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Navies and their vessels

This list is not an alternative to the available databases or books. It is more for categorization of models into classes. Alongside developped an informative list of ship classes.
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1/700 Helicopters
1/700 Aircraft


Battle class
Artemiz ex HMS Sluys 1985:Damavand 1945;1965-1994/97

HMS Barfleur R80 (1944)
Allen M. Sumner class
Babr  ex USS Zellars/DD 777 1944;1971-1997/2000, Palang ex USS Stormes/DD 780 1944;1972-1997/2000

Basistyp Allen M.Sumner Class
Gearing class
USS Kenneth D. Bailey DDR-713 sold to Iran 1975. To be broken for spare parts

Basistyp Gearing class
Kidd class (Spruance II)
Built for Iran, cancelled 1980 by Revolution, finished for US Navy. Khouroosh, Daryush, Ardeshir, Nader

Ähnlicher Typ USS Spruance DD-963
Khalije Fars-class
"Persian Gulf" ordered 2012, first Iran design of a true DD

Geleiter, Fregatten

Persepolis class
Persepolis  1885-1925
FM1 class
Fatiya ex German FM24 1926:Pahlavi 1935:Shahin 1918;1923-1941

FM 23 (1/1250), Ähnlicher Typ HNLMS A Minesweeper
Babr class
Babr 1931-1941, Palang 1931-1941
1936 Dutch built. Yacht Shahsavar, renamed corvette Hamzeh with Anti ship missiles
Algerine class
Palang ex HMS Fly, minesweeper used as corvette. 1942;1949-1972

HMS Brave J305, HMS Circe J214 (1/1250), HMS Marvel J443 (1/1250)
Shahrokh class
Italy built 1930. Shahrokh (captured by UK 1941 as HMIS Nilam, back 1946) 1931;1932-1953, Shahbaz (captured by UK 1941 as HMIS Hira back 1946) 1931;1932-1953, Karkass (captured by UK 1941 as HMIS Moti back 1946) 1931;1932-1946, Simurgh (captured by UK 1941 as HMIS Lal back 1946) 1931;1932-1953
Loch class
Babr ex HMS Derby Haven (as Depot ship) 1944;1949-1972

HMS Loch class
Bayandor class (US PF103 class)
Bayandor 81 1963;1964-2017, Naghdi 82 1963;1964-2017, Milanian 1968;1969-1982 (sunk), Kahnamuie 1968;1969-1982 (sunk)
Alvand class
Vosper Mark V frigates GB built. 1968;1971-today. Alvand 71 ex Saam, Alborz 72 ex Zaal, Sabalan 73 ex Rostam, Sahand 74 ex Faramarz destroyed by US 1988

Ähnlicher Typ HMS Amazon F169 (1/600)
Moje (aka Moudge) class
Development of Alvand class. 76 Jamaran 2010-heute, 77 Damavand 2013-2018 +, more under construction

Ähnlicher Typ HMS Amazon F169 (1/600)
Sahand class
Larger than Moje, Stealth. 74 Sahand 2018-


Tang class
3 US Boats transferred to Iran Navy shortly. With revolution back. 1949;1978;1979
Kousseh ex Trout, Nahang ex Wahoo, Dolfin ex Tang (turk Piri Reis)

Bausatzkandidat: USS Tang by OKB Grigorov Full-Hull
Typ 209/1400
Ordered by Shah, cancelled after revolution

U-Boot Klasse 209-1200
Paltus Pj877 / Kilo
3 SU built Tareq, Noor, Yunes. 1992/1993/1997-today

Kilo Class
1200ts Iran built 2013
Fateh class
2 Coastal boat Iran built. 600ts. 2011/15
Iran built. 350-400ts
Ghadir class
21 Iran built. 120ts, 2007-today

Ghadir submarine
Yugo class
4 North Korean built. 90ts
Al-Sabehat 15 SDV
5 Iran built. 10ts


Adjutant / Bluebird class
as Shahrokh class ex USS

USS Adjutant => Ponta Delgada (M 405), Castagno M5504 (1/1250)
Cove class
as Kahnamuie class ex USS

Nicht zugeordnet

kleine Kampfboote

Iran Gunboat 13,3m
Kaman class / Sina class

Klasse 148 German Missile Boat
Klasse 148

Tiger (II) S41 1972 (1/1250)

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