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Navies and their vessels

This list is not an alternative to the available databases or books. It is more for categorization of models into classes. Alongside developped an informative list of ship classes.
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Schiffe aus der Zeit zwischen Wk2 und Ende des Bürgerkriegs überschneiden sich teils bei den Einträgen für China und Taiwan
Arethusa class
Chung King ex HMS Aurora 51: HUANG HO, 54: PEI CHING, ..: KUANG CHU

HMS Arethusa 1945, HMS Penelope 1940 (Deluxe Edition)


Minekaze class
Shen Yang ex China ex Namikaze 1922;1949-1960

Akikaze, Namikaze Kaiten (Nokaze Kit)
Kagero class
Tan Yang ex China ex Yukikaze 1939;1947-1971

Tan Yang / Tanyao 1955 ex Yukikaze
Akizuki class
Fei Yang ex China ex Yoizuki 1944;1949-1963

Benson/Gleaves class
Lo Yang ex Benson DD 421 1941;1954-1975, Han Yang ex Hilary P. Jones DD 427 1941;1954-1975, Nan Yang  ex Plunkett DD 431 ex am. Ellyson DD 454, 69 ex jap. Asakaze, 19.10.54 ex am. Ellyson 1940;1959-1975, Hsien Yang ex Macomb DD 458, 69 ex jap. Hatakaze, 19.10.54 ex am. Macomb DD 458 1941;1955-1976

USS Benson DD-421, Asakaze DD-181, USS Livermore DD-429, Monsson DD-436, USS Laffey DD-459, Woodworth DD-460 (1942)
Fletcher class
An Yang ex Kimberly DD 521 1943;1967-1994, Chiang Yang ex Mullany DD 528, ex Beatty ex am. Sproston DD 577 1942;1971-1994, Kun Yang ex Yarnall DD 541 1943;1968-1994, Kwei Yang ex Twinning DD 540 1942;1971-1994

Basistyp Fletcher
Allen M Sumner class
Heng Yang 1944;1970-1993, Hsiang Yang 1943;1969-1984, Hua Yang 1944;1969-1993, Huei Yang 1944;1970- , Lo Yang 1944;1974-1994, Nan Yang 1944;1974- , Po Yang 1944;1972-1985, Yuen Yang 1944;1970-1993

USS Maddox DD-731
Gearing / FRAM I class
Fu Yang 1945;1971- , Han Yang 1945;1971- , Dang Yang 1945;1972- , Chien Yang 1945; -1973, Lao Yang 1946;1973- , Liao Yang 1945;1973- , Kai Yang 1945;1977- , Chao Yang 1944;1977-1977, Shen Yang 1945;1977- , Te Yang 1945;1977- , Lai Yang 1946;1978- , Yun Yang 1945;1981- , Chen Yang 1945;1981- , Shao Yang 1945;1983- , Tsu Yang 1944;1983-

Basistyp Gearing class
Kidd class
Keelung 1980;2003- , Suao 1980;2003- , Tsoying 1979;2003- , Makung 1980;2003-

Ähnlicher Typ USS Spruance DD-963
Yat Sen class
1930 built as I Hsien (Yi Hsin), popular called Yat Sen. 1939-1946 jap. Training ship and floating AA battery Atada 1946 back to China as I Hsien -1949 escaped to Taiwan, strickn 1958

Atada 1940 ex I Hsien (1/1250), Atada ex I Hsien/Yat Sen/Yixian
Hashidate class
Chang Chi ex japanese Uji (1945 war prize). 1955 captured by China, became Nan Chang

Uji (1945)
Evarts class
Tai Kang 1942;1949-1972, Tai Ping 1942;1949-1954

USS Bebas DE-10 (1943)
Etorofu class
Lin An 1943;1949-1963

Escort Destroyer Etorofu
Mikura class
Hsuh Feng ex IJN Yashiro 195.:Cheng An / Wei Xuefeng  1944;1949-1963

Escort Destroyer Type B Mikura
Matsu class
Hui Yang 1944;1949-1960, Hen Yang 1944;1949-1960

Matsu, Matsu, Sakura, Sakura
C class
Swe An 1955:Jui An 1944;1949-1963, Chao An ex 107 1944;1949-1963, Hsin An 1944;1949-1960, Liao Hai 1945;1949-1960

Escort Destroyer Type C Hei
D class
Cheng An ex 40 1944;1949-1963, Tai An ex 104 1944;1949-1960, Tung An ex 192 1944;1949-1960

Escort Destroyer Type D Tei, Jinan ex Weihai ex CD-194
Tachibana class
Hua Yang 1944;1949-1950, Hsin Yang ....:82 1945;1949-1964

Tachibana (1944)
Hunt I class
HMS Mendip sold to Nationalist China 1947 and renamed Lin Fu. Seized prior to delivery and re-sold 1949 to Egypt as Mohamed Ali el Kebir, renamed Ibrahim el Awal in 1951, captured by Israel on 31 October 1956 and commissioned as INS Haifa (K-38), decommissioned 1968, used as training target and sunk by a Gabriel missile.

HMS Atherstone L05 (1942)
PCE class
Yung Tai ex PCE867 / Shan Hai1943;1949-1965, Yong Xing ex PCE869 / Wei Yuan 1943;1949-1970

USS Admirable class PCER, USS Scout 1944 (1/1250)
Cannon class
Tai Ho 1943;1949-1972, Tai Tsang 1943;1949-1973, Tai Hu 1943;1949-1975, Tai Chao 1944;1949-1973

USS Cannon DE-99 Class
Castle class
Te An  ;1951-1970, Kao An  ;1951-1963

HMS Castle class, HMCS Tillsonburg K496 (1/1250)
Auk class
Chien Men ex am. "Toucan"/MSF 387, ex AM 387 1944;1964-1965, Wu Sheng ex am. "Redstart"/MSF 378, ex AM 378 1944;1965-1992, Chu Yung ex am. "Waxwing"/MSF 389, ex AM 389 1945;1965-1992, Ping Jin ex am. "Steady"/MSF 118, ex AM 118 1942;1968-1993

USS Raven AM-55, USS Raven AM-55 1940 (1/1250), USS Pilot AM-104 1942 (1/1250), USS Raven AM-55
Buckley class
Chung Shan 1943;1967- , Kang Shan 1943;1967-1978, Lu Shan 1943;1966-1994/97, Wen Shan 1943;1966-1991

USS Buckley DE-51 Class
Rudderow class
Fu Shan  ;1966- , Heng Shan  ;1966-1976, Hua Shan  ;1965-1993, Lung Shan 1943; -1976, Shou Shan  ;1966- , Tai Shan  ;1966-1991, Tai Yuan 1943;1969- , Tien Shan  ;1967- , Yu Shan  ;1962-

USS Rudderow DE-224
Teh Hsing class (SC)
Teh Hsing 1980/85;1980/85-1990/94?, Chin Hsing 1980/85;1980/85- , Pao Hsing 1980/85;1980/85-
Mou Hsing class (SC)
Mou Hsing 1988- , Fu Hsing 1988-
Knox class
Chi Yang Chih Yang 1971;1992- , Feng Yang 1971;1992- , Fen Yang 1971;1993- , Lan Yang 1970;1994- , Hae Yang 1971;1994- , Hwai Yang 1971;1994- , Ning Yang 1970;1998- , Yi Yang 1972;1998-

USS Knox FF-1052 (1970) (1/1250), USS Robert E. Peary ( FF-1073 )
Ho Hsin class (SC)
Ho Hsing 1992- , Wei Hsing 1992-
Cheng Kung/Kwang Hua I/PFG-2 Batch I class
License build Oliver Hazard Perry class. Cheung Kung 1993- , Cheng Ho 1994- , Chi Kuang 1995- , Yueh Fei Yueh Feng 1996- , Tzu I ...Tzu Yi 1997- , Pan Chao 1997-

USS Oliver H. Perry FFG-7
Kwang Hua II/PFG-2 Batch I class (ex Oliver Hazard Perry-class)
Chang Chien 1998- , Tian Dan 2004-
2 more ex US transferred June 2016: Ming-Chuan (PFG-1112) ex USS Taylor FFG-50, Feng Jia (PFG-1115) ex USS Gary (FFG-51)

USS Oliver H. Perry FFG-7
Kang Ding class
Modified French Lafayette class. Kang Ting (Kang Ding) 1996- , Hsi Ning 1996- , Kun Ming 1997- , Ti Hua 1997- , Wu Chang 1997- , Cheng De ...Chen Du 1998-

Kang Ding class
Tuo Jiang class
Tuo Jiang (Tuo Chiang / Tuo-Chiang) PGG-618; 11 planned.2014-

Tuo-Chiang PPG-618
Ching Chiang class
12 Corvettes 1994-2021

Ching Chian ROCN

U-Jäger, Patrol Craft

Ning class
build 1932-36, most sunk(185)(186)

Chang Ning
Ch28 class
Qu Jiang ex chin Yang Lung ex IJN Ch49 1949-64

Ch.28 IJN Subchaser
Ch4 class
Fu Ling/Quo Jiang/Min Jiang ex Ch9

Ch.4 IJN Subchaser
Fang 1 class

HMS Fairmile HDML (1/600)
PC-461 class
ex US PC + PGM

USS PC 173' (PC461) (1/600), USS PC599 (1/1250), USS PC 173' (PC461)
SC-497 class 110ft
Chu Chien 101-109 ex US

USS SC497 110' Subchaser Wk2 (1/600)
PTC38 1962-1980
Vosper Ning Hai class


Fu Chow class
PT1,2 nuilt by Japan
US Vosper 70ft
PTC32,33 (Fan Kong class)

PT-170 Boat Type 103
US Elco 80ft
PTC34,35 (Fu Kuo class)
PB60 MGB class
1st Taiwan design
Lung Chiang class
Missile craft design based on US Asheville, same as Korean Paek Ku. 1978-2011

USS Asheville (PGM-84) & USS Antelope (PGM-86)
Missile craft based on Israel Dvora class. 1979-2010/15 Some Paraguay, Gambia.
2 Israel built prototypes 1980-2003
Hai Ou class
based on FABG5 prototypes
FACG60 Kuang Hua VI class
missile boats 2002-…

Bausatzkandidat: Kuang Hua VI class by EV Resin,
Bausatzkandidat: Kuang Hua VI by Seed Hobby


Sokuten 1913 class
Jieh 29 ex-Kuroshima 1915;1949-60

Minenleger Sokuten class 1913
Ostia class
Xian Ning ex-Okitsu, ex-Lepanto 1927;1949-1956

General Soublette 1943 (1/1250)
Hirashima class (Sokuten 1938 class)
Yong Jing ex Saishu 1941;1949-1960

Minenleger Hirashima Class (1941)
Min Jiang class
4 boats. 2020-heute

Bausatzkandidat: Min Jiang class by EV Model


converted US personnel boats 1-12 1943-1945/1961
ex US harbor service boat
Admirable / PCE class
Zhen Nan class

USS Admirable class PCER, USS Scout 1944 (1/1250)
Bluebird/Adjutant class
Yung Ping class, partially from France, Belgium

USS Adjutant => Ponta Delgada (M 405)
Yung Feng class
4 Minehunter built in Germany

Bausatzkandidat: Yung Feng class minehunter by Evresin
Aggressive class
4 Yung Yang class ex US; 1952-today

USS Aggressive class, USS Inflict AM-456/MSO-456 (1/1250)
Yung Jin Minehunter class
US built, Italian design

Ähnlicher Typ Alkmaar
Lerici class
Taiwan build planned, like Yung Jin design

Ähnlicher Typ Alkmaar


Tench/Balao class
2 ex USS GUPPY II converted, Hai Shih class. Hai Shih (SS-791) ex USS Cutlass (SS-478) 19454, still in service (2018). Planned to retrofit for service till 2026

Ähnlicher Typ USS Balao SS-285, USS Corporal SS-346 GUPPY II 1956
Zwaardvis class
2 Modified NL design. Hai Lung class

Ähnlicher Typ Yushio
Hai Jiao midget class
Italy design 1969

Nicht zugeordnet


Chu Yu class

Chu Tai
Atami class

Atami (late)

Minensucher (ggf. Geleiter/Kanonenboot)

Adjutant class / Abete class / Castagno class / Sauda class

Castagno M5504 (1/1250)

kleine Kampfboote

Yung An ROCN
Navajo class / US-Tug

USCG Tamaroa WHEC-166
Abnaki class

Abnaki class corvettes, USCG Tamaroa WHEC-166
Paek Ku PSMM Mk5 / Lung Chiang

Paek Ku PSMM Mk5 (1/600)


ARD-2 class

USS ARD-2 Floating Drydock
Casa Grande class

USS Comstock LSD-19
Kinesaki class

LCS / Allied Landing Craft WW2

LCS(L) (3), LCS(L) (3), LSM(R)
Navajo class / US-Tug

USCG Tamaroa WHEC-166
USS Diver class

USS Diver ARS-5

USS LST-393 w/ Brodie System, USS LST-351, USS LST-821 / AGP-821 Harnett County
Anchorage class

USS Anchorage LSD-36 1970
Newport class

ROCS Chung Ho (LST-232)

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