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Navies and their vessels

This list is not an alternative to the available databases or books. It is more for categorization of models into classes. Alongside developped an informative list of ship classes.
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Fregatten / Geleiter

Victory class
German built corvettes 1980s. RSS Victory (88), Valour (89), Vigilance (90), Valiant (91), Vigour (92), Vengeance (93)

Ähnlicher Typ Manama
Fearless class
Patrol vessels
Independence class
Littoral mission vessels
Formidable class
Export of french La Fayette class. RSS Formidable (68), Intrepid (69), Steadfast (70), Tenacious (71), Stalwart (72), Supreme (73)

Kang Ding class


Challenger class
ex Swedish Sjöormen class

Ähnlicher Typ Yushio
Archer class
ex Swedish Västergötland class

Ähnlicher Typ HMAS Collins
Invincible class
German Type 218SG

Ähnlicher Typ U-Boot Klasse 212A, Ähnlicher Typ U-Boot Klasse 212A U-31


County class LST

Basistyp USS LST Mk2
Endurance class LST


Jupiter class
ex USS Redwing/Bluebird/Adjutant class

USS Adjutant => Ponta Delgada (M 405)
Bedok class
built as the Swedish Landsort class


Sea Wolf class
German Lürssen TNC45 design

Nicht zugeordnet

Minensucher (ggf. Geleiter/Kanonenboot)

Adjutant class / Abete class / Castagno class / Sauda class

Castagno M5504 (1/1250)

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