Bausatzkandidat: PFG-06 Almirante Condell by Masters of Military on Shapeways
County class
Capitan Prat 1967;1982-199., Almirante Cochrane 1967;1984- , Almirante Latorre 1964;1986-1998, Almirante Blanco Encalada 1964;1987-2003

HMS County class Devonshire (1/600)
Type 22 Broadsword
Almirante Williams FFG-19 ex HMS Sheffield 1988;2003-...

HMS Brilliant F90, HMS Chatham (1/1250)
M (Karel Doorman) class
Almirante Blanco Encalada 1991;2005- , Almirante Riveros 1989;2006-

M-Fregat / Karel Doorman class
Jacob van Heemskerk class
frigate ex NL Standard AA class, sister class of Bremen class
Almirante Latorre ex NL Hr. Ms. Jacob van Heemskerk 1983;2005- , Capitan Prat ex NL Hr.Ms. Witte de With 1989;2006-

Ähnlicher Typ Köln F211 (1985)
Type 23 Duke class
2006… Almirante Cochrane FF-05 ex HMS Norfolk, Almirante Condell ex HMS Marlborough, Almirante Lynch (FF-07) ex HMS Grafton

HMS Norfolk F230, HMS Iron Duke F234 (1988) (1/1250)
Adelaide class
ex austral. 15.4.2020: "Capitan Prat" (FFG 11) ex Newcastle FFG 06, "Almirante Latorre" (FFG-14) ex Melbourne FFG 05

USS Oliver H. Perry FFG-7


Colocolo class
Colocolo 1880-1915, Tucapel 1880-1915
Glaura class
Glaura 1880-1915, Janequeo 1880-1880, Guale 188.;188.-1915, Rucamilla 188.;188.-1915, Tegualda 188.;188.-1915, Janequeo 1881-1915
Fresia class
Fresia 1880-1915, Lauca 1880/81;1880/81-1915, Quidora 1880/81;1880/81-1915
Sargente Aldea class
Turtleback: Sargente Aldea 1886-1905
7 class
7 1891-1906, 8 1891-1906, 9 1891-1906
Injeniero Hyatt class
Turtleback: Injeniero Hyatt 1896/98;1896/98-1920, Cirujano Videla 1896/98;1896/98-1920, Injeniero Mutilla 1896/98;1896/98-1920, Guarid Marina Contreras 1896/98;1896/98-1920, Teniente Rodriguez 1896/98;1896/98-1920, Capitan Thompson 1896/98;1896/98-1920

Kanonenboote, Geleiter

River class
Esmeralda ex HMCS Glace Bay, ex HMCS Lauzon 1952:Baquedano 1944;1946-1968, Iquique ex HMCS Joliette 1943;1946-1968, Covadonga ex HMCS Sea Cliff, ex HMCS Meganic1944;1946-1967

HMAS Gascoyne 1945, HMS River class (1/1250), HMS Swale (K217) (1/1250)
Flower class
Chipana ex HMCS Strathroy 1943/44;1946-...., Papudo ex HMCS Thorlock 1943/44;1946-1967, Casma ex HMCS Stellarton 1943/44;1946-1969

Basistyp Flower Class
Buckley class
frigates ex US APDs
Serrano ex USS Odum 1943;1966-1984, Orella ex USS Jack C. Robinson 1943;1966-1984, Riquelme ex Joseph E. Campbell 1943;1966-...., Virgilio Uribe / Uribe ex USS Daniel T. Griffin 1943;1966-1985

Ähnlicher Typ USS Buckley DE-51 Class, Ähnlicher Typ USS Liddle (DE-206/APD-60)
Piloto Pardo OPV-80 class
OPV81 Piloto Pardo, OPV82 Comandante Toro,
OPV83 Marinero Fuentealb (172)
Sa'ar 4 class
some sold by Israel

Sa’ar 4


H1 / Guacolda class
6 Holland class subs built 1915. British H class, corresponds to US Holland 602 type. Some used till 1953
Capitán O'Brien
3 boats siimilar to British O class 1929

HMS Odin ( O class group 2) 1929/40
Thomson / Balao class
Thomson, Simpson ex US. Simpson later Guppy converted

USS Corporal SS-346 GUPPY II 1956
O'Brien / Oberon class
O'Brien, Hyatt

HMS Oberon
Thomson / Type 209/1400
Thomson, Simpson ex US. Simpson later Guppy converted

U-Boot Klasse 209-1200
Carrera / Scorpene
Carrera, O'Higgins

Scorpène class

Nicht zugeordnet

kleine Kampfboote

Navajo class / US-Tug

USCG Tamaroa WHEC-166
Abnaki class

Abnaki class corvettes, USCG Tamaroa WHEC-166
Klasse 148

Tiger (II) S41 1972 (1/1250)


ARD-2 class

USS ARD-2 Floating Drydock
Navajo class / US-Tug

USCG Tamaroa WHEC-166
Newport class

ROCS Chung Ho (LST-232)

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