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Navies and their vessels

This list is not an alternative to the available databases or books. It is more for categorization of models into classes. Alongside developped an informative list of ship classes.
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1/700 Helicopters
1/700 Aircraft
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Zerstörer, Geleiter

Eilath ex … ex USCGC Northland WPG-49
cutter, icebreaker. First warship of the Israeli Navy 1927;1948-62

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Flower class
HaShomer / Wedgwood ex HMCS Beauharnois (K540). 1948-54, Haganah ex HMCS Norsyd (K520). 1948-50s

Basistyp Flower Class
Revenue cutter
Hatikvah ex USCGC Gresham (WPG-85).1896;1948-51
Maoz ex … USS Cythera (PY-31)
1931;1948-56 K-24
PC461 class
Nogah (K-26) ex USS PC-1265 and ASPC Yucatán. 1948-52. Nogah 2 (K-22) ex USS PC-1188. 1953-60s

USS PC599 (1/1250), USS PC 173' (PC461) (1/600), USS PC 173' (PC461)
River class
Mivtach ex HMCS Orkney (K448) 1949. Sold to Ceylon as HMCyS Mahasena. Misgav ex HMCS Strathadam (K682) 1950-70s. Miznak ex HMCS Hallowell (K666).1952-58. Sold to Ceylon in 1958 as HMCyS Gajabahu.

HMAS Gascoyne 1945, HMS River class (1/1250), HMS Swale (K217) (1/1250)
Hunt I class
Haifa ex HMS Mendip (L60) Captured from Egypt on 31 October 1956. Commissioned in 1957 - 1968

HMS Atherstone L05 (1942)
Z/C class
Eilath ex HMS Zealous 1944;1955-1967 destroyed Port Said by SSN-2 Styx rockets from Egyptian Project 183R FAC. Yaffa ex HMS Zodiac 1944;1955-72

HMS Venus
Sa'ar 5 Eilat class
Israeli design, built in US. 1993-; Eilat, Lahav, Hanit

Sa'ar 5 Eilat class,
Bausatzkandidat: INS Eilat by Dodo
Sa'ar 6
Corvette in construction in Germany on Braunschweig/A-100 design. Magen, Oz, Atzmaut und Nitzachon

Magdeburg F261
Sa'ar 62
New design based on an enlarged Sa'ar 4.5.
Sa'ar 62 OPV sold to Cyprus Navy and Azerbaijan Coast Guard.
Israel Shipbuilding offers this new design also as a missile corvette
Reshef Class (Sa'ar 72)
Corvette, stretched Sa'ar 4.5, called Sa'ar 72 design (3 planned)
Incheon class
contract in negotiation: variant of the South Korea Incheon class

Incheon FFX-1


Fairmile B
HaPortzim ex HMS

HMS Fairmile B (1/600), HMS Fairmile B (1/1250)
Palmach ex Yacht HMS Moretta
Dror, Sa'ar, Tirtza

HMS Fairmile HDML (1/600)
ex German R, bought from Italy

R89 Minenräumer Typ 89 (1942-45)


Jaguar class / Sa'ar 1 class
built in France on German Jaguar design. Later converted to Saar 2. Mivtach, Miznak, Misgav

Sa’ar 1, Iltis P6058
Sa'ar 2
1969 converted from Sa'ar 1 and new build on same design

Sa’ar 2, Sa’ar 2
Sa'ar 3
French build, mod. Jaguar design1970-88 (then to Chile)

Sa'ar 3 class (1/1250), Sa’ar 3
Sa'ar 4
1973/80-1981/2000. Sold to Chile, Sri-Lanka
Israel Shipbuilding offers a version OPV 58

Sa’ar 4
Shimrit class
Shimrit (built in US), Shlomit (built in Israel. Missile hydrofoils 1982-1991

Ähnlicher Stil USS Pegasus PHM-1,
Bausatzkandidat: Shimrit by Dodo
Sa'ar 4.5 Nirit class
1980/2003-2004/today. Some sold to Mexico
Israel Shipbuilding offers a version OPV 62

Sa'ar 4.5 Hetz-subclass, Sa'ar 4.5 Aliya-subclass, Sa'ar 4.5 Aliya-subclass
ex-USN 78ft Higgins PT boat Netz T200

Ähnlicher Typ PT-147 Elco 80', Ähnlicher Typ PT-170 Boat Type 103
Nasher class
ex-UK 70ft Vosper and BPB MTBs 1941;1948-1967 T201 Nasher, T202 Ait, T203 Ayah, T204 Daya, T209 Shaldag, T210 Lilit, T211 Yinshof, T212 Tinshemett

Viscolul ex MTB23 1941 (1/600), Vantul MTB 1943 (1/600), Ähnlicher Typ MTB Vosper II 73ft
Baz class
French built by Meulan Served rather as MGBs without TT. 1950s-70s T205 Baz, T206 Takhmas, T207 Peres, T208 Yisaor, T203 Ayah, T204 Daya, T206 Takhmas
Ophir class
Italy built T150 Ophir, T151 Sheva, T152 Tarshish


ex HMS built 1945. 1959-72

HMS Sahib S-class P212 1942/43
ex HMS 1943

HMS T class Group III
Gal class
Israeli-German design (type 206) built in UK. 1977-2000s

Gal class
Dolphin class
German-Israeli design built in Germany. 2000-

U-Boot Klasse 209-1200
Dolphin 2 class
German-Israeli design built in Germany 2014-

U-Boot Klasse 214

Nicht zugeordnet


MAC Aircraft carrier

HMS Empire MacKendrick


LCT / Allied Landing Craft WW2


Minensucher (ggf. Geleiter/Kanonenboot)

LSM / Allied Landing Craft WW2


kleine Kampfboote

MTM Explosive boats (1/600)



AF Typ D2. Artilleriefähre, AF Typ D 2.Version Artilleriefähre 1944, MFP Typ D Marinefährprahm, MFP Typ D Marinefährprahm, MFP Typ D 10,5cm ++AA 1945
LCT / Allied Landing Craft WW2


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