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Navies and their vessels

This list is not an alternative to the available databases or books. It is more for categorization of models into classes. Alongside developped an informative list of ship classes.
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(Schiff:) US Navy Schiffe Bildarchiv
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Construction tables , Lists and drawings of Merchants 1938-82
All ship types and ships

Age of Sail


Fregatte 44-gun 1812


5-Mast-Schoner ca Governor Ames


1861 - 1865
Ironclad = Panzerschiff, Tinclad = Blechbüchse , , , Brown Water Navy Miniatures


CSS Stonewall
ordered, but then moved to Japan

Azuma Ironclad 1871 (1/1250), FS Sphynx / CSS Stonewall / IJN Kotetsu
CSS Advance
Irish Blockade Runner Lord Clyde sold as CSS Advance, then captured by USS, used as Cruiser USS Advance, after war USS Frolic

CSS Advance 1862
CSS Alabama (sea-going raider)

Bausatzkandidat: CSS Alabama by Thoroughbred,
Bausatzkandidat: CSS Advance by Brown Water Navy Miniatures on Shapeways
CSS Albemarle (ironclad ram)

CSS Albemarle
CSS Arkansas (ironclad ram)
Arkansas, Tennessee

CSS Arkansas
CSS Atlanta (ironclad ram)

Bausatzkandidat: CSS Atlanta by Thoroughbred,
Bausatzkandidat: CSS Atlanta by Brown Water Navy Miniatures on Shapeways
CSS Baltic (casemate ironclad)

Bausatzkandidat: CSS Baltic by Thoroughbred,
Bausatzkandidat: CSS Baltic by Brown Water Navy Miniatures on Shapeways
CSS Bayou City

Bausatzkandidat: CSS Bayou City by Brown Water Navy Miniatures on Shapeways
CSS Charleston (Ironclad)

Bausatzkandidat: CSS Charleston by Thoroughbred,
Bausatzkandidat: CSS Charleston by Brown Water Navy Miniatures on Shapeways
CSS Chickamauga

Bausatzkandidat: CSS Chickamauga by Brown Water Navy Miniatures on Shapeways
CSS Colonel Lovell

Bausatzkandidat: CSS Colonel Lovell by Brown Water Navy Miniatures on Shapeways
CSS Columbia/Texas (ironclad ram)

Bausatzkandidat: CSS Columbia/Texas by Thoroughbred,
Bausatzkandidat: CSS Columbia by Brown Water Navy Miniatures on Shapeways
CSS Diana

Bausatzkandidat: CSS Diana by Brown Water Navy Miniatures on Shapeways
CSS Fredericksburg (ironclad ram)

Bausatzkandidat: CSS Fredericksburg by Thoroughbred,
Bausatzkandidat: CSS Fredericksburg by Brown Water Navy Miniatures on Shapeways
CSS Gaines (wooden gunboat - 2 in class)

Bausatzkandidat: CSS Gaines by Thoroughbred
CSS General Beauregard

Bausatzkandidat: CSS General Beauregard by Brown Water Navy Miniatures on Shapeways
CSS General Bragg

Bausatzkandidat: CSS General Bragg by Brown Water Navy Miniatures on Shapeways
CSS General Earl Van Dorn

Bausatzkandidat: CSS General Earl Van Dorn by Brown Water Navy Miniatures on Shapeways
CSS General M. Jeff Thompson

Bausatzkandidat: CSS General M. Jeff Thompson by Brown Water Navy Miniatures on Shapeways
CSS General Polk

Bausatzkandidat: CSS General Polk by Brown Water Navy Miniatures on Shapeways
CSS General Sterling Price (both CSS and USS)

Bausatzkandidat: CSS/USS General Sterling Price by Brown Water Navy Miniatures on Shapeways
CSS General Sumter

Bausatzkandidat: CSS General Sumter by Brown Water Navy Miniatures on Shapeways
CSS Georgia (ironclad)

Bausatzkandidat: CSS Georgia by Thoroughbred
CSS Governor Moore

Bausatzkandidat: CSS Governor Moore by Brown Water Navy Miniatures on Shapeways
CSS Grampus

Bausatzkandidat: CSS Grampus by Brown Water Navy Miniatures on Shapeways
CSS Huntsville

Bausatzkandidat: CSS Huntsville by Brown Water Navy Miniatures on Shapeways
CSS J. A. Cotten

Bausatzkandidat: CSS J. A. Cotten by Brown Water Navy Miniatures on Shapeways
CSS Jackson (Ironclad)

Bausatzkandidat: CSS Jackson by Thoroughbred,
Bausatzkandidat: CSS Jackson by Brown Water Navy Miniatures on Shapeways
CSS Little Rebel

Bausatzkandidat: CSS Little Rebel by Brown Water Navy Miniatures on Shapeways
CSS Louisiana (large ironclad ram)

Bausatzkandidat: CSS Louisiana by Thoroughbred,
Bausatzkandidat: CSS Louisiana by Brown Water Navy Miniatures on Shapeways
CSS Manassas (turtleback ironclad ram)

Bausatzkandidat: CSS Manassas by Thoroughbred,
Bausatzkandidat: CSS Manassas by OKB Grigorov 1/700,
Bausatzkandidat: CSS Manassas 1/600 by Brown Water on Shapeways
CSS Maury Class Gunboats
Hampton class: Hampton, Drewry, Norfolk, Portsmouth, Nansemond

Bausatzkandidat: CSS Maury Class Gunboats by Thoroughbred,
Bausatzkandidat: Hampton & Nansemond by CRM
CSS Milledgeville (Ironclad) - Launched but unfinished 4 gun ironclad 'What If'' model.

Bausatzkandidat: CSS Milledgeville by Thoroughbred
CSS Mississippi

Bausatzkandidat: CSS Mississippi by Brown Water Navy Miniatures on Shapeways
CSS Missouri (river ironclad)

Bausatzkandidat: CSS Missouri by Thoroughbred,
Bausatzkandidat: CSS Missouri by Brown Water Navy Miniatures on Shapeways
CSS Morgan

Bausatzkandidat: CSS Morgan by Brown Water Navy Miniatures on Shapeways
CSS Nashville (sidewheel ironclad ram)

CSS Nashville 1864 (1/600)
CSS Neptune

Bausatzkandidat: CSS Neptune by Brown Water Navy Miniatures on Shapeways
CSS Neuse (small ironclad ram)

Bausatzkandidat: CSS Neuse by Thoroughbred
CSS New Orleans Floating Battery

Bausatzkandidat: CSS New Orleans Floating Battery by Brown Water Navy Miniatures on Shapeways
CSS North Carolina class
North Carolina, Raleigh

Bausatzkandidat: CSS North Carolina by Brown Water Navy Miniatures on Shapeways
CSS Palmetto State class
Palmetto State, Chicora (formally not a class, but extreme similar)

Bausatzkandidat: Palmetto State by Brown Water Navy Miniatures on Shapeways,
Bausatzkandidat: Palmetto State by CRM,
Bausatzkandidat: Palmetto State & Chicora by ModelFunShipyard
CSS Pontchartrain

Bausatzkandidat: CSS Pontchartrain by Brown Water Navy Miniatures on Shapeways
CSS Queen City (both CSS and USS)

Bausatzkandidat: CSS/USS Queen City by Brown Water Navy Miniatures on Shapeways
CSS Queen Of The West (both CSS and USS)

Bausatzkandidat: CSS/USS Queen Of The West by Brown Water Navy Miniatures on Shapeways
CSS Red Rover (both CSS and USS)

Bausatzkandidat: CSS/USS Red Rover by Brown Water Navy Miniatures on Shapeways
CSS Richmond (ironclad ram - 6 in class)

Bausatzkandidat: CSS Richmond by Thoroughbred
CSS Savannah/Richmond

Bausatzkandidat: CSS Savannah/Richmond by Brown Water Navy Miniatures on Shapeways
CSS Selma

Bausatzkandidat: CSS Selma by Brown Water Navy Miniatures on Shapeways
CSS Tallahassee

Bausatzkandidat: CSS Tallahassee by Brown Water Navy Miniatures on Shapeways
CSS Teaser Blockade Runner

Bausatzkandidat: CSS Teaser Blockade Runner by Brown Water Navy Miniatures on Shapeways
CSS Teaser Armed Tug

CSS Teaser Armed Tug 1862
CSS Tennessee (ironclad ram)

Bausatzkandidat: CSS Tennessee by Thoroughbred,
Bausatzkandidat: CSS Tennessee by Brown Water Navy Miniatures on Shapeways
CSS Texas

Bausatzkandidat: CSS Texas by Brown Water Navy Miniatures on Shapeways
CSS Tuscaloosa (ironclad ram - 2 in class)

Bausatzkandidat: CSS Tuscaloosa by Thoroughbred
CSS Virginia / Merrimac

Merrimack / CSS Virginia 1862
CSS Virginia II (ironclad ram)

Bausatzkandidat: CSS Virginia II by Thoroughbred,
Bausatzkandidat: CSS Virginia II by Brown Water Navy Miniatures on Shapeways
CSS Wilmington

Bausatzkandidat: CSS Wilmington by Brown Water Navy Miniatures on Shapeways


Irish Blockade Runner Lord Clyde sold as CSS Advance, then captured by USS, used as Cruiser USS Advance, after war USS Frolic

CSS Advance 1862
Union Tinclad gunboats

Union Tinclad gunboat sidewheel (1/600), Union Tinclad Sternwheeler (1/600)
USS Alert class
Alert 1874-1922 (in WWI Sub tender AS-4), qHuron Ranger / Nantucket
USS Banshee I

Bausatzkandidat: USS Banshee I by Thoroughbred
USS Barataria

Bausatzkandidat: USS Barataria by Brown Water Navy Miniatures on Shapeways
USS Benton (ironclad gunboat)

Bausatzkandidat: USS Benton by Thoroughbred,
Bausatzkandidat: USS Benton by Brown Water Navy Miniatures on Shapeways
USS Black Hawk

Bausatzkandidat: USS Black Hawk by Brown Water Navy Miniatures on Shapeways
USS Canonicus (single-turret monitor - 8 in class)
Canonicus, Catawba, Mahopac, Manayunk / Ajax, Manhattan, Oneota, Saugus, Tecumseh, Tippecanoe / Wyandotte

USS Canonicus (1/600)
USS Casco Class (single-turret monitor - 20 in class)
Casco Chimo Cohoes Etlah Klamath Koka Modoc Napa Naubuc Nausett Shawnee Shiloh Squando Suncook Tunxis Umpqua Wassuc Waxsaw Yazoo Yuma

Bausatzkandidat: USS Casco Class by Thoroughbred
USS Casco Class (torpedo boat version-5 in class)

Bausatzkandidat: USS Casco Class (torpedo boat version) by Thoroughbred
USS Chillicothe (river ironclad)

Bausatzkandidat: USS Chillicothe by Thoroughbred,
Bausatzkandidat: USS Chillicothe by Brown Water Navy Miniatures on Shapeways
USS Choctaw (river ironclad)

Bausatzkandidat: USS Choctaw by Thoroughbred,
Bausatzkandidat: USS Choctaw by Brown Water Navy Miniatures on Shapeways
USS City class
Cairo, Carondelet, Cincinnati, Louisville, Mound City, Pittsburgh, St. Louis/Baron DeKalb

USS City class Pook Turtles
USS Clifton

Bausatzkandidat: USS Clifton by Brown Water Navy Miniatures on Shapeways
USS Commodore class ( Armed Ferry)

Bausatzkandidat: Armed Ferry by Thoroughbred
USS Conestoga/Tyler

Bausatzkandidat: USS Conestoga/Tyler by Brown Water Navy Miniatures on Shapeways
USS Convington

Bausatzkandidat: USS Convington by Brown Water Navy Miniatures on Shapeways
USS Despatch / Pocahontas
Build 1856 as despatch, enlarged 1860 as Pocahontas. Hull was base for Unadilla class

Ähnlicher Typ USS Unadilla class 1862 Mississippi
USS Dictator (large single-turret monitor)

Bausatzkandidat: USS Dictator by Thoroughbred
USS Eastport

Bausatzkandidat: USS Eastport by Brown Water Navy Miniatures on Shapeways
USS Ellet Ram (wooded river ram - 5-6 in class: USS Lancaster, USS Monarch, USS Queen of the West, USS Switzerland, USS Lioness, USS Mingo, USS Samson, USS Fulto, USS T.D. Horner)

Bausatzkandidat: US Ellet Ram by Thoroughbred
USS Essex
River casemate ironclad. Battle against CSS Arkansas

USS Essex 1856
USS Fairplay

Bausatzkandidat: USS Fairplay by Brown Water Navy Miniatures on Shapeways
USS Fawn

Bausatzkandidat: USS Fawn by Brown Water Navy Miniatures on Shapeways
USS Forrest Rose

Bausatzkandidat: USS Forrest Rose by Brown Water Navy Miniatures on Shapeways
USS Ft. Hindman

Bausatzkandidat: USS Ft. Hindman by Brown Water Navy Miniatures on Shapeways
USS General Putnam

Bausatzkandidat: USS General Putnam by Brown Water Navy Miniatures on Shapeways
USS General Sterling Price (both CSS and USS)

Bausatzkandidat: CSS/USS General Sterling Price by Brown Water Navy Miniatures on Shapeways
USS Harriet Lane

Bausatzkandidat: USS Harriet Lane by Brown Water Navy Miniatures on Shapeways
USS Hartford
1st rate sloop 1858-1956, 1920: iX-13
, 5 in class

USS Hartford 1858 (1/600)
USS Indianola (casemate ironclad gunboat)

Bausatzkandidat: USS Indianola by Thoroughbred,
Bausatzkandidat: USS Indianola by Brown Water Navy Miniatures on Shapeways
USS Itasca (90-day gunboat - 23 in class)
Itasca class also called Unadilla class. Aroostook Cayuga Chippewa Chocura Huron Itasca Kanawha Katahdin Kennebec Kineo Marblehead Ottawa Owasco Pembina Penobscot Pinola Sagamore Sciota Seneca Tahoma Unadilla Winona Wissahickon

USS Unadilla class 1862 Mississippi
USS Kalamazoo Class Monitor
Kalamazoo, Passaconaway, Quinsigamond, Shackamaxon
enlarged Miantonomoh, but not finished since their wood rotted

Bausatzkandidat: USS Kalamazoo Class Monitor by Brown Water Navy Miniatures on Shapeways
USS Kansas Class (wooden gunboat - 8 in class)
also called Nipsic class. Kansas Maumee Nipsic Nyack Pequot Saco Shawmut Yantic iX-32)

Bausatzkandidat: USS Kansas Class by Thoroughbred
USS Keokuk (turreted monitor)

Bausatzkandidat: USS Keokuk by Thoroughbred,
Bausatzkandidat: USS Keokuk by Brown Water Navy Miniatures on Shapeways,
Bausatzkandidat: USS Keokuk by OKB
USS Lioness

Bausatzkandidat: USS Lioness by Brown Water Navy Miniatures on Shapeways
USS Marmora

Bausatzkandidat: USS Marmora by Brown Water Navy Miniatures on Shapeways
USS Merrimack class Steam Frigate
5 in Class - Merrimack class: Wabash, Colorado, Minnesota etc..
Merrimack, Roanoke umgebaut zu Ironclads

USS Minnesota Steam Frigate (1/600)
USS Miantonomoh class
Seagoing/coastal monitors Agamenticu, Miantonomo. Monadnock Tonawanda

USS Miantonomoh 1863 (1/600)
USS Milwaukee (double turret monitor - 4 in class)

Bausatzkandidat: USS Milwaukee by Thoroughbred
USS Mohican Class Steam Sloops (Kearsarge - 8 in class)

Bausatzkandidat: USS Mohican Class Steam Sloops by Thoroughbred
USS Mohongo class
Ashuelot Mohongo Monocacy Muscoota Shamokin Suwanee Winnipec
USS Monitor

Monitor 1862
USS Neosho Class (river monitor - 2 in class)

Bausatzkandidat: USS Neosho Class by Thoroughbred
USS New Era

Bausatzkandidat: USS New Era by Brown Water Navy Miniatures on Shapeways
USS New Ironsides (ironclad frigate)

Bausatzkandidat: USS New Ironsides by Thoroughbred
USS Onondaga (double-turret monitor)

Bausatzkandidat: USS Onondaga by Thoroughbred,
Bausatzkandidat: USS Onondaga by Brown Water Navy Miniatures on Shapeways
USS Osage

Bausatzkandidat: USS Osage by Brown Water Navy Miniatures on Shapeways
USS Ouachita

Bausatzkandidat: USS Ouachita by Brown Water Navy Miniatures on Shapeways
USS Passaic (single-turret monitor - 10 in class)
Passaic, Montauk, Nahant, Patapsco, Weehawken, Sangamon, Catskill, Nantucket, Lehigh, Camanche

USS Passaic (1/600)
USS Paul Jones (double-ender gunboat - 7 in class)
also called Octorara class. Cimarron, Conemaugh, Genesee, Mahaska, Maratanza, Miami, Octorara, Paul Jones, Port Royal, Sebago, Sonoma, Tioga

Bausatzkandidat: USS Paul Jones by Thoroughbred
USS Pawnee
Steam Sloop-of-War

USS Pawnee 1868 (1/600)
USS Paw Paw

Bausatzkandidat: USS Paw Paw by Brown Water Navy Miniatures on Shapeways
USS Peosta

Bausatzkandidat: USS Peosta by Brown Water Navy Miniatures on Shapeways
USS Philadelphia
Sidewheeler, flagship

Bausatzkandidat: USS Philadelphia by Brown Water Navy Miniatures on Shapeways
USS Prairie Bird

Bausatzkandidat: USS Prairie Bird by Brown Water Navy Miniatures on Shapeways
USS Puritan

Bausatzkandidat: USS Puritan by Brown Water Navy Miniatures on Shapeways
USS Queen City (both CSS and USS)

Bausatzkandidat: CSS/USS Queen City by Brown Water Navy Miniatures on Shapeways
USS Queen Of The West (both CSS and USS)

Bausatzkandidat: CSS/USS Queen Of The West by Brown Water Navy Miniatures on Shapeways
USS Rattler

Bausatzkandidat: USS Rattler by Brown Water Navy Miniatures on Shapeways
USS Red Rover (both CSS and USS)

Bausatzkandidat: CSS/USS Red Rover by Brown Water Navy Miniatures on Shapeways
USS Roanoke (triple-turret monitor)

Bausatzkandidat: USS Roanoke by Thoroughbred
USS Saint Clair

Bausatzkandidat: USS Saint Clair by Brown Water Navy Miniatures on Shapeways
USS Santiago de Cuba

Bausatzkandidat: USS Santiago de Cuba by Brown Water Navy Miniatures on Shapeways
USS Sassacus (double-ender gunboat - 28 in class)
Agawam Algonquin Ascutney Chenango Chicopee Eutaw Iosco Lenapee Mackinaw Massasoit Mattabesett Mendota Metacomet Mingoe Osceola Otsego Pawtuxet Peoria Pontiac Pontoosuc Sassacus Shamrock Tacony Tallahoma Tallapoosa Wateree Winooski Wyalusing

Bausatzkandidat: USS Sassacus by Thoroughbred
USS Signal

Bausatzkandidat: USS Signal by Brown Water Navy Miniatures on Shapeways
USS Switzerland

Bausatzkandidat: USS Switzerland by Brown Water Navy Miniatures on Shapeways
USS Timberclad (2 in class - USS Tyler, Conestoga, Lexington)

Bausatzkandidat: USS Timberclad by Thoroughbred,
Bausatzkandidat: USS Lexington Timberclad by Thoroughbred,
Bausatzkandidat: USS Lexington by Brown Water Navy Miniatures on Shapeways
USS Tuscumbia (river ironclad)

Bausatzkandidat: USS Tuscumbia by Thoroughbred,
Bausatzkandidat: USS Tuscumbia by Brown Water Navy Miniatures on Shapeways
USS Vanderbilt

Bausatzkandidat: USS Vanderbilt by Brown Water Navy Miniatures on Shapeways
USS Vindicator

Bausatzkandidat: USS Vindicator by Brown Water Navy Miniatures on Shapeways
USS Wampanoag class
Wampanoag / Florida 1864 screw frigate as commerce raider. Unusual design, not really used
Madawaska / Tennessee reconstructed sister, US flagship

USS Wampanoag
USS Westfield

Bausatzkandidat: USS Westfield by Brown Water Navy Miniatures on Shapeways


Texas class
Texas 1911:San Marcos 1895-1911

USS Texas 1895 (1/1250), USS Texas 1895
Indiana class
Indiana 1919:Coast Battleship No1 BB1 1895-1920, Massachusetts 1919:Coast Battleship No2 BB2 1896-1920, Oregon BB3 1896-1924

Illinois Replica 1893/94

USS Oregon BB-3
Iowa class
Iowa 1919:Coast Battleship No4 BB4 1897-1920

Ähnlicher Typ USS Oregon BB-3,
Bausatzkandidat: (Iowa BB4 by Niko , by WTJ), Ähnlicher Typ USS Iowa BB-4 Whatif-Umbau (1/1250) als Whatif BB-4
Kearsarge class
Kearsarge BB5 1900-1920 then Crane Ship, Kentucky BB6 1900-1917

pic by

USS Kearsarge BB-5 1899, USS Kentucky BB-6 1901 (1/1250), USS Kearsarge BB-5 1901 (1/1250), USS Kearsarge Crane Ship No 1 AB-1
Illinois class
Illinois BB7 1901-1921, Alabama BB8 1900-1920, Wisconsin BB9 1901-1922

USS Alabama BB-8 (1/1250),
Bausatzkandidat: BB7 Illinois by Niko
Maine class
Maine BB10 1902-1922, Missouri BB11 1903-1922, Ohio BB12 1904-1923
pic by
USS Maine BB-10 1911 (1/1250),
Bausatzkandidat: Maine/Missouri/Ohio Samek
Virginia class
Virginia BB13 1906-1922, Nebraska BB14 1906-1923 (dazzle see Model on FB ), Georgia BB15 1906-1923, New Jersey BB16 1906-1922, Rhode Island BB17 1906-1923

USS Virginia BB-13 (1/1250), USS Nebraska BB-14 1918
Connecticut class
Connecticut BB18 1906-1923, Louisiana BB19 1906-1923, Vermont BB20 1907-1923, Kansas BB21 1907-1923, Minnesota BB22 1907-1921, New Hampshire BB25 1908-1923

USS Kansas BB-21 (1/1250), USS Vermont BB-20
Mississippi class
Mississippi BB23 1908-1914 then Greek Kilkis -1941, Idaho BB24 1908-1914, then Greek Lemnos -1941

USS Idaho BB-24 / Greek Lemnos (1/1250), USS Mississippi BB-23 / Greek Kilkis
South Carolina class
South Carolina BB26 1910-1923, Michigan BB27 1910-1923

USS Michigan BB27 (1/1250), USS South Carolina BB26
Delaware class
Delaware BB28 1910-1923, North Dakota BB29 1910-1923
pic by
USS Delaware BB-28 1910 (1/1250),
Bausatzkandidat: Delaware/Dakota by Samek
Florida class
Florida BB30 1911-1931, Utah BB31 1911-1930

USS Utah BB-31/AG-16 1911 (1/1250), USS Florida 1929
Wyoming class
Wyoming BB32 1912-1947, Arkansas BB33 1912-1946

USS Wyoming BB-32 Flak-Schulschiff AD-17 1945, USS Wyoming BB-32 1912 (1/1250), USS Arkansas BB-33 1945
New York class
New York BB34 1914-1946, Texas BB35 1914-1948

USS New York BB-34 1944/45, USS Texas BB-35 1914 (1/1250), USS Texas BB-35
Nevada class
Standard series BB, Nevada BB36 1916-1946, Oklahoma BB37 1916-1941

USS Nevada BB-36 1916 (1/1250), USS Nevada BB-36 1941
Pennsylvania class
Standard series BB, Pennsylvania BB38 1916-1946, Arizona BB39 1916-1941

USS Arizona BB-39
New Mexico class
Standard series BB, New Mexico ex California BB40 1918-1946 then AG-128 1946-1956 gunnery training and weapon experimental including Terrier and Petrel guided missiles, Mississippi BB41 1917-1946, Idaho BB42 1919-1946

USS New Mexico BB-40 (1/1250), Ähnlicher Typ USS Arizona BB-39
Tennessee class
Standard series BB, Tennessee BB43 1920-1959, California BB44 1921-1959
4x3x35,6cm main guns. Reconstruction lead to totally different view (like Iowa)

USS California BB-44 1941, USS Tennessee BB-43 1944
Colorado/Maryland class
Standard series BB, Colorado BB45 1923-1959, Maryland BB46 1921-1959, Washington BB47 -1921-1924, West Virginia BB48 1923-1959
same as previous Tennessee class except 4x2x40,6cm guns
Modernisation of West Virginia, Tennessee, California to a similar look like South Dakota BB57 class

USS Maryland BB-46 1941
South Dakota class
1920-1923 cancelled for Washington treaty. South Dakota BB49, Indiana BB50, Montana BB51, North Carolina BB52, Iowa BB53, Massachusetts BB54

USS South Dakota BB49 1923 cancelled
North Carolina class
First of new design of Fast Battleships, North Carolina BB55 1941-1960, Washington BB56 1941-1960

USS North Carolina BB-55
South Dakota class
South Dakota BB57 1942-1962,
Indiana BB58 1942-1962,
Massachusetts BB59 1942-1962,
Alabama BB60 1942-1962

USS Massachusetts (BB-59), USS Massachusetts (BB-59) (1/350)
Iowa class
Iowa BB61 1943-1995,
New Jersey BB62 1943-1995,
Missouri BB63 1944-1995,
Wisconsin BB64 1944-1995,
Illinois BB65 not finished -1945-1958,
Kentucky BB66 not finished -1950-1958

USS Iowa 1984, USS Iowa (1/1200), New Jersey BB-62 New Faces II (1/908)
Montana class; cancelled
Montana BB67, Ohio BB68, Maine BB69, New Hampshire BB70, Louisiana BB71

USS Montana BB-67

"New Navy" Monitore

Katahdin class
ironclad harbor defense ram. Katahdin 1896-1908
Puritan class
BM1 Puritan 1896-1918

USS Puritan BM-1 1895
Amphitrite class
BM2 Amphitrite 1895-1919, BM3 Monadnock 1896-1919, BM4 Terror 1896-1915, BM5 Miantonomoh 1891-1915

USS Amphitrite (BM-2) 1896
Monterey class
BM6 Monterey 1893-1917

USS Monterey (BM-6) 1896
Arkansas class
BM7 Arkansas 1909:Ozark 1902-1922, BM8 Nevada Ex Connecticut 1909:Tonopah 1903-1922, BM9 Florida 1908:Tallahassee 1903-1922, BM10 Wyoming then submarine tender, training ship 1909:Cheyenne 1902-1926 (-1937)

USS Wyoming / Cheyenne BM-10, iX-4


Langley class
Langley CV1 1913 collier USS Jupiter;1922-1937, 1937 Seaplane Tender AV-3. Feb 42 lost by dive bombers
USS Langley CV-1 (1929) (1/1250), USS Langley AV-3 (1942) (1/1250), USS Langley AV-3 / CV-1
Lexington class
Lexington CV2 1927-1942, Saratoga CV3 1927-1946

USS Saratoga CV-3
Ranger class
Ranger CV4 1934-1946

USS Ranger CV-4, USS Ranger CV-4 1934 (1/1250)
Yorktown class
Yorktown CV5 1937; 1937-1942, Enterprise CV6 ....:CVA6 195.: CVS6 1938-1956, Hornet CV8  ;1941-1942

USS Enterprise CV-6, USS Yorktown CV-5 (1/1200), USS Enterprise CV-6 (1/1200)
Wasp class
Wasp CV7  ;1940-1942

USS Wasp CV-7
Illustrious class
Victorious 12.42 - 9.43 loaned to USN with Code Name USS Robin

HMS Victorious (1945), HMS Victorious 1958
Essex class
Essex CV9 ..CVA9 1960:CVS9  ;1942-1969, Yorktown ex Bon Homme Richard CV10 ..CVA10 1957:CVS10  ;1943-1973, Intrepid CV11 ..CVA11 1962:CVS11  ;1943-1974, Hornet ex Kearsarge CV12 ..CVA12 1958:CVS12  ;1943-1970, Franklin CV13 ..CVA13 1953:CVS13 1959:AVT8  ;1944-1964, Ticonderoga ex Hancock CV14 ..CVA14 1969:CVS14  ;1944-1973, Randolph CV15 ..CVA15 1959:CVS15  ;1944-1973, Lexington ex Cabot CV16 ....CVA16 1962:CVS16 1969:CVT16 1978:AVT16  ;1943-1992, Bunker Hill CV17 ..CVA17 1952:AVT9  ;1943-1966, Wasp ex Oriskany CV18 ..CVA18 1956:CVS18  ;1943-1972, Hancock ex Ticonderoga CV19 ..CVA19  ;1944-1976, Bennington CV20 ..CVA20 1959:CVS20  ;1944-1970, Boxer CV21 ..CVA21 1955:CVS21 1959:LPH4  ;1945-1969, Bon Homme Richard CV31 ..CVA31  ;1944-1971, Leyte ex Crown Point CV32 ..CVA321953:CVS321959:AVT10  ;1946-1969, Kearsarge CV33 ..CVA331958:CVS33  ;1946-1971, Oriskany CV34 ..CVA34  ;1950-1989, Reprisal CV35 ..CVA35  ;-1944-1949, Antietam CV36 ....;CVA361953:CVS36  ;1945-1973, Princeton ex Valley Forge CV37 ..CVA371953:CVS37 1959:LPH5  ;1945-1970, Shangri La CV38 ..CVA38 1969:CVS38  ;1944-1982, Lake Champlain CV39 ..CVA39 1957:CVS39  ;1945-1969, Tarawa CV40 ..CVA40 1955:CVS40 1961:AVT12  ;1945-1967 , Valley Forge CV45 ..CVA45 1953:CVS45 1961:LPH8  ;1946-1970, Iwo Jima CV46  ;-1945-1945, Philippine Sea ex Wright CV47 ..CVA47 1955:CVS47 1959:AVT11  ;1946-1969, unnamed CV50-CV55

Umbau/Fertigstellung SCB-27A/C (1948-53)+SCB-125 (1954-57) Winkeldeck, Deckskantenaufzüge (rechter an versch. Pos.), moderne Insel: USS Essex, Yorktown, Hornet, Randolph, Wasp, Bennington, Kearsarge, Oriskany, Intrepid, Ticonderoga, Hancock, Lexington, Bon Homme Richard, Shangri-La.
Nur SCB-27: Lake Champlain
SCB-144 (FRAM II) Sonar, Stevenklüse 1962-65 CVS: Essex, Yorktown, Intrepid, Hornet, Randolph, Wasp, Bennington und Kearsarge

(von Wikimedia, Autor, Rechte siehe dort)

USS Intrepid CV-11, USS Intrepid CV-11 w/ angle deck 1972, USS Wasp CVS-18 1965 Gemini (1/530)
Wolverine class
ex Passenger Paddle Steamer. 1943; USS Wolverine iX-64 ex Seeandbee; USS Sable iX-81 ex Greater Buffalo, great article:

USS Wolverine IX-64
Independence class
Ex Cleveland Class umgebaut
Independence CV22 ....:CVL22  ;1943-1946, Princeton CV23 ....:CVL23  ;1943-1944, Belleau Wood CV24 ....:CVL24  ;1943-1953, Cowpens CV25 ....:CVL25....:AVT1  ;1943-1959, MontereyCV26 ....:CVL26....:AVT2  ;1943-1970, Langley CVL27  ;1943-1951, Cabot CVL28 ....:AVT3  ;1943-1967, Bataan CVL29 ....:AVT4  ;1943-1959, San Jacinto CVL30 ....:AVT5  ;1943-1970

USS Independence CVL-22
Midway class
Midway CVB41 ....:CVA41....:CV41  ;1945-1997 1945 straight deck 1957 angle deck 1986 longer angle deck, Franklin D Roosevelt CVB42 ....:CVA42....:CV42  ;1945-1977, Coral Sea CVB43 ....:CVA43....:CV43  ;1947-1991, unnamed CV43  ;--1943; Cancelled: CVB56, CVB57

USS Franklin D. Roosevelt CV-42 1957, USS Midway CV-41 1991 Golfkrieg
Saipan class
Hull based on Baltimore class. Saipan CVL48 1959:AVT6  ;1946-1963 1964-69: Major Communications Relay Ship AGMR-2 Arlington, Wright CVL49 1959:AVT7  ;1947-1962

USS Arlington AGMR-2 1966 ex Saipan CVL48 (1/1250), USS Saipan CVL48 1948
United States class
United States CVA58  ;-1949-1949
Forrestal class
Forrestal ex James V. Forrestal CVA59 ex CVB59 1975:CV59 1992:AVT59  ;1955-1993, Saratoga CVA60 ex CVB60 1972:CV60  ;1956-1994, Ranger CVA61 ex CVB61 1975:CV61  ;1957-1993, Independence CVA62 1973:CV62  ;1959-1998

USS Saratoga CV-60, USS Forrestal (1/1250)
Kitty Hawk class
Kitty Hawk CVA63 1973:CV63  ;1961- (2015), Constellation CVA64 1975:CV64  ;1961-2003; America CVA66 1975:CV66  ;1965-1996, John F Kennedy CVA67 1974:CV67  ;1967-

USS Kitty Hawk CV-63
Enterprise class
Enterprise CVAN65 1975:CVAN65  ;1961-2017

USS Enterprise CVN-65
Nimitz class
Nimitz CVAN68 1975:CVN68  ;1975-today , Dwight D Eisenhower CVN69 ex CVAN69  ;1977- , Carl Vinson CVN70  ;1982-
Theodore Roosevelt sub-class: Theodore Roosevelt CVN71  ;1986- , Abraham Lincoln CVN72  ;1989- , George Washington CVN73  ;1992- , John C Stennis CVN74  ;1995- , Harry S Truman ex United States CVN75 1998- , Ronald Reagan CVN76 2003- , George H W Bush CVN77 2009-

Eisenhower CVN-69, USS John C. Stennis CVN-74
Gerald R. Ford class
Optically the hull is same as Nimitz class. Modern technologies.
CVN78 Gerald R Ford 2016;2017-today, CVN79 John F. Kennedy 2020, CVN80 Enterprise 2025, CVN81 Doris Miller 2028, CVN82 2032, planned CVN83-CVN87

Ähnlicher Typ USS John C. Stennis CVN-74


Long Island class
ex C-3 freighter Mormacmail converted (without Island) to Long Island APV1 ....:AVG1....:ACV1....:CVE1 1941-1946

Ähnlicher Typ HMS Biter 1944,
Bausatzkandidat: Long Island by Loose Cannon
Archer class
Also called Charger class, same as HMS Avenger class, C-3 based
USS Charger AVG30 ex BAVG4....:ACV30....:CVE30 1942-1946, HMS Avenger, HMS Biter 45 fr Dixmude, HMS Dasher

HMS Biter 1944, HMS Biter 1942 (1/1250)
Bogue class
[+]C3-S-A1 hull based. unnamed BAVG6 -1942;--1942, Altamaha AVG6 -1942;--1942, Barnes AVG7 -1941;--1942, Block Island AVG8 -1941;--1942, Bogue ACV9 ....:CVE9 1942-1946, Breton ACV10 -1942;--1942, Card ACV11 ....:CVE11 1955:CVHE11 1958:CVU11 1959:AKV40 1942-1970, Copahee AVG12 ....:ACV12 ....:CVE12 1955:CVHE12 1942-1946, Core ACV13 ....:CVE13 1955:CVHE13 1958:CVU13 1959:AKV41 1942-1970, Croatan ACV14 -1942;--1942, Hamlin ACV15 -1942;--1942, Nassau ACV16 ....:CVE16 1955:CVHE16 1942-1964, St George ACV17 -1942;--1961, Altamaha ACV18 ....:CVE18 1955:CVHE18 1942-1961, Prince William ACV19 -1942;--1942, Barnes ACV20 ....:CVE20 1955:CVHE20 1959:AKV38 1943-1960, Block Island ACV21 ....:CVE21 1943-1944, unnamed ACV22 -1942;--1942, Breton ACV23....:CVE23 1955:CVHE23 1958:CVU23 1959:AKV42 1943- 970, unnamed ACV24 -1942;--1942, Croatan ACV25 ....:CVE25 1955:CVHE25 1958:CVU25 1959:AKV43 1943-1970

Second group Prince William ACV31 ....:CVE31 1955:CVHE31 1943-1961,
further moved to Royal Navy: Chatham ACV32, Glacier ACV33, Phybus ACV34, Baffins ACV35, Bolinas ACV36, Bastian CVE37, Carnegie ACV38 CVE38, Cordova CVE39, Delgada CVE40, Edisto CVE41, Estero CVE42, Jamaica CVE43, Keeweenaw CVE44, Mc Clure CVE45, Niantic CVE46, Perdido CVE47, Sunset CVE48, St Andrews CVE49, St Joseph CVE50, St Simon CVE51, Vermillion CVE52, Willapa CVE53, Winjah CVE54

USS Bogue CVE-9/AVG-9, HMCS Nabob
Sangamon class
ex Esso T-3 type tankers, larger than C-3 based CVE classes [+]Sangamon ACV26 ....:CVE26 1939;1942-1948, Suwannee ACV27 ....:CVE27 1939;1942-1959, Chenango ACV28 ....:CVE28 1939;1942-1959, Santee ACV29 ....:CVE29 1939;1942-1959

Bausatzkandidat: Sangamon by Loose Cannon East
Prince William class
also called Ruler class. Similar Bogue. [+]Prince William ACV31 ....:CVE31 1955:CVHE31 1943-1961, Chatham ACV32 ....:CVE32 -1942;--1943, Glacier ACV33 ....:CVE33 -1942;--1943, Phybus ACV34 ....:CVE34 -1942;--1943, Baffins ACV35 ....:CVE35 -1942;--1943, Bolinas ACV36 ....:CVE36 -1942;--1943, Bastian CVE37 -1942;--1943, Carnegie ACV38 CVE38 -1942;--1943, Cordova CVE39 -1942;--1943, Delgada CVE40 -1943;--1943, Edisto CVE41 -1943;--1943, Estero CVE42 -1943;--1943, Jamaica CVE43 -1943;--1943, Keeweenaw CVE44 -1943;--1943, Mc Clure CVE45 -1943;-- 1943, Niantic CVE46 -1943;--1943, Perdido CVE47 -1943;--1943, Sunset CVE48 -1943;--1943, St Andrews CVE49 -1943;--1943, St Joseph CVE50 -1943;--1943, St Simon CVE51 - 1943;--1943, Vermillion CVE52 -1943;--1944, Willapa CVE53 -1943;--1943, Winjah CVE54 -1943;--1943

Ähnlicher Typ USS Bogue CVE-9/AVG-9, Ähnlicher Typ HMCS Nabob
Casablanca class
[+]Casablanca ex Alazon Bay ACV55 ....:CVE55 1943-1959, Liscome Bay CVE56 1943-1943, Coral Sea 1944:Anzio ex Alikula Bay CVE57 1958:CVHE57 1943-1959, Corregidor ex Anguilla Bay ex Atheling CVE58 1943-1958, Mission Bay ex Atheling CVE59 ....:CVU59 1943-1958, Guadalacanal ex Astrolabe Bay CVE60 ....:CVU60 1943-1958, Manila Bay ex Bucareli Bay CVE61 ....:CVU61 1943-1958, Natoma Bay ex Begum CVE62 ....:CVU62 1943-1960, Midway 1944:St Lo ex Chapin Bay CVE63 1943-1944, Tripoli ex Didrickson Bay CVE64 ....:CVU64 1943-1958, Wake Island ex Dolomi Bay CVE65 1943-1946, White Plains ex Elbour Bay CVE66 ....:CVU66 1943-1958, Solomons ex Nassuk Bay ex Emperor CVE67 1943-1946, Kalinin Bay CVE68 1943-1946, Kasaan Bay CVE69 ....:CVHE69 1943-1959, Fanshaw Bay CVE70 ....:CVHE70 1943-1959, Kitkun Bay CVE71 1943-1946, Tulagi ex Fortaleza Bay CVE72 1943-1946, Gambier Bay CVE73 1943-1944, Nehenta Bay ex Khedive CVE74 ....:CVU74 1959:AKV74 1944-1960, Hoggatt Bay CVE75 ....:CVHE75 1959:AKV75 1944-1959, Kadashan Bay CVE76 ....:CVU76 1959:AKV26 1944-1959, Marcus Island ex Kanalku Bay CVE77 ....:CVHE77 1959:AKV27 1944-1959, Savo Island ex Kaita Bay CVE78 ....:CVHE78 1959:AKV28 1944-1959, Ommaney Bay CVE79 1944-1945, Petrof Bay CVE80 ....:CVU80 1944- 958, Rudyerd Bay CVE81 ....:CVU81 1959:AKV29 1944-1959, Saginaw Bay CVE82 ....:CVHE82 1944-1959, Sargent Bay CVE83 ...:CVU83 1944-1959, Shamrock Bay CVE84 ....:CVU84 1944-1959, Shipley Bay CVE85 ....:CVU85 1944-1959, Sitkoh Bay CVE86 ....:CVU86 1959:AKV30 1944-1960, Steamer Bay CVE87 ....:CVHE87 1944-1959, Cape Esperance ex Tananek Bay CVE88 ....:CVU88 1944-1959 , Takanis Bay CVE89 ....:CVU89 1959:AKV31 1944-1959, Thetis Bay CVE90 ....:1956:CVHA1 1959:LPH6 1944-1964, Makassar Strait ex Ulitaka Bay CVE91 1944-1958, Windham Bay CVE92 ....:CVU92 1944-1959, Makin Island ex Woodcliff Bay CVE93 1944-1947, Lunga Point ex Alazon Bay CVE94 1955:CVU94 1959:AKV32 1944-1960, Bismarck Sea ex Alikula Bay CVE95 1944-1945, Salamua exAnguilla Bay CVE96 1944-1945, Hollandia ex Astrolabe Bay CVE97 1955:CVU97 1959:AKV33 1944-1960, Kwajalein ex Bucareli Bay CVE98 1959:AKV34 1944-1960, Admiralty Islands ex Chapin Bay CVE99 1944-1946, Bougainville ex Didrickson Bay CVE100 1955:CVU100 1959:AKV35 1944-1960, Matanikau ex Dolomi Bay CVE101 1955:CVHE101 1959:AKV36 1944-1960, Attu ex Elbour Bay CVE102 1944-1946, Roi ex Alava Bay CVE103 1944-1946, Munda ex Tonowek Bay CVE104 1944-1958

USS Casablanca CVE-55
Commencement Bay class
[+]Commencement Bay ex St. Joseph Bay CVE105 1955:CVHE105 1959:AKV37 1944-1971, Block Island ex Sunset Bay CVE106 1957:LPH1 1959:CVE106 1959AKV38 1944-1959, Gilbert Islands ex St.Andrews Bay CVE107 1959:AKV39 1945-1963, Kula Gulf ex Vermillion Bay CVE108 1965:AKV8 1945-1970, Cape Gloucester ex Willapa Bay CVE109 1955:CVHE109 1959:AKV9 1945-1971, Salerno Bay ex Winjah Bay CVE110 1959:AKV10 1945-1961, Vela Gulf ex Totem Bay CVE111 1955:CVHE111 1959:AKV11 1945-1970, Siboney ex Frosty Bay CVE112 1959:AKV12 1945-1970, Puget Sound ex Hobart Bay CVE113 1955:CVHE113 1959:AKV13 1945-1960, Rendova ex Mosser Bay CVE114 1955:CVHE114 1959:AKV14 1945-1971, Bairoko ex Portage Bay CVE115 1959:AKV15 1945-1960, Badoeng Strait ex San Alberto Bay CVE116 1959:AKV16 1945-1970, Saidor ex Saltery Bay CVE117 1955:CVHE117 1959:AKV17 1945-1970, Sicily ex Sandy Bay CVE118 1959:AKV18 1946-1960, Point Cruz ex Trocadero Bay CVE119 1959:AKV19 1945-1970, Mindoro CVE120 1959:AKV20 1945-1959, Rabaul CVE121 1955:CVHE1211959:AKV21 1946-1971, Palau CVE122 1959:AKV22 1946-1960, Tinian CVE123 1955:CVHE1231959:AKV23 1946-1970, Bastogne CVE124 -1945;--1945,Eniwetok CVE125 -1945;--1945, Lingayen CVE126 -1945;--1945, Okinawa CVE127 -1945;--1945, unnamed CVE128-CVE139  ;---

USS Commencement Bay CVE-105 (1/1250),
Bausatzkandidat: Commencement Bay SPR17 by Pitroad

Amphibious Assault Ships / Aircraft Carrier

Block Island LPH-1
LPH-1 ex CVE-106 of Commencement Bay class. Conversion to LPH cancelled

USS Commencement Bay CVE-105 (1/1250)
Essex Class LPH
USS Boxer (LPH-4) (ex CV-21) , USS Princeton (LPH-5) (ex CV-37) , USS Valley Forge (LPH-8) (ex CV-45)

USS Intrepid CV-11
Thetis Bay LPH-6
USS Thetis Bay (LPH-6) (ex CVE-90, ex CVHA-1) - Minimal conversion of a Casablanca-class escort carrier

USS Casablanca CVE-55
Iwo Jima LPH-2
LPH-2,3,7,9-12: Iwo Jima (LPH-2), Okinawa (LPH-3), Guadalcanal (LPH-7), Guam (LPH-9), Tripoli (LPH-10), New Orleans (LPH-11), Inchon (LPH-12)

USS Iwo Jima LPH-2
Tarawa LHA-1
LHA-1 - 5: Tarawa (LHA-1), Saipan (LHA-2), Belleau Wood (LHA-3), Nassau (LHA-4), Peleliu (LHA-5)

USS Saipan LHA-2
Wasp LHD-1
LHD-1 - 8: Wasp (LHD-1), Essex (LHD-2), Kearsarge (LHD-3), Boxer (LHD-4), Bataan (LHD-5), Bonhomme Richard (LHD-6)(xx or + by fire 12.07.2020), Iwo Jima (LHD-7), Makin Island (LHD-8)

USS Essex LHD-2
America LHA-6
modified LHD-8 Makin Island (last Wasp) LHA-6 America, LHA-7 Tripoli; (LHA-8 Bougainville planned 2024), further planned LHA9-LHA16

Ähnlicher Typ USS Essex LHD-2


1920-1948 Design 1024 ship as AZ-1 Balloon tender, then AV-1 Seaplane Tender

USS Wright AZ-1 / AV-1
Collier AC-1 1913. From 1922 aircraft transport and tender 1930-1936 AV-1 seaplane tender
Langley class
CV-1 Langley 1937 was converted to Seaplane Tender AV-3. Feb 42 lost by dive bombers
USS Langley CV-1 (1929) (1/1250), USS Langley AV-3 (1942) (1/1250), USS Langley AV-3 / CV-1
Curtiss class
Curtiss AV-4 1940-1957, Albemarle AV-5

USS Curtiss AV-4 (1/1250), USS Curtiss AV-4
AV-6 ex fleet oiler

USS Patoka (AO-9/AV-6/AG-125)
Currituck class
Seaplane tender 1942-1987; Currituck AV-7, Norton Sound AV-11, Pine Island AV-12, Salisbury Sound AV-13

USS Currituck AV-7
AV-8, converted C3 cargo

Bausatzkandidat: Andrea Bafile by A Model Trieste similar,
Bausatzkandidat: Andrea Bafile ex StGeorge AV-16 Umbau aus Kamikawa Maru wie similar, Ähnlicher Typ USS Callaway APA-35 als Callaway / Bayfield class,
Bausatzkandidat: USS Tangier (AV-8) by Loose Cannon East
AV-9 ex SS Exchequer
Kenneth Whiting class
C3 cargo based. Kenneth Whiting AV-14, Hamlin AV-15, St.George AV-16 / ital Andrea Bafile Truppentransporter, Cumberland Sound AV-17, cancelled: Townsend AV-18, Calibogue AV-19, Hobe Sound AV-20

Bausatzkandidat: Andrea Bafile by A Model Trieste,
Bausatzkandidat: Andrea Bafile ex StGeorge AV-16 Umbau aus Kamikawa Maru wie, Ähnlicher Typ USS Callaway APA-35 als Callaway / Bayfield class
AV-21 cancelled, finished as LSD-1

USS Ashland LSD-1
Lapwing class
AVP-1-9: interwar conversions USS Lapwing AM-1 to AVP-1, USS Heron AM-10 to AVP-2, Thrush AM-18 - AVP-3, …

PB-103 ex USS Finch AM-9 (Vireo kit)
Clemson class
Conversions tested with USS Childs and Williamson, latzer more and classified as AVP, then AVD.
[+]USS Childs (AVD 1, ex-DD 241, ex-AVP 14).
USS Williamson (AVD 2, ex-DD 244, ex-AVP 15).
USS George E. Badger (AVD 3, ex-DD 196, ex-AVP 16, later APD 33).
USS Clemson (AVD 4, ex-DD 186, ex-AVP 17, later APD 31).
USS Goldsborough (AVD 5, ex-DD 188, ex-AVP 18, later APD 32).
USS Hulbert (AVD 6. ex-DD 342, ex-AVP 19).
USS William B Preston (AVD 7, ex-DD 344, ex-AVP 20).
USS Belknap (AVD 8, ex-DD 251, later APD 34).
USS Osmond Ingram (AVD 9, ex-DD 255, later APD 35).
USS Ballard (AVD 10. ex-DD 267).
USS Thornton (AVD 11, ex-DD 270).
USS Gillis (AVD 12, ex-DD 260).
USS Greene (AVD 13, ex-DD 266, later APD 36).
USS McFarland (AVD 14, ex-DD 237).

USS Williamson AVD-2 ex DD-244 (1/1250)
Fletcher class
Conversions / trials with catapult

USS Stevens DD-479 1942 / Catapult
Barnegat class small seaplane tender
class of 30 plus 1 catapult training ship plus 4 as PT boat tender. AVP-10 - 13, 21-57 (not all built), later AGP, AGF, AVP…

USS Barnegat AVP-10 (1/1250), HQ-5 Trần Bình Trọng ex USS AVP-35 Castle Rock
Experimental LSTs
Experimental flight deck for light aircraft and Brodie system

USS LST-393 w/ Brodie System, USS LST-906 "CV-LST", USS LST-821 / AGP-821 Harnett County
Newport class

ROCS Chung Ho (LST-232)

USS Baylander IX-514
Targeteer YV-3
ex LSM(R)-508, Drone aircraft catapult control ship



Panzerkreuzer / Schlachtkreuzer

Maine class
armoured cruiser
Maine ACR1 1895-1898
pic by
USS Maine ACR-1 (1/1250),
Bausatzkandidat: Maine 1895 by Kombrig
New York class
armoured cruiser
New York 1911:Saratoga 1917:Rochester ACR2 1920:CA2  1893-1933 / 1941

USS New York ACR-2 1893
Brooklyn class
armoured cruiser
Brooklyn ACR3 1920:CA3  1896-1921

USS Brooklyn CA-3
Pennsylvania class
armoured cruiser
Pennsylvania 1912:Pittsburgh ACR4 1920:CA4  1905-1931, West Virginia 1916:Huntington ACR5 1920:CA5  1905-1930, California 1916:San Diego ACR6 1920:CA6  1906-1918, Colorado 1916:Pueblo ACR7 1920:CA7  1905-1930, Maryland 1916:Frederick ACR8 1920:CA8  1905-1929, South Dakota 1920:Huron ACR9 1920:CA9  1907-1929

USS Colorado ACR-7 / USS Pueblo (1/1250), USS Maryland ACR-8 1905
St. Louis class
armoured cruiser
St Louis C20 ....:CA18  1906-1930, Milwaukee C21 1906-1917, Charleston C22 ....:CA19  1905-1929

USS Milwaukee C21
Tennessee class
armoured cruiser
Tennessee 1916:Memphis ACR10 1906-1916, Washington 1916:Seattle ACR11 ....:CA11  1906-1931, North Carolina 1920:CA12 ACR12 1920:CA12  1908-1930, Montana 1920:Missoula ACR13 1920:CA13  1908-1930

USS Seattle ACR-11 / CA-11 (1/1250),
Bausatzkandidat: North Carolina announced by Kombrig 6.21
Lexington class
battle cruiser
Lexington CC 1 -1921;--1922, Constellation CC 2 -1920;--1922, Saratoga CC 3 -1920;--1922, Ranger CC 4 -1921;--1922, Constitution CC 5 -1920;--1922, United States CC 6 -1920;--1922

Lexington and Saratoga finished as aircraft carrier. Others cancelled

Bausatzkandidat: IHP Lexington CC-1 1/700
Alaska class
large cruiser
Alaska CB 1 1944-1960, Guam CB 2 1944-1960, Hawaii CB 3 1952:CBC 1 1954:CB 3  -1945;--1958, Philippines CB 4 -1940;--1943, Puerto Rico CB 5 -1940;--1943, Samoa CB 6 -1940;--1943

USS Alaska CB-1, USS Alaska CB-1 1943 (1/1250)

Geschützte / Schwere / Leichte Kreuzer

Atlanta class
protected cruiser
Atlanta - 1886-1912, Boston - 1887-1918 USS Dispatch/IX-2 -1946
ABCD ships: Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Aviso Dolphin

USS Boston 1887
Chicago class
protected cruiser
Chicago - ....:CA14 ....:CL14  1889-1923, 1928-1936 Alton iX-5
ABCD ships: Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Aviso Dolphin

Ähnlicher Stil Almirante Tamandare
Charleston class
protected cruiser
Charleston C 2 1889-1899

USS Charleston C2, Ähnlicher Typ Naniwa 1885,
Bausatzkandidat: Takachiho und Naniwa by Oceanmoon similar, Ähnlicher Typ Chao Yung & Yang Wei, Ähnlicher Typ Izumi 1900 ex Esmeralda 1884
cruiser with pneumatic guns, later torpedo test vessel

Vesuvius 1890
Baltimore class
protected cruiser
Baltimore C 3 1890-1911; converted to Minelayer Cruiser CM-1 1915-1922, reveiving ship in Pearl Harbour till 1942 (44)

USS Baltimore C-3 (1/1250), Ähnlicher Typ USS Newark C-1, Ähnlicher Stil Almirante Tamandare
Philadelphia class
protected cruiser
Philadelphia C 4 1890-1904

Ähnlicher Typ USS Newark C-1
San Francisco class
protected cruiser
San Francisco C 5 1890-1908

Ähnlicher Typ USS Newark C-1, Ähnlicher Stil Almirante Tamandare
Newark class
protected cruiser
Newark C 1 1891-1913

USS Newark C-1, Ähnlicher Stil Almirante Tamandare
auxiliary ruiser ex steamer 1892;1898-1908

USS Yankee (1/1250)
Montgomery class
unprotected cruiser
Montgomery C 9 1894-1908 then Training ship USS Aniston, Detroit C 10 1893-1910, Marblehead C 11 ....:PG 27  1894-1921
Columbia class
protected cruiser
Columbia C 12 ....:CA 16  1894-1922, Minneapolis C 13 ....:CA 17  1894-1921

USS Columbia C12/CA16 1894 (1/1250), USS Columbia C12/CA16
Cincinnati class
protected cruiser
Cincinnati C 7 1894-1921, Raleigh C 8 1894-1921
Hull numbers PG-25, PG-26 reserved but not assigned before scrap

USS Raleigh C-8 1895 (1/1250), USS Cincinatti C-7
Olympia class
protected cruiser
Olympia C6 ....:CA15 ....:CL15  1895;1895 1916 -1912 1931

USS Olympia C-6/CA-15
Almirante Barrozo class
protected cruiser
New Orleans PG 34 ....:CL 22  1898-1929, Albany PG 36 ....:CL 23  1900-1929

Ministro Zenteno (1/1250), USS New Orleans 1898 PG-34 / CL-22
Denver class
protected cruiser
Denver C 14 ....:PG 28 ....:CL 17  1904-1931, Des Moines C 15 ....:PG 29 ....:CL 17  1904-1929, Chattanooga C 16 ....:PG 30 ....:CL 19  1905-1930, Galveston C 17 ....:PG 31 ....:CL 19  1905-1930, Tacoma C 18 ....:PG 32 ....:CL 20  1904-1924, Cleveland C 19 ....:PG33 ....:CL 21  1903-1929

USS Cleveland C-19/PG-33/CL-21
Chester class
light cruiser
Chester 1928:York CS 1 ....:CL 1  1908-1930, Birmingham CS 2 ....:CL 2  1908-1930, Salem CS 3 ....:CL 3  1908-1930

USS Chester CS-1 1919, USS Salem CS3 / CL3 (1/1250)
Omaha class
light cruiser
Omaha CS 4 ....:CL 4  1923-1945, Milwaukee CS 5 ....:CL 5  1923;1923 1949 -1944 1949 (44-49 USSR Murmansk), Cincinnati CS 6 ....:CL 6  1924-1946, Raleigh CS 7 ....:CL 7  1924-1945, Detroit CS 8 ....:CL 8  1923-1946, Richmond CS 9 ....:CL 9  1923-1946, Concord CS 10 ....:CL 10  1923-1945, Trenton CS 11 ....:CL 11  1924-1946, Marblehead CS 12 ....:CL 12  1924-1945, Memphis CS 13 ....:CL 13  1925-1946

USS Milwaukee CL5
Pensacola class
heavy cruiser (reclassified CL=>CA)
Pensacola CL 24 ....:CA 24  1930-1946, Salt Lake City CL 25 ....:CA 25  1929-1946

USS Pensacola CL-24 / CA-24
Northampton class
heavy cruiser (reclassified CL=>CA)
Northampton CL 26 ....:CA 26  1930-1942, Chester CL 27 ....:CA 27  1930-1959, Louisville CL 28 ....:CA 28  1931-1959, Chicago CL 29 ....:CA 29  1931-1943, Houston CL 30 ....:CA 30  1930-1942, Augusta CL 31 ....:CA 31  1931-1959

USS Chicago CA-29, USS Chester CL-27/CA-27 (1/1250)
New Orleans class
heavy cruiser
New Orleans CA 32 1934-1959, Astoria CA 34 1934-1942, Minneapolis CA 36 1934-1959, Tuscaloosa CA 37 1934-1959, San Francisco CA 38 1934-1959, Quincy CA 39 1936-1942, Vincennes CA 44 1937-1942

USS Tuscaloosa CA-37, USS San Franzisko CA-38
Portland class
heavy cruiser
Portland CA 33 1933-1959, Indianapolis CA 35 1932-1945

USS Indianapolis CA-35
Brooklyn class
light cruiser
Brooklyn CL 40 1937-1951, Philadelphia CL 41 1937-1951, Savannah CL 42 1938-1958, Nashville CL 43 1938-1951, Phoenix CL 46 1938-1951 => General Belgrano, Boise CL 47 1938-1951, Honolulu CL 48 1938-1947, St Louis CL 49 1939-1951, Helena CL 50 1939-1943

USS Boise CL-47 (1942)
Wichita class
heavy cruiser
Wichita CA 45 1939-1959
though Wichita was smaller optically similar to later Baltimore class, they have more distance between their stacks

USS Wichita CA-45 1939 (1/1250), Ähnlicher Typ USS Pittsburgh CA-72
Atlanta / Oakland class
anti aircraft cruiser
Atlanta CL 51 1941-1942, Juneau CL 52 1942-1942, San Diego CL 53 1949:CLAA53  1942-1959, San Juan CL 54 1949:CLAA 54  1942-1959
2nd batch: Oakland CL 95 1949:CLAA 95  1943-1959, Reno CL 96 1949:CLAA 96  1943;1953-1959, Flint ex Spokane CL 97 199:CLAA 97  1944-1965, Tucson CL 98 1949:CLAA 98  1945-1966

USS San Diego CL-53, USS Oakland CL-95
Cleveland class
light cruiser, Modifikation Cleveland (1 statt 2 Schornsteine, andere Aufstellung Feuerleit, mittlere Flak ein Deck tiefer)
Cleveland CL 55 1942-1959, Columbia CL 56 1942-1959, Montpelier CL 57 1942-1960, Denver CL 58 1942-1960, Amsterdam CL 59 -1942;--1942 ...CVL-22 Independence,, Santa Fe CL 60 1942-1959, Tallahassee CL 61 -1942;--1942 … CVL-23 Princeton, Birmingham CL 62 1943-1959, Mobile CL 63 1943-1959, Vincennes ex Flint CL 64 1944-1966, Pasadena CL 65 1944-1970, Springfield CL 66 1957:CLG 7 ....:CG 7  1944-1978, Topeka CL 67 1957:CLG 8  1944-1973, New Haven CL 76 -1942;--1942 … CVL-24 Belleau Wood, Huntington CL 77 -1943;--1942 … CVL-25 Cowpens, Dayton CL 78 -1943;--1942 … CVL-26 Monterey, Wilmington CL 79 -1943;--1942 ...CVL-28 Cabot, Biloxi CL 80 1943-1961, Houston ex Vicksburg CL 81 1943-1961, Providence CL 82 1957:CLG 6 ....:CG 6  1945-1978, Manchester CL 83 1946-1960, Buffalo CL 84 -1940;--1940, Fargo CL 85 -1943;--1942 … CVL-27 Crown Point / Langley, Vicksburg ex Cheyenne CL 86 1944-1963, Duluth CL 87 1944-1960, unnamed CL 88 -1940;--1940, Miami CL 89 1943-1962, Astoria ex Wilkes-Barre CL 90 1944-1969, Oklahoma City CL 91 1957:CLG 5 195.:CG 5  1944-1979, Little Rock CL 92 1957:CLG 4 ....:CG 4  1945-1976, Galveston CL 93 1956:CLG 93 1958:CLG 3 195.:CG 3  1946-1973, Youngstown CL 94 -1945;--1945, Buffalo CL 99 -1943;--1942 … CVL-29 Bataan, Newark CL 100 -1943;--1942 … CV-30 Reprisal … CVL-30 San Jacinto, Amsterdam CL 101 1945-1971, Portsmouth CL 102 1945-1970, Wilkes Barre CL 103 1944-1971, Atlanta CL 104 1944-1964, Dayton CL 105 1945-1962
Einige umgebaut zu CVL Independence class, einige zu CLG der Galveston und Providence class. CLG-Umbauten-Zeichnungen siehe Shipbucket

USS Vincennes ex Flint CL64 (1/1250), USS Springfield CLG 7 1970, USS Miami CL-89
Baltimore class
heavy cruiser
Baltimore CA 68 1943-1971, Boston CA 69 1952:CAG 1 1968:CA 69  1943-1974, Canberra CA 70 1952:CAG 2 1968:CA 70  1943-1978, Quincy ex St. Paul CA 71 1943-1973, Pittsburgh ex Albany CA 72 1944-1973, St Paul ex Rochester CA 73 1945-1973, Columbus CA 74 1962:CG 12  1945-1976, Helena ex Des Moines CA 75 1945-1974, Bremerton CA 130 1945-1973, Fall River CA 131 1945-1971, Macon CA 132 1945-1969, Toledo CA 133 1946-1974, Los Angeles ....197.:CA135 CA 135 1945-1975, Chicago CA 136 1958:CG 11  1945-1984

USS Pittsburgh CA-72, USS Chicago CG-11 ex CA-136,
Bausatzkandidat: CAG-1 Boston by Orange Hobby Blue,
Bausatzkandidat: CAG-2 Canberra by Niko
Hipper class: heavy cruiser Prinz Eugen as IX-300

Basistyp Admiral Hipper class
Fargo class
light cruiser
Fargo CL 106 1945-1970, Huntington CL 107 1946-1961,
(Newark CL 108 -1942;--1945, New Haven CL 109 -1941;--1945, Buffalo CL 110 -1942;--1945, Wilmington CL 111 -1941;--1945, Vallejo CL 112 -1944;--1944, Helena CL 113 -1944;--1944, Roanoke CL 114 -1944;--1944, unnamed CL 115 -1944;--1944, Tallahassee CL 116 -1941;--1945, Cheyenne CL 117 -1945;--1945, Chattanooga CL 118 -1945;--1945)

Bausatzkandidat: Fargo class cruiser by Niko, Ähnlicher Typ USS Miami CL-89
Juneau (Oakland mod.) class
antiaircraft cruiser, mod Oakland improved medium artillery, removed torpedos and depth charges
Juneau CL 119 1949:CLAA 119  1946-1959, Spokane CL 120 1949:CLAA 120  1946-1966, Fresno CL 121 1949:CLAA 121  1946-1965

Ähnlicher Typ USS Oakland CL-95
Oregon City class
heavy cruiser based on Baltimore, bit larger
Oregon City CA 122 1946-1970, Albany CA 123 195.:CG 10  1946-1985, Rochester CA 124 1946-1973, Northampton CA 125 1948:CLC 1 1961:CC 1  1953-1977, Cambridge CA 126 -1944;--1945, Bridgeport CA 127 -1945;--1945, Kansas City CA 128 -;--1945, Tulsa CA 129 -;--1945, Norfolk CA 137 -1944;--1945, Scranton CA 138 -1944;--1945

Bausatzkandidat: Oregon City class by Niko, Ähnlicher Typ USS Pittsburgh CA-72
Des Moines class
heavy cruiser
Des Moines CA 134 1948-1991, Salem CA 139 1949-1991, Dallas CA 140 -1945;--1946, unnamed CA 141 -1943;--1946, unnamed CA 142 -1943;--1946, unnamed CA 143 -1943;--1946, Newport News CA 148 1949-1978, unnamed CA 149 -1943;--1945, Dallas CA 150 -1945;--1945, unnamed CA 151-CA 153 -1945;--1945

USS Salem CA-139 1955
Worcester class
antiaircraft cruiser
Worcester CL 144 1948-1970, Roanoke CL 145 1949-1970, Vallejo CL 146 -1945;--1945, Gary CL 147 -;--1945, unnamed CL 154-CL 159 -1945;--1945
pic by
USS Worcester CL-144 1948 (1/1250),
Bausatzkandidat: Roanoke by Niko
Norfolk class
cruiser, hunter killer
Norfolk CLK 1 1955:DL 1  1953-1973, New Haven CLK 2 -;--1951

USS Norfolk DL-1 1953
Long Beach class
missile cruiser
Long Beach CGN 9 ex CGN 160 ex CLGN160  1961-1995

USS Long Beach CGN-9 1980
Leahy class
missile cruiser
Leahy DLG 16 1975:CG 16  1962-1993, Harry E Yarnell DLG 17 1975:CG 17  1963-1993, Worden DLG 18 1975:CG 18  1963-1993, Dale DLG 19 1975:CG 19  1963-1994, Richmond K Turner DLG 20 1975:CG 20  1964-1994, Gridley DLG 21 1975:CG 21  1963-1994, England DLG 22 1975:CG 22  1963-1994, Halsey DLG 23 1975:CG 23  1963-1994, Reeves DLG 24 1975:CG 24  1964-1993

USS Leahy CG-16 1962, USS Leahy DLG-16 / CG-16 (1/1250)
Bainbridge class
missile cruiser
Bainbridge DLGN 25 1975:CGN 25  1962-1996

Ähnlicher Typ USS Leahy CG-16 1962
Belknap class
missile cruiser. Similar to Leahy, different weapons, different aft deck
Belknap DLG 26 1975:CG 26  1964-1995, Josephus Daniels DLG 27 1975:CG 27  1965-1994, Wainwright DLG 28 1975:CG 28  1966-1993, Jouette DLG 29 1975:CG 29  1966-1994, Horne DLG 30 1975:CG 30  1967-1994, Sterett DLG 31 1975:CG 31  1967-1994, William H Stanley DLG 32 1975:CG 32  1966-1994, Fox DLG 33 1975:CG 33  1966-1994, Biddle DLG 34 1975:CG 34  1967-1994

Ähnlicher Typ USS Leahy CG-16 1962,
Bausatzkandidat: Belknap by Gaga
Truxtun class
missile cruiser
Truxtun DLGN 35 1975:CGN 35  1967-1995
Part of the Belknap class, with Nuclear system, hull larger, superstructure slightly flatter, gun in front, SAM on back (vice versa to Belknap)

USS Truxtun CGN35
Typhoon class design
missile cruisers
unnamed ships - -1965;---
California class
missile cruiser
California DLGN 36 1975:CGN 36  1974-1998 , South Carolina DLGN 37 1975:CGN 37  1975-1998 , unnamed DLGN 38 -;---

USS California DLGN36 / CGN36 (1/1250), USS California CGN-36 1974
Virginia class
missile cruiser derived from California class
Viriginia CGN 38 ex DLGN 38  1976-1994, Texas CGN 39 ex DLGN 39  1977-1993, Mississippi CGN 40 ex DLGN 40  1978-1996, Arkansas CGN 41 1980-

USS Virginia CGN-38
CSGN design
missile cruisers, also CGN42-class
2 ships - -1975;---
Ticonderoga class
missile cruiser
Ticonderoga CG 47 1983-2004 , Yorktown CG 48 1984-2004 , Vincennes ex Valley Forge CG 49 1985-2005 , Valley Forge CG 50 1986- , Thomas S Gates CG 51 1987-2005 , Bunker Hill CG 52 1986- , Mobile Bay CG 53 1987- , Antietam CG 54 1987- , Leyte Gulf CG 55 1987- , San Jacinto CG 56 1988- , Lake Champlain CG 57 1988- , Philippine Sea CG 58 1989- , Princeton CG 59 1989- , Normandy CG 60 1989- , Monterey CG 61 1990- , Chancellorsville CG 62 1989-2026 (planned) , Cowpens CG 63 1991- , Gettysburg CG 64 1991- , Chosin CG 65 1991- , Shiloh CG 66 1991- , Hue City CG 67 1992- , Anzio CG 68 1992- , Vicksburg ex Port Royal CG 69 1992- , Lake Erie CG 70 1992- , Cape St George CG 71 1993- , Vella Gulf CG 72 1993- , Port Royal CG 73 1994-

USS Mobile Bay CG-53

Zerstörer DD

Hauptquellen US-Zerstörer: (321)
USS Bainbridge (DD-1) class class
[+]Bainbridge, 1 Bainbridge, 2 Barry, 3 Chauncey, 4 Dale, 5 Decatur, 10 Paul Jones, 11 Perry, 12 Preble, 13 Stewart
Hopkins, 6 Hopkins, 7 Hull
Lawrence, 8 Lawrence, 9 Macdonough(322)

USS Bainbridge DD-1 1900, USS Hull DD-7 1900, USS Bainbridge DD-1 (1/1250)
USS Truxtun (DD-14) class class
[+]14 Truxtun, 15 Whipple, 16 Worden(322) 1903-1919

USS Truxtun DD-14 1900
USS Smith (DD-17) class
[+]Smith, 17 Smith, 18 Lamson, 19 Preston
Flusser, 20 Flusser, 21 Reid(322)

USS Smith DD-17 1910, USS Preston DD-19 (1/1250), USS Smith DD-17 1908-1919
USS Paulding (DD-22) class
[+]'Paulding group: 22 Paulding, 23 Drayton, 29 Burrows, 34 Walke
Roe group: 24 Roe, 25 Terry, 26 Perkins, 27 Sterett, 28 McCall, 30 Warrington, 31 Mayrant, 33 Trippe, 36 Patterson
Monaghan group: 32 Monaghan, 35 Ammen, 38 Jarvis, 39 Henley, 40 Beale, 41 Jouett, 42 Jenkins(322)
Several of these ships were reactivted for USCG 1924

USS Monaghan DD-32, USS Ammen DD-35 (1/1250)
USS Cassin (DD-43) class
[+]43 Cassin, 44 Cummings, 45 Downes, 46 Duncan(322) 1913-1933

USS Duncan DD-46 (1/1250), Ähnlicher Typ USS Tucker DD-57 1915-1936
USS Aylwin (DD-47) class
sub-class of Cassin. [+]47 Aylwin, 48 Parker, 49 Benham, 50 Balch(322) 1913-1922

Ähnlicher Typ USS Duncan DD-46 (1/1250), Ähnlicher Typ USS Tucker DD-57 1915-1936
USS O'Brien (DD-51) class
Imporoved Cassin. [+]51 O’Brien, 52 Nicholson, 53 Winslow, 54 McDougal, 55 Cushing, 56 Ericsson(322) 1913-1933

Ähnlicher Typ USS Duncan DD-46 (1/1250), Ähnlicher Typ USS Tucker DD-57 1915-1936
USS Tucker (DD-57) class
2nd group of O'Brien class. [+]57 Tucker, 58 Conyngham, 59 Porter, 60 Wadsworth, 61 Jacob Jones, 62 Wainwright, 65 Davis(322) 1916-1934

Ähnlicher Typ USS Duncan DD-46 (1/1250), USS Tucker DD-57 1915-1936
USS Sampson (DD-63) class
[+]63 Sampson, 64 Rowan, 66 Allen, 67 Wilkes, 68 Shaw(322) 1916-1936

USS Allen DD-66, USS Allen DD-66 1/1250 (1/1250)
USS Caldwell (DD-69) class
[+]69 Caldwell 70 Craven 71 Gwin 72 Conner 73 Stockton 74 Manley 1917-1945

Ähnlicher Typ USS Ward DD-139 (1941)
USS Wickes (DD-75) class
[+]Dependent on shipyard the subclasses were called Little, Lamberton, Tattnall classes. 75 Wickes 76 Philip 77 Woolsey 78 Evans 79 Little 80 Kimberly 81 Sigourney 82 Gregory 83 Stringham 84 Dyer 85 Colhoun 86 Stevens 87 McKee 88 Robinson 89 Ringgold 90 McKean 91 Harding 92 Gridley 93 Fairfax 94 Taylor 95 Bell 96 Stribling 97 Murray 98 Israel 99 Luce 100 Maury 101 Lansdale 102 Mahan 103 Schley 104 Champlin 105 Mugford 106 Chew 107 Hazelwood 108 Williams 109 Crane 110 Hart 111 Ingraham 112 Ludlow 113 Rathburne 114 Talbot 115 Waters 116 Dent 117 Dorsey 118 Lea 119 Lamberton 120 Radford 121 Montgomery 122 Breese 123 Gamble 124 Ramsay 125 Tattnall 126 Badger 127 Twiggs 128 Babbitt 129 DeLong 130 Jacob Jones 131 Buchanan 132 Aaron Ward 133 Hale 134 Crowninshield 135 Tillman 136 Boggs 137 Kilty 138 Kennison 139 Ward 140 Claxton 141 Hamilton 142 Tarbell 143 Yarnall 144 Upshur 145 Greer 146 Elliot 147 Roper 148 Breckinridge 149 Barney 150 Blakeley 151 Biddle 152 Du Pont 153 Bernadou 154 Ellis 155 Cole 156 J. Fred Talbott 157 Dickerson 158 Leary 159 Schenck 160 Herbert 161 Palmer 162 Thatcher 163 Walker 164 Crosby 165 Meredith 166 Bush 167 Cowell 168 Maddox 169 Foote 170 Kalk 171 Burns 172 Anthony 173 Sproston 174 Rizal 175 Mackenzie 176 Renshaw 177 O'Bannon 178 Hogan 179 Howard 180 Stansbury 181 Hopewell 182 Thomas 183 Haraden 184 Abbot 185 Bagley 1918-1946

USS Ward APD-16 ex DD-139, HMS Campbeltown I42 (1942) ex USS Buchanan, USS Ward DD-139 (1941), USS Breckinridge DD-148 (1/1250)
USS Clemson (DD-186) class
[+]186 Clemson 187 Dahlgren 188 Goldsborough 189 Semmes 190 Satterlee 191 Mason 192 Graham 193 Abel P. Upshur 194 Hunt 195 Welborn C. Wood 196 George E. Badger 197 Branch 198 Herndon 199 Dallas 206 Chandler 207 Southard 208 Hovey 209 Long 210 Broome 211 Alden 212 Smith Thompson 213 Barker 214 Tracy 215 Borie 216 John D. Edwards 217 Whipple 218 Parrott 219 Edsall 220 MacLeish 221 Simpson 222 Bulmer 223 McCormick 224 Stewart 225 Pope 226 Peary 227 Pillsbury 228 John D. Ford 229 Truxtun 230 Paul Jones 231 Hatfield 232 Brooks 233 Gilmer 234 Fox 235 Kane 236 Humphreys 237 McFarland 238 James K. Paulding 239 Overton 240 Sturtevant 241 Childs 242 King 243 Sands 244 Williamson 245 Reuben James 246 Bainbridge 247 Goff 248 Barry 249 Hopkins 250 Lawrence 251 Belknap 252 McCook 253 McCalla 254 Rodgers 255 Osmond Ingram 256 Bancroft 257 Welles 258 Aulick 259 Turner 260 Gillis 261 Delphy 262 McDermut 263 Laub 264 McLanahan 265 Edwards 266 Greene 267 Ballard 268 Shubrick 269 Bailey 270 Thornton 271 Morris 272 Tingey 273 Swasey 274 Meade 275 Sinclair 276 McCawley 277 Moody 278 Henshaw 279 Meyer 280 Doyen 281 Sharkey 282 Toucey 283 Breck 284 Isherwood 285 Case 286 Lardner 287 Putnam 288 Worden 289 Flusser 290 Dale 291 Converse 292 Reid 293 Billingsley 294 Charles Ausburn 295 Osborne 296 Chauncey 297 Fuller 298 Percival 299 John Francis Burnes 300 Farragut 301 Somers 302 Stoddert 303 Reno 304 Farquhar 305 Thompson 306 Kennedy 307 Paul Hamilton 308 William Jones 309 Woodbury 310 S. P. Lee 311 Nicholas 312 Young 313 Zeilin 314 Yarborough 315 La Vallette 316 Sloat 317 Wood 318 Shirk 319 Kidder 320 Selfridge 321 Marcus 322 Mervine 323 Chase 324 Robert Smith 325 Mullany 326 Coghlan 327 Preston 328 Lamson 329 Bruce 330 Hull 331 Macdonough 332 Farenholt 333 Sumner 334 Corry 335 Melvin 336 Litchfield 337 Zane 338 Wasmuth 339 Trever 340 Perry 341 Decatur 342 Hulbert 343 Noa (Bordflgz. XSOC-1, dann APD-24) 344 William B. Preston 345 Preble 346 Sicard 347 Pruitt 1918-1948

HMS Burwell H94 (1940) ex USS Laub DD-263, USS Borie DD-215, PB-102 ex USS Stewart DD-224 (1/400), USS Bainbridge DD-246 (1/1250), USS Williamson AVD-2 ex DD-244 (1/1250)
USS Farragut (DD-348) class
[+]348 Farragut, 349 Dewey, 350 Hull, 351 Macdonough, 352 Worden, 353 Dale, 354 Monaghan, 355 Aylwin, 365 Cummings, 375 Downes, 376 Cushing(322) 1934-1945

USS Hull DD-350
USS Porter (DD-356) class
[+]356 Porter, 357 Selfridge, 358 McDougal, 359 Winslow, 360 Phelps, 361 Clark, 362 Moffett, 363 Balch(322) 1936-1950

USS Porter DD-356 1936-40, USS Selfridge DD-357 (1/1250)
USS Mahan (DD-364) class
[+]364 Mahan, 366 Drayton, 367 Lamson, 368 Flusser, 369 Reid, 370 Case, 371 Conyngham, 372 Cassin, 373 Shaw, 374 Tucker, 377 Perkins, 378 Smith, 379 Preston(322) 1936-1946

USS Cassin DD-372
USS Dunlap (DD-384) class
384 Dunlap, 385 Fanning 1936-1946

USS Dunlap DD-384, USS Dunlap DD-384
USS Bagley (DD-386) class
[+]386 Bagley, 387 Blue, 388 Helm, 389 Mugford, 390 Ralph Talbot, 391 Henley, 392 Patterson, 393 Jarvis(322) 1937-1946

USS Bagley DD-386, USS Blue DD-387 (1/1250)
USS Gridley (DD-380) class
[+]380 Gridley, 382 Craven, ?384 Dunlap, ?385 Fanning, 398 Ellet(322) 1937-1946

USS Gridley DD-380
USS Somers (DD-381) class
[+]381 Somers, 383 Warrington, 394 Sampson, 396 Jouett, Sampson, 395 Davis(322) 1937-1945

USS Somers DD-381 (1940), USS Sampson DD-394
USS Benham (DD-397) class
[+]397 Benham, 399 Lang, 400 McCall, 401 Maury, 402 Mayrant, 403 Trippe, 404 Rhind, 405 Rowan, 406 Stack, 407 Sterett, 408 Wilson(322) 1939-1946

USS Benham DD-397, USS Benham DD-397
USS Sims (DD-409) class
[+]409 Sims, 410 Hughes, 411 Anderson, 412 Hammann, 413 Mustin, 414 Russell, 415 O’Brien, 416 Walke, 417 Morris, 418 Roe, 419 Wainwright, 420 Buck(322) 1939-1946

USS Hammann DD-412
USS Benson (DD-421) class
[+]421 Benson, 422 Mayo, 425 Madison, 426 Lansdale, 427 Hilary P. Jones, 428 Charles F. Hughes, 430 Eberle, 438 Ludlow, 454 Ellyson, 457 Emmons, 459 Laffey, 460 Woodworth, 485 Duncan, 491 Farenholt,
, 492 Bailey, 494 Doyle, 598 Bancroft, 599 Barton, 600 Boyle, 601 Champlin, 602 Meade, 603 Murphy, 604 Parker, 605 Caldwell, 606 Coghlan, 607 Frazier, 608 Gansevoort, 609 Gillespie, 610 Hobby, 611 Kalk, 612 Kendrick, 613 Laub, 614 MacKenzie, 615 McLanahan, 616 Nields, 617 Ordronaux, 618 Davison, 619 Edwards, 632 Cowie, 635 Earle(322)

USS Benson DD-421, USS Laffey DD-459, Woodworth DD-460 (1942)
USS Gleaves (DD-423) class
[+]423 Gleaves, 424 Niblack, 429 Livermore, 431 Plunkett, 432 Kearny, 433 Gwin, 434 Meredith, 435 Grayson, 436 Monssen, 437 Woolsey, 439 Edison, 440 Ericsson, 441 Wilkes, 442 Nicholson, 443 Swanson, 444 Ingraham, 453 Bristol, 455 Hambleton, 456 Rodman, 458 Macomb, 461 Forrest, 462 Fitch, 463 Corry, 464 Hobson, 483 Aaron Ward, 484 Buchanan, 486 Lansdowne, 487 Lardner, 488 McCalla, 489 Mervine, 490 Quick, 493 Carmick, 495 Endicott, 496 McCook, 497 Frankford, 620 Glennon, 621 Jeffers, 622 Maddox, 623 Nelson, 624 Baldwin, 625 Harding, 626 Satterlee, 627 Thompson, 628 Welles, 633 Knight, 634 Doran, 636 Butler, 637 Gherardi, 638 Herndon, 639 Shubrick, 640 Beatty, 641 Tillman, 645 Stevenson, 646 Stockton, 647 Thorn, 648 Turner(322) 1940-1956

USS Livermore DD-429, Monsson DD-436, Ähnlicher Typ Asakaze DD-181
USS Fletcher (DD-445) class
[+]445 Fletcher 446 Radford 447 Jenkins 448 La Vallette 449 Nicholas 450 O'Bannon 451 Chevalier 465 Saufley 466 Waller 467 Strong 468 Taylor 469 De Haven 470 Bache 471 Beale 472 Guest 473 Bennett 474 Fullam 475 Hudson 476 Hutchins 477 Pringle 478 Stanly 479 Stevens 480 Halford 481 Leutze 498 Philip 499 Renshaw 500 Ringgold 501 Schroeder 502 Sigsbee 507 Conway 508 Cony 509 Converse 510 Eaton 511 Foote 512 Spence 513 Terry 514 Thatcher 515 Anthony 516 Wadsworth 517 Walker 518 Brownson 519 Daly 520 Isherwood 521 Kimberly 522 Luce 526 Abner Read 527 Ammen 528 Mullany 529 Bush 530 Trathen 531 Hazelwood 532 Heermann 533 Hoel 534 McCord 535 Miller 536 Owen 537 The Sullivans 538 Stephen Potter 539 Tingey 540 Twining 541 Yarnall 544 Boyd 545 Bradford 546 Brown 547 Cowell 550 Capps 551 David W. Taylor 552 Evans 553 John D. Henley 554 Franks 555 Haggard 556 Hailey 557 Johnston 558 Laws 559 Longshaw 560 Morrison 561 Prichett 562 Robinson 563 Ross 564 Rowe 565 Smalley 566 Stoddard 567 Watts 568 Wren 569 Aulick 570 Charles Ausburne 571 Claxton 572 Dyson 573 Harrison 574 John Rodgers 575 McKee 576 Murray 577 Sproston 578 Wickes 579 William D. Porter 580 Young 581 Charrette 582 Conner 583 Hall 584 Halligan 585 Haraden 586 Newcomb 587 Bell 588 Burns 589 Izard 590 Paul Hamilton 591 Twiggs 592 Howorth 593 Killen 594 Hart 595 Metcalf 596 Shields 597 Wiley 629 Abbot 630 Braine 631 Erben 642 Hale 643 Sigourney 644 Stembel 649 Albert W. Grant 650 Caperton 651 Cogswell 652 Ingersoll 653 Knapp 654 Bearss 655 John Hood 656 Van Valkenburgh 657 Charles J. Badger 658 Colahan 659 Dashiell 660 Bullard 661 Kidd 662 Bennion 663 Heywood L. Edwards 664 Richard P. Leary 665 Bryant 666 Black 667 Chauncey 668 Clarence K. Bronson 669 Cotten 670 Dortch 671 Gatling 672 Healy 673 Hickox 674 Hunt 675 Lewis Hancock 676 Marshall 677 McDermut 678 McGowan 679 McNair 680 Melvin 681 Hopewell 682 Porterfield 683 Stockham 684 Wedderburn 685 Picking 686 Halsey Powell 687 Uhlmann 688 Remey 689 Wadleigh 690 Norman Scott 691 Mertz 792 Callaghan 793 Cassin Young 794 Irwin 795 Preston 796 Benham 797 Cushing 798 Monssen 799 Jarvis 800 Porter 801 Colhoun 802 Gregory 803 Little 804 Rooks 1942-2001

Basistyp Fletcher
Bausatzkandidat: 3-Pole DDE, Fletcher FRAM by Bill's Models on Shapeways
USS Allen M. Sumner (DD-692) class
[+]692 Allen M. Sumner 693 Moale 694 Ingraham 695 Cooper 696 English 697 Charles S. Sperry 698 Ault 699 Waldron 700 Haynsworth 701 John W. Weeks 702 Hank 703 Wallace L. Lind 704 Borie 705 Compton 706 Gainard 707 Soley 708 Harlan R. Dickson 709 Hugh Purvis 722 Barton 723 Walke 724 Laffey 725 O’Brien 726 Meredith 727 De Haven 728 Mansfield 729 Lyman K. Swenson 730 Collett 731 Maddox 732 Hyman 733 Mannert L. Abele 734 Purdy 735 Robert H. Smith 736 Thomas E. Fraser 737 Shannon 738 Harry F. Bauer 739 Adams 740 Tolman 741 Drexler 744 Blue 745 Brush 746 Taussig 747 Samuel N. Moore 748 Harry E. Hubbard 749 Henry A. Wiley 750 Shea 751 J. William Ditter 752 Alfred A. Cunningham 753 John R. Pierce 754 Frank E. Evans 755 John A. Bole 756 Beatty 757 Putnam 758 Strong 759 Lofberg 760 John W. Thomason 761 Buck 762 Henley 770 Lowry 771 Lindsey 772 Gwin 773 Aaron Ward 774 Hugh W. Hadley 775 Willard Keith 776 James C. Owens 777 Zellars 778 Massey 779 Douglas H. Fox 780 Stormes 781 Robert K. Huntington 857 Bristol 
As Robert H. Smith class destroyer minelayers DM-23...DM-34

Basistyp Allen M.Sumner Class
USS Gearing (DD-710) class
[+]710 Gearing 711 Eugene A. Greene 712 Gyatt (umgebaut zu DDG-712, umbenannt zu DDG-1 ) 713 Kenneth D. Bailey 714 William R. Rush 715 William M. Wood 716 Wiltsie 717 Theodore E. Chandler 718 Hamner 719 Epperson 742 Frank Knox 743 Southerland 763 William C. Lawe 764 Lloyd Thomas 765 Keppler 766 Lansdale (nicht eingesetzt) 767 Seymor D. Owens (unfertig) 768 Hoel (unfertig) 769 Abner Read (nicht fertiggestellt) 782 Rowan 783 Gurke 784 McKean 785 Henderson 786 Richard B. Anderson 787 James E. Kyes 788 Hollister 789 Eversole 790 Shelton 791 Seaman (nicht in Dienst) 805 Chevalier 806 Higbee 807 Benner 808 Dennis J. Buckley 817 Corry 818 New 819 Holder 820 Rich 821 Johnston 822 Robert H. McCord 823 Samuel B. Roberts 824 Basilone 825 Carpenter 826 Agerholm 827 Robert A. Owens 828 Timmerman 829 Myles C. Fox 830 Everett F. Larson 831 Goodrich 832 Hanson 833 Herbert J. Thomas 834 Turner 835 Charles P. Cecil 836 George K. MacKenzie 837 Sarsfield 838 Ernest G. Small 839 Power 840 Glennon 841 Noa 842 Fiske 843 Warrington 844 Perry 845 Bausell 846 Ozbourn 847 Robert L. Wilson 848 Witek 849 Richard E. Kraus 850 Joseph P. Kennedy, Jr. 851 Rupertus 852 Leonard F. Mason 853 Charles H. Roan 858 Fred T. Berry 859 Norris 860 McCaffery 861 Harwood 862 Vogelgesang 863 Steinaker 1945 to 1982 US Navy, then Mexico till 2014 864 Harold J. Ellison 865 Charles R. Ware 866 Cone 867 Stribling 868 Brownson 869 Arnold J. Isbell 870 Fechteler 871 Damato 872 Forrest Royal 873 Hawkins 874 Duncan 875 Henry W. Tucker 876 Rogers 877 Perkins 878 Vesole 879 Leary 880 Dyess 881 Bordelon 882 Furse 883 Newman K. Perry 884 Floyd B. Parks 885 John R. Craig 886 Orleck 887 Brinkley Bass 888 Stickell 889 O’Hare 890 Meredith
Taiwan 8 Chi Yang class,Spanien 5 Baleares class 1945-1999,2016

Basistyp Gearing class
DD-934 Jap. Hanazuki, DD-935 dt. T-35, DD-939 dt. Z-39
several WWI T-Boats, only temporarily
several further Z- Type 1936A temporarily, e.g. Z29

Basistyp Großes Torpedoboot 1906 Basistyp Zerstörer Klasse 1936A (mob) Narvik Basistyp Zerstörer Klasse 1936A T35 Flottentorpedoboot (1945), Ähnlicher Typ Fuyuzuki
USS Mitscher (DDG-35) class
[+]DD-927 Mitscher then DL-2, then DDG-35, DD-928/DL-3/DDG-36 John S. McCain, DD-929/DL-4 Willis A. Lee, DD-930/DL-5 Wilkinson(322) 1953-1978

USS Willis A. Lee DD-929 1967 (1/1250),
Bausatzkandidat: DL-2 Mitscher by Loose Cannon,
Bausatzkandidat: USS Mitscher DL-2 Class, USS Wilkinson DL-5 by Bill's on Shapeways
USS Forrest Sherman (DD-931) class
[+]931 Forrest Sherman, 932 John Paul Jones, 933 Barry, 936 Decatur, 937 Davis, 938 Jonas Ingram, 940 Manley, 941 Du Pont, 942 Bigelow, 943 Blandy, 944 Mullinnix, 945 Hull, 951 Turner Joy, Hull, 946 Edson, 947 Somers, 948 Morton, 949 Parsons, 950 Richard S. Edwards.
Design was basis for Charles F. Adams

USS Forrest Sherman (DD-931) (1/1250)
USS Farragut (DDG-37 ex DLG) class
[+]DDG-37 Farragut, DDG-38 Luce, DDG-39 Macdonough, DDG-40 Coontz, DDG-41 King, DDG-42 Mahan, DDG-43 Dahlgren, DDG-44 William V. Pratt, DDG-45 Dewey, DDG-46 Preble(322) 1959-1993

USS Coontz DLG-9/DDG-40 1960 (1/1250),
Bausatzkandidat: Coontz by Niko
USS Charles F. Adams (DDG-2) class
[+]DDG-2 Charles F. Adams ex DD-952, DDG-3 John King ex DD-953, DDG-4 Lawrence ex DD-954, DDG-5 Biddle/Claude V. Rickets ex DD-955, DDG-6 Barney ex DD-956, DDG-7 Henry B. Wilson ex DD-957, DDG-8 Lynde McCormick ex DD-958, DDG-9 Towers ex DD-959, DDG-10 Sampson, DDG-11 Sellers, DDG-12 Robison, DDG-13 Hoel, DDG-14 Buchanan, DDG-15 Berkeley, DDG-16 Joseph Strauss, DDG-17 Conyngham, DDG-18 Semmes, DDG-19 Tattnall, DDG-20 Goldsborough, DDG-21 Cochrane, DDG-22 Benjamin Stoddert, DDG-23 Richard E. Byrd, DDG-24 Waddell(322)
DDG-25 für Australien HMAS Perth, DDG-26 für Australien HMAS Hobart, DDG-27 für Australien HMAS Brisbane, DDG-28 für Deutschland D185 Lütjens, DDG-29 für Deutschland D186 Mölders, DDG-30 für Deutschland D187 Rommel

Rommel D-187
USS Decatur (DDG-31) class
[+]Converted ex-Forrest Sherman class., DDG-31 Decatur, DDG-32 John Paul Jones, DDG-33 Parsons, DDG-34 Somers (ex DD-932,DD-936,DD-947,DD-949) 1955-1988

Ähnlicher Typ USS Coontz DLG-9/DDG-40 1960 (1/1250), Ähnlicher Typ Rommel D-187
USS Barry (DD-933) class
[+]Converted ex-Forrest Sherman class.USS Barry, USS Davis, USS Jonas Ingram, USS Manley, USS Du Pont, USS Blandy, USS Morton, USS Richard S. Edwards 1984 - 2015

Ähnlicher Typ USS Coontz DLG-9/DDG-40 1960 (1/1250)
USS Shah Jehan (DD-962) class
1944 brit. C class HMS Charity (R29, D29) 1958 to US DD 962, then modified to Pakistan as Shah Jehan D29. 1971 damaged heavily by Indian missile

HMS Caesar 1944
USS Spruance (DD-963) class
[+]963 Spruance, 964 Paul F. Foster, 965 Kinkaid, 966 Hewitt, 967 Elliot, 968 Arthur W. Radford, 969 Peterson, 970 Caron, 971 David R. Ray, 972 Oldendorf, 973 John Young, 974 Comte de Grasse, 975 O’Brien, 976 Merrill, 977 Briscoe, 978 Stump, 979 Conolly, 980 Moosbrugger, 981 John Hancock, 982 Nicholson, 983 John Rodgers, 984 Leftwich, 985 Cushing, 986 Harry W. Hill, 987 O'Bannon, 988 Thorn, 989 Deyo, 990 Ingersoll, 991 Fife, 992 Fletcher, 993 umklassifiziert zu (DDG-993) Kidd, 994 umklassifiziert zu (DDG-994) Callaghan, 995 umklassifiziert zu (DDG-995) Scott, 996 umklassifiziert zu (DDG-996) Chandler, 997 Hayler(322) 1975-2005

USS Spruance DD-963, USS Arthur W.Radford DD-968 (1/1250), USS Arthur W.Radford DD-968, USS Ingersoll DD-990
USS Kidd (DDG-993) class
Built for Iran, after Revolution finished for US Navy. Technically like Spruance with more AA.
[+]DDG-993 Kidd, DDG-994 Callaghan, DDG-995 Scott, DDG-996 Chandler(322) 1981-heute

Ähnlicher Typ USS Spruance DD-963
USS Arleigh Burke (DDG-51) class
[+]Flight I: DDG-51 Arleigh Burke, DDG-52 Barry, DDG-53 John Paul Jones, DDG-54 Curtis Wilbur, DDG-55 Stout, DDG-56 John S. McCain, DDG-57 Mitscher, DDG-58 Laboon, DDG-59 Russell, DDG-60 Paul Hamilton, DDG-61 Ramage, DDG-62 Fitzgerald, DDG-63 Stethem, DDG-64 Carney, DDG-65 Benfold, DDG-66 Gonzalez, DDG-67 Cole, DDG-68 The Sullivans, DDG-69 Milius, DDG-70 Hopper, DDG-71 Ross,
Flight II: DDG-72 Mahan, DDG-73 Decatur, DDG-74 McFaul, DDG-75 Donald Cook, DDG-76 Higgins, DDG-77 O’Kane, DDG-78 Porter,
Flight IIA: DDG-79 Oscar Austin, DDG-80 Roosevelt, DDG-81 Winston S Churchill, DDG-82 Lassen, DDG-83 Howard, DDG-84 Bulkeley, DDG-85 McCampbell, DDG-86 Shoup, DDG-87 Mason, DDG-88 Preble, DDG-89 Mustin, DDG-90 Chafee, DDG-91 Pinckney, DDG-92 Momsen, DDG-93 Chung-Hoon, DDG-94 Nitze, DDG-95 James E. Williams, DDG-96 Bainbridge, DDG-97 Halsey, DDG-98 Forrest Sherman, DDG-99 Farragut, DDG-100 Kidd, DDG-101 Gridley, DDG-102 Sampson, DDG-103 Truxtun, DDG-104 Sterett, DDG-105 Dewey(322), Stockdale DDG-106, Gravely DDG-107, Wayne E. Meyer DDG-108, Jason Dunham DDG-109, William P. Lawrence DDG-110, Spruance DDG-111, Michael Murphy DDG-112, John Finn DDG-113, Ralph Johnson DDG-114, Rafael Peralta DDG-115, Thomas Hudner DDG-116, Paul Ignatius DDG-117, Daniel Inouye DDG-118, Delbert D. Black DDG-119, Carl M. Levin DDG-120, Frank E. Petersen Jr. DDG-121, John Basilone DDG-122, Lenah H. Sutcliffe Higbee DDG-123,
Flight III: Harvey C. Barnum Jr. DDG-124, Jack H. Lucas DDG-125, Louis H. Wilson Jr. DDG-126
Japanese Kongo, Atago classes are on base of Arleigh Burke flights I, IIa

USS Momsen DDG-92, Ähnlicher Typ DDG174 Kirishima JMSDF, USS Arleigh Burke DDG-51
USS Zumwalt (DDG-1000) class
DDG-1000 Zumwalt 2014;2016-, DDG-1001 Michael Monsoor 2018-, DDG-1002 Lyndon B. Johnson ca 2022

USS Zumwalt DDG-1000

Geleitzerstörer DE
USS Evarts (GMT DE)
[+]Short hull, Diesel, 2x3'', High open bridge
, BDE-1-BDE-4, DE-5 Evarts, DE-6 Wyffels, DE-7 Griswold, DE-8 Steele, DE-9 Carlson, DE-10 Bebas, DE-11 Crouter, DE-13 Brennan, DE-14 Doherty, DE-15 Austin, DE-16 Edgar G. Chase, DE-17 Edward C. Daly, DE-18 Gilmore, DE-19 Burden R. Hastings, DE-20 LeHardy, DE-21 Harold C. Thomas, DE-22 Wileman, DE-23 Charles R. Greer, DE-24 Whitman, DE-25 Wintle, DE-26 Dempsey, DE-27 Duffy, DE-28 Emery, DE-29 Stadtfeld, DE-30 Martin, DE-31 Sederstrom, DE-32 Fleming, DE-33 Tisdale, DE-34 Eisele, DE-35 Fair, DE-36 Manlove, DE-37 Greiner, DE-38 Wyman, DE-39 Lovering, DE-40 Sanders, DE-41 Brackett, DE-42 Reynolds, DE-43 Mitchell, DE-44 Donaldson, DE-45 Andres, DE-46 Drury (BDE-46), DE-47 Decker, DE-48 Dobler, DE-49 Doneff, DE-50 Engstrom, DE-256 Seid, DE-257 Smartt, DE-258 Walter S. Brown, DE-259 William C. Miller, DE-260 Cabana, DE-261 Dionne, DE-262 Canfield, DE-263 Deede, DE-264 Elden, DE-265 Cloues, DE-301 Lake, DE-302 Lyman, DE-303 Crowley, DE-304 Rall, DE-305 Halloran, DE-306 Connolly, DE-307 Finnegan, DE-527 O'Toole, DE-528 John J. Powers, DE-529 Mason, DE-530 John M. Bermingham(321)
1943-1946, Taiwan -1972

USS Bebas DE-10 (1943)
USS Buckley (TE DE)
[+]Long hull, Steam turbine, 3x3'', 3 TR, High open bridge
, DE-51 Buckley, DE-53 Charles Lawrence, DE-54 Daniel T. Griffin, DE-55 Donaldson - to Royal Navy as HMS Byard (K315), DE-56 Donnell, DE-57 Fogg, DE-58 Formore, DE-59 Foss, DE-60 Gantner, DE-61 Thomas J. Gary, DE-62 George W. Ingram, DE-63 Ira Jeffery, DE-64 Lamons, DE-65 Lee Fox, DE-66 Amesbury, DE-67 Essington, DE-68 Bates, DE-69 Blessman, DE-70 Joseph E. Campbell, DE-153 Reuben James, DE-154 Sims, DE-155 Hopping, DE-156 Reeves, DE-157 Fechteler, DE-158 Chase, DE-159 Laning, DE-160 Loy, DE-161 Barber, DE-198 Lovelace, DE-199 Manning, DE-200 Neuendorf, DE-201 James E. Craig, DE-202 Eichenberger, DE-203 Thomason, DE-204 Jordan, DE-205 Newman, DE-206 Liddle, DE-207 Kephart, DE-208 Cofer, DE-209 Lloyd, DE-210 Otter, DE-211 Hubbard, DE-212 Hayter, DE-213 William T. Powell, DE-214 Scott, DE-215 Burke, DE-216 Enright, DE-217 Coolbaugh, DE-218 Darby, DE-219 J. Douglas Blackwood, DE-220 Francis M. Robinson, DE-221 Solar, DE-222 Fowler, DE-223 Spangenberg, DE-575 Ahrens, DE-576 Barr, DE-577 Alexander J. Luke, DE-578 Robert I. Paine, DE-633 Foreman, DE-634 Whitehurst, DE-635 England, DE-636 Witter, DE-637 Bowers, DE-638 Willmarth, DE-639 Gendreau, DE-640 Fieberling, DE-641 William C. Cole, DE-642 Paul G. Baker, DE-643 Damon M. Cummings, DE-644 Vammen, DE-665 Jenks, DE-666 Durik, DE-667 Wiseman, DE-668 Yokes, DE-669 Pavlic, DE-670 Odum, DE-671 Jack C. Robinson, DE-672 Bassett, DE-673 John P. Gray, DE-675 Weber, DE-676 Schmitt, DE-677 Frament, DE-678 Harmon, DE-679 Greenwood, DE-680 Loeser, DE-681 Gillette, DE-682 Underhill, DE-683 Henry R. Kenyon, DE-693 Bull, DE-694 Bunch, DE-695 Rich, DE-696 Spangler, DE-697 George, DE-698 Raby, DE-699 Marsh, DE-700 Currier, DE-701 Osmus, DE-702 Earl V. Johnson, DE-703 Holton, DE-704 Cronin, DE-705 Frybarger, DE-789 Tatum, DE-790 Borum, DE-791 Maloy, DE-792 Haines, DE-793 Runels, DE-794 Hollis, DE-795 Gunason, DE-796 Major, DE-797 Weeden, DE-798 Varian, DE-799 Scroggins, DE-800 Jack W. Wilke
1943-1972 (?)

USS Buckley DE-51 Class, USS Liddle (DE-206/APD-60)
USS Cannon (DET DE)
[+]Long hull, Diesel, 3x3'', 3 TR, High open bridge
, DE-99 Cannon, DE-100 Christopher, DE-101 Alger, DE-102 Thomas, DE-103 Bostwick, DE-104 Breeman, DE-105 Burrows, DE-112 Carter, DE-113 Clarence L. Evans, DE-162 Levy, DE-163 McConnell, DE-164 Osterhaus, DE-165 Parks, DE-166 Baron, DE-167 Acree, DE-168 Amick, DE-169 Atherton, DE-170 Booth, DE-171 Carroll, DE-172 Cooner, DE-173 Eldridge, DE-174 Marts, DE-175 Pennewill, DE-176 Micka, DE-177 Reybold, DE-178 Herzog, DE-179 McAnn, DE-180 Trumpeter, DE-181 Straub, DE-182 Gustafson, DE-183 Samuel S. Miles, DE-184 Wesson, DE-185 Riddle, DE-186 Swearer, DE-187 Stern, DE-188 O'Neill, DE-189 Bronstein, DE-190 Baker, DE-191 Coffman, DE-192 Eisner, DE-193 Garfield Thomas, DE-194 Wingfield, DE-195 Thornhill, DE-196 Rinehart, DE-197 Roche, DE-739 Bangust, DE-740 Waterman, DE-741 Weaver, DE-742 Hilbert, DE-743 Lamons, DE-744 Kyne, DE-745 Snyder, DE-746 Hemminger, DE-747 Bright, DE-748 Tills, DE-749 Roberts, DE-750 McClelland, DE-763 Cates, DE-764 Gandy, DE-765 Earl K. Olsen, DE-766 Slater, DE-767 Oswald, DE-768 Ebert, DE-769 Neal A. Scott, DE-770 Muir, DE-771 Sutton

USS Cannon DE-99 Class
USS Edsall (FMR DE)
[+]Long hull, Diesel, 3x3'', 3 TR, High open bridge
, DE-129 Edsall, DE-130 Jacob Jones, DE-131 Hammann, DE-132 Robert E. Peary, DE-133 Pillsbury, DE-134 Pope, DE-135 Flaherty, DE-136 Frederick C. Davis, DE-137 Herbert C. Jones, DE-138 Douglas L. Howard, DE-139 Farquhar, DE-140 J. R. Y. Blakely, DE-141 Hill, DE-142 Fessenden, DE-143 Fiske, DE-144 Frost, DE-145 Huse, DE-146 Inch, DE-147 Blair, DE-148 Brough, DE-149 Chatelain, DE-150 Neunzer, DE-151 Poole, DE-152 Peterson, DE-238 Stewart, DE-239 Sturtevant, DE-240 Moore, DE-241 Keith, DE-242 Tomich, DE-243 J. Richard Ward, DE-244 Otterstetter, DE-245 Sloat, DE-246 Snowden, DE-247 Stanton, DE-248 Swasey, DE-249 Marchand, DE-250 Hurst, DE-251 Camp, DE-252 Howard D. Crow, DE-253 Pettit, DE-254 Ricketts, DE-255 Sellstrom, DE-316 Harveson, DE-317 Joyce, DE-318 Kirkpatrick, DE-319 Leopold, DE-320 Menges, DE-321 Mosley, DE-322 Newell, DE-323 Pride, DE-324 Falgout, DE-325 Lowe, DE-326 Gary, DE-327 Brister, DE-328 Finch, DE-329 Kretchmer, DE-330 O'Reilly, DE-331 Koiner, DE-332 Price, DE-333 Strickland, DE-334 Forster, DE-335 Daniel, DE-336 Roy O. Hale, DE-337 Dale W. Peterson, DE-338 Martin H. Ray, DE-382 Ramsden, DE-383 Mills, DE-384 Rhodes, DE-385 Richey, DE-386 Savage, DE-387 Vance, DE-388 Lansing, DE-389 Durant, DE-390 Calcaterra, DE-391 Chambers, DE-392 Merrill, DE-393 Haverfield, DE-394 Swenning, DE-395 Willis, DE-396 Janssen, DE-397 Wilhoite, DE-398 Cockrill, DE-399 Stockdale, DE-400 Hissem, DE-401 Holder

USS Calcaterra DER-390 1954 (1/1250), HQ-4 Trần Khánh Dư ex USS DER-334 Forster
USS Rudderow (TEV DE)
[+]Long hull, Steam turbine, 2x5'', 3 TR, Low enclosed bridge
, DE-224 Rudderow, DE-225 Day, DE-226 Crosley, DE-227 Cread, DE-228 Ruchamkin, DE-229 Kirwin, DE-230 Chaffee, DE-231 Hodges, DE-232 Kinzer, DE-233 Register, DE-234 Brock, DE-235 John Q. Roberts, DE-236 William M. Hobby, DE-237 Ray K. Edwards, DE-281 Arthur L. Bristol, DE-282 Truxtun, DE-283 Upham, DE-579 Riley, DE-580 Leslie L.B. Knox, DE-581 McNulty, DE-582 Metivier, DE-583 George A. Johnson, DE-584 Charles J. Kimmel, DE-585 Daniel A. Joy, DE-586 Lough, DE-587 Thomas F. Nickel, DE-588 Peiffer, DE-589 Tinsman, DE-590 Ringness, DE-591 Knudson, DE-592 Rednour, DE-593 Tollberg, DE-594 William J. Pattison, DE-595 Myers, DE-596 Walter B. Cobb, DE-597 Earle B. Hall, DE-598 Harry L. Corl, DE-599 Belet, DE-600 Julius A. Raven, DE-601 Walsh, DE-602 Hunter Marshall, DE-603 Earheart, DE-604 Walter S. Gorka, DE-605 Rogers Blood, DE-606 Francovich, DE-674 Joseph M. Auman, DE-684 DeLong, DE-685 Coates, DE-686 Eugene E. Elmore, DE-687 Kline, DE-688 Raymon W. Herndon, DE-689 Scribner, DE-690 Diachenko, DE-691 Horace A. Bass, DE-692 Wantuck, DE-706 Holt, DE-707 Jobb, DE-708 Parle, DE-709 Bray, DE-710 Gosselin, DE-711 Begor, DE-712 Cavallaro, DE-713 Donald W. Wolf, DE-714 Cook, DE-715 Walter X. Young, DE-716 Balduck, DE-717 Burdo, DE-718 Kleinsmith, DE-719 Weiss, DE-720 Carpellotti, DE-721 Don O. Woods, DE-722 Beverly W. Reid
1944-2001 (?)

USS Rudderow DE-224
USS John C.Butler (WGT DE)
[+]Outside like Rudderow, only changes in machinery; Long hull, Steam turbine, 2x5'', 3 TR, Low enclosed bridge
, DE-339 John C. Butler, DE-340 O'Flaherty, DE-341 Raymond, DE-342 Richard W. Suesens, DE-343 Abercrombie, DE-344 Oberrender, DE-345 Robert Brazier, DE-346 Edwin A. Howard, DE-347 Jesse Rutherford, DE-348 Key, DE-349 Gentry, DE-350 Traw, DE-351 Maurice J. Manuel, DE-352 Naifeh, DE-353 Doyle C. Barnes, DE-354 Kenneth M. Willett, DE-355 Jaccard, DE-356 Lloyd E. Acree, DE-357 George E. Davis, DE-358 Mack, DE-359 Woodson, DE-360 Johnnie Hutchins, DE-361 Walton, DE-362 Rolf, DE-363 Pratt, DE-364 Rombach, DE-365 McGinty, DE-366 Alvin C. Cockrell, DE-367 French, DE-368 Cecil J. Doyle, DE-369 Thaddeus Parker, DE-370 John L. Williamson, DE-371 Presley, DE-372 Williams, DE-402 Richard S. Bull, DE-403 Richard M. Rowell, DE-404 Eversole, DE-405 Dennis, DE-406 Edmonds, DE-407 Shelton, DE-408 Straus, DE-409 La Prade, DE-410 Jack Miller, DE-411 Stafford, DE-412 Walter C. Wann, DE-413 Samuel B. Roberts, DE-414 Le Ray Wilson, DE-415 Lawrence C. Taylor, DE-416 Melvin R. Nawman, DE-417 Oliver Mitchell, DE-418 Tabberer, DE-419 Robert F. Keller, DE-420 Leland E. Thomas, DE-421 Chester T. O'Brien, DE-422 Douglas A. Munro, DE-423 Dufilho, DE-424 Haas, DE-438 Corbesier, DE-439 Conklin, DE-440 McCoy Reynolds, DE-441 William Seiverling, DE-442 Ulvert M. Moore, DE-443 Kendall C. Campbell, DE-444 Goss, DE-445 Grady, DE-446 Charles E. Brannon, DE-447 Albert T. Harris, DE-448 Cross, DE-449 Hanna, DE-450 Joseph E. Connolly, DE-508 Gilligan, DE-509 Formoe, DE-510 Heyliger, DE-531 Edward H. Allen, DE-532 Tweedy, DE-533 Howard F. Clark, DE-534 Silverstein, DE-535 Lewis, DE-536 Bivin, DE-537 Rizzi
1944-1974 (?)

USS John C. Butler DE-339


Drawings TB-1..TB-35 on Shipbucket
Stilleto class
Stilleto 1887-1911
Cushing class
Cushing TB-1 1890-1920.
Ericsson class
Ericsson TB-2 1897-1912
Foote class
Foote TB3,4,5 then
1918:CTB 1 1897-1920, Rodgers
1918:CTB 2 1898-1920, Winslow 1897-1911

USS Foote / CTB-1 1897 (1/1250)
Porter class
Porter TB-6 1897-1912, Du Pont TB-7
1918:CTB 3 1897-1920

Drawing see Shipbucket
pic by
USS Du Pont CTB-3 1889 (1/1250)
Rowan class
Rowan TB-8 1899-1912
Dahlgren class
Dahlgren TB-9
1918:CTB 4 1900-1920, Craven TB-10 1900-1913
Farragut class
Farragut TB-11
1918:CTB 5 1899-1919
Davis class
Davis TB-12 1899-1913, Fox TB-13 1899-1916

USS Davis 1899 (1/1250)
Morris class
Morris TB-14
1918:CTB 6 1898-1924

USS Morris CTB-6 1898 (1/1250)
Talbot class
Talbot TB-15 1898-1914, Gwin TB-16 1898-1925
MacKenzie class
MacKenzie TB-17 1899-1916, McKee TB-18 1898-1912
Stringham class
Stringham TB-19 1905-1913
Goldsborough class
Goldsborough TB-20 1918:CTB 7 1908-1919
Bailey class
Bailey TB-21
1918:CTB 8 1901-1920
Somers class
Somers TB-22 by Schichau (No 450)
1918:CTB 9 1898-1919
Manley class
Manley TB-23 1898-....
Bagley class
1918:CTB 10 1901-1919, Barney
918:CTB 11 1901-1920, Biddle
1918:CTB 12 1901-1920
Blakely class
TB-27..TB-35 in following sub-classes
1918:CTB 13 1904-1920, De Long
1918:CTB 14 1902-1920
Nicholson class
Nicholson 1905-1909, O'Brien 1905-1909
Shubrick class
1918:CTB 15 1901-1920, Stockton 1901-1913, Thornton
1918:CTB 16 1902-1920
Tingey class
1918:CTB 17 1904-1920
Wilkes class
Wilkes 1902-1914

Fregatten und Kanonenboote

Frigates, gunboats & further small vessels
Dolphin class
Dolphin PG 24 1885-1899.
ABCD ships: Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Aviso Dolphin

USS Dolphin PG-24
Yorktown class
Yorktown PG 1 1889-1921, Concord PG 3 1891-1909, Bennington PG 4 1891-1905

USS Yorktown PG-1
Petrel class
Petrel PG 2 1889-1920

USS Petrel PG-2
Vesuvius class
Vesuvius 1890-....

Vesuvius 1890
Bancroft class
Bancroft 1906:Itasca 1893-1906
Machias class
Machias PG 5 1893-1920, Castine PG 6 1894-1908

USS Castine PG-6
Nashville class
Nashville PG 7 1897-1921
Wilmington class
Wilmington PG 8 1941:Dover IX30 1897-1922, Helena PG 9 1897-1932

USS Dover IX-30 ex USS Wilmington PG-8 (1/1250), USS Wilmington PG-8
Annapolis class
Annapolis PG 10 1897-1921, Vicksburg PG 11 1897-1921, Newport PG 12 1897-1921, Princeton PG 13 1898-1919
Wheeling class
Wheeling PG 14 1923: IX28 1897-1921, Marietta PG 15 1897-1920
Socrates / Lima class
Topeka PG-35 ex German Diogenes, IX-35 1881;1898-1907

Lima 1930 (1/1250), Lima 1930
Alvarado class
Alvarado 1895;1898-1900, Sandoval 1895;1898-1900
Callao/Samar class ex-Spanish
Samar PG 41 1887;1899-1921, Arayat 1888;1898-1910, Callao PG 37 1888;1898-1923, Pampanga PG 39 1888;1899-1928, Paragua 1888;1899-1911
Albay class ex-Spanish
Albay 1886;1899-1906, Calamianes 1888;1899-1907, Leyte 1886;1900-1907
P-17 ex Spanish
P-17 ex Marques del Duero 1900-1900

Fernando El Catolico Class
Manileno class ex-Spanish
Manileno 1885;1899-1906, Mindoro 1886;1899-1912, Mariveles 1886;1899-1909, Panay 1885;1899-1920
Arayat class ex-Spanish
Arayat 1888;1900-1910
Otalora class
Blasco 1883;1899-?, Gardoqui 1884;1899-?, Urdaneta 1884;1899-?
Isla de Luzon class ex-Spanish
Small Elswick cruisers Isla de Luzon 1886;1900-1919, Isla de Cuba Spanish 1887-1898 USA 1900-1912 as USS Isla de Cuba, 1912 to Venezuela as Mariscal Sucre till 1940

Isla de Cuba 1887 (1/1250), Isla de Luzon 1887
Velasco class ex-Spanish
Don Juan d'Austria 1887;1900-1907. Sunk in Spanish-US War, raised and commissioned as US cruiser

USS Don Juan de Austria 1900 (1/1250), Infanta Isabel (Velasco Spanish variant)
Leyte class
Leyte 1887;1900-1907
Quiros class ex-Spanish
Quiros PG 40 1895;1900-1923, Villalobos PG 42 1895;1900-1933
Palos class River gunboat
Palos PG 16 1928:PR1 1914-1937, Monocacy PG 20 1928:PR2 1914-1939

USS Monocacy PG-20 / PR-2
Dubuque class
Dubuque PG 17 Naval Militia TS 7/1911, gunboat 8/1914, TS 7/1915, miscellaneous auxiliary AG6 (IX9) 5/1919, Naval Reserve TS 5/1922, gunboat 11/1940, stricken 9/1945 1905;1905 / 1940-1920 / 1945, Paducah PG 18 miscellaneous auxiliary AG7 (IX23) 5/1919, gunboat 11/1940, stricken 9/1945 1905;1905 / 1940-1920 / 1945
Sacramento class
Sacramento PG 19 1914-1947
Asheville class
Asheville PG 21 1920-1942, Tulsa PG 22 1944:Tacloban 1923-1946
Ranger class
Nantucket PG 23 ex Ranger / Rockport 1921:IX18 1873;1876/1920/..-1940/1958
General Concha class ex-Spanish
Elcano PG 38 ex El Cano 1885;1902-1928
Samoa class;
auxiliary gunboat

Samoa 1913;1917-
Wilmette class
Wilmette 1903;1918-
Bussard class ex-German
Carl Schurz ex SMS Geier 1894;1918-1918

SMS Geier (1/1250), SMS Bussard 1892 (Geier)
Montgomery class
Marblehead PG 27 ex C-11
Denver class
Denver PG-28 / C-14 / CL-16, Des Moines PG-29 / C-15 / CL-17, Chattanooga PG-30 / C-16 / CL-18, Galveston (C-17/PG-31/CL-19) , Tacoma (C-18/PG-32/CL-20), Cleveland (C-19/PG-33/CL-21)

USS Cleveland C-19/PG-33/CL-21
New Orleans class
Elswick cruisers originally built for Brazil as lmirante Barrozo class 1898-1929. New Orleans PG-34 / CL-22, Albany PG-36 / CL-23

Ministro Zenteno (1/1250), USS New Orleans 1898 PG-34 / CL-22
Guam class River gunboat
Guam PG 43 1928:PR3 1941 Wake 1941 captured Japan as Tatara 1946 China Tai Yuan 1927-0, Tutuila PG44 1928;PR4 1942 to China as Mei Yuan 1927;1928-1942
Same view, slightly smaller than Panay and Luzon classes

Ähnlicher Typ USS Luzon PR-7/PG-47 (1941)
Panay class River gunboat
Panay PR5 1927;1928-1937, Oahu PR6 1927;1928-1942

Ähnlicher Typ USS Luzon PR-7/PG-47 (1941)
Luzon class River gunboat
Luzon PR7 1942 to Japan as Karatsu 1927;1928-1942, Mindanao PR8 1927;1928-1942

USS Luzon PR-7/PG-47 (1941)
Fulton class
Fulton PG 49 ex Submarine tender AS1 1914;1914 / 1930-1935
Erie class
Erie PG 50 1936-1942, Charleston PG 51 1936-1948

USS Erie PG-50 (1942)
Niagara Yacht
Niagara (CMc-2/PG-52/AGP-1 MTB tender)  1929;1940-1942

USS Niagara CMc-2/PG-52/AGP-1
Orion class ex-German Yacht
Vixen PG 53 ex Orion  1929;1941-
St. Augustine class
St. Augustine PG 54 ex Yacht Viking 1929;194.-
Jamestown class
Jamestown PG 55 / AGP-3 1928-1942
Williamsburg class
Williamsburg PG 56 / AGC-369 presidental yacht 1930;1941-1945/1971/2016
Plymouth class
Plymouth PG 57 1930;194.-0
Hilo class
Hilo PG 58 / AGP-2 1931-1942
San Bernardino class
San Bernardino PG 59 1942-
Beaumont class
Beaumont PG 60 1930;1942-
Dauntless class
Dauntless PG 61 1921;1942-
Temptress/Action class ex Flower class
Temptress PG62, Surprise PG63, Spry PG64, Saucy PG65, Restless PG66, Ready PG67, Impulse PG68, Fury PG69, Courage PG70, Tenacity PG71 PG-86-PG100 (Action Alacrity Beacon Brisk Caprice Clash Haste Intensity Might Pert Prudent Splendor Tact Vim Vitality)

HMCS Forest Hill K348 ex HMS Ceamothus, HMS Snowberry K166 (1943)
Nourmahal Yacht
Nourmahal PG72  -
Oceanographer class
Natchez PG 85 ex Yacht Corsair III, then Oceanographer (AGS-3) survey ship  ;1942-1942
USS Asheville
USS Asheville PF-1 (ex HMS Adur, then PG-11. 1946 to Argentina as ARA Hércules (P-31)), USS Natchez PF-2 (ex HMS Annan. to RCN during construction as HMCS Annan. to USN as PG-12 from RCN during construction, resold 19 March 1948 to the Dominican Republic as Juan Pablo Duarte (F12))

HMAS Gascoyne 1945, HMS River class (1/1250), HMS Swale (K217) (1/1250)
USS Tacoma
Weiterentw. Asheville (River class), wiederum an UK als Colony class; PF-3 - PF-102. Später U, Japan, …:[+]
Tacoma PF-3 (To Soviet Navy as EK-11 (1945-1949); To Republic of Korea Navy as ROKS Taedong (PF-63) (1951-1973)), Sausalito PF-4 (To Soviet Navy as EK-16 (1945-1949); To Republic of Korea Navy as ROKS Imchin (PF-66) (1952-1973)), Hoquiam PF-5 (Soviet Navy as EK-13 (1945-1949); Republic of Korea Navy as ROKS Nae Tong (PF-65) (1951-1973)), Pasco PF-6 (Soviet Navy as EK-12 (1945-1949); JMSDF as JDS Kashi (PF-283) (1953-1967)), Albuquerque PF-7 (Soviet Navy as EK-14 (1945-1949); JMSDF as JDS Tochi (PF-296) (1951-1969)), Everett PF-8 (Soviet Navy as EK-15 (1945-1949); JMSDF as JDS Kiri (PF-291) (1953-1975)), Pocatello PF-9, Brownsville PF-10 (To US Coast Guard as USCGC Brownsville (1946)), Grand Forks PF-11, Casper PF-12, Pueblo PF-13 (Dominican Navy as Presidente Troncoso (F103) (later Gregorio Luperón) (1948-1979)), Grand Island PF-14 (Cuban Navy as Maximo Gomez (F303) (1947-1970s?)), Annapolis PF-15 (Mexican Navy as ARM General Vicente Guerrero (later ARM Río Usumacinta) (1947-1964)), Bangor PF-16 (US Coast Guard as USCGC Bangor (1946)),   (To Mexican Navy as ARM General José María Morelos (later ARM Golfo de Tehuantepec)), Key West PF-17, Alexandria PF-18, Huron PF-19, Gulfport PF-20, Bayonne PF-21 (Soviet Navy as EK-25 (1945-1949); JMSDF as JDS Buna (PF-294) (1953-1965)), Gloucester PF-22 (Soviet Navy as EK-26 (1945-1949); JMSDF as JDS Tsuge (PF-292) (1953-1968)), Shreveport PF-23, Muskegon PF-24 (To US Coast Guard as USCGC Muskegon (1946)),   (French Navy as Mermoz (F714) (1947-late 1950s)), Charlottesville PF-25 (Soviet Navy as EK-1 (1945-1949); JMSDF as JDS Matsu (PF-286) (1953-1969)), Poughkeepsie PF-26 (Soviet Navy as EK-27 (1945-1949); Japanese Merchant Marine (1951), then JMSDF as JDS Momi (PF-284) (1953-1969)), Newport PF-27 (Soviet Navy as EK-28 (1945-1949); JMSDF as JDS Kaede (PF-293) (1953-1972)), Emporia PF-28 (French Navy as Le Verrier (F716) (1947-1958)), Groton PF-29 (Colombian Navy as ARC Almirante Padilla (F-11) (1947-1965)), Hingham PF-30, Grand Rapids PF-31, Woonsocket PF-32 (US Coast Guard as USCGC Woonsocket (1946)),   (Peruvian Navy as BAP Teniente Gálvez (F-1) (later BAP Gálvez) (1948-1961)), Dearborn (ex-Toledo) PF-33, Long Beach PF-34 (Soviet Navy as EK-2 (1945-1949); JMSDF as JDS Shii (PF-297) (1953-1967)), Belfast PF-35 (Soviet Navy as EK-3 (1945-1948); ), Glendale PF-36 (Soviet Navy as EK-6 (1945-1949); Royal Thai Navy as HTMS Tachin (PF-1) (1951-2000)), San Pedro PF-37 (Soviet Navy as EK-5 (1945-1949); JMSDF as JDS Kaya (PF-288) (1953-1967)), Coronado PF-38 (Soviet Navy as EK-8 (1945-1949); JMSDF as JDS Sugi (PF-285) (1953-1969)), Ogden PF-39 (Soviet Navy as EK-10 (1945-1949); JMSDF as JDS Kusu (PF-281) (1953-1976)), Eugene PF-40 (Cuban Navy as José Martí (F301) (1947-1976)), El Paso PF-41, Van Buren PF-42, Orange PF-43, Corpus Christi PF-44, Hutchinson PF-45 (Mexican Navy as ARM California (1947-1964)), Bisbee PF-46 (Soviet Navy as EK-17 (1945-1949); Colombian Navy as ARC Capitán Tono (F-12) (1952-1963)), Gallup PF-47 (Soviet Navy as EK-22 (1945-1949); Royal Thai Navy as HTMS Prasae (PF-2) (1951-2000)), Rockford PF-48 (Soviet Navy as EK-18 (1945-1949); Republic of Korea Navy as ROKS Apnok (PF-62) (1950-1952)), Muskogee PF-49 (Soviet Navy as EK-19 (1945-1949); Republic of Korea Navy as ROKS Duman (PF-61) (1950)), Carson City PF-50 (Soviet Navy as EK-20 (1945-1949); JMSDF as JDS Sakura (PF-290) (1953-1971)), Burlington PF-51 (Soviet Navy as EK-21 (1945-1949); Colombian Navy as ARC Almirante Brión (F-14) (1953-1968)), Allentown PF-52 (Soviet Navy as EK-9 (1945-1949); JMSDF as JDS Ume (PF-289) (1953-1970)), Machias PF-53 (Soviet Navy as EK-4 (1945-1949); JMSDF as JDS Nara (PF-282) (1953-1966)), Sandusky PF-54 (Soviet Navy as EK-7 (1945-1949); JMSDF as JDS Nire (PF-287) (1953-1970)), Bath PF-55 (Soviet Navy as EK-29 (1945-1949); JMSDF as JDS Maki (PF-298) (1953-1971)), Covington PF-56 (US Coast Guard as USCGC Covington (1946)),   (Ecuadorian Navy as BAE Guayas (E-21) (1947-1972)), Sheboygan PF-57 (Belgian Navy as Lieutenant ter zee Victor Billet (F910) (1947-1957)), Abilene (ex-Bridgeport) PF-58 (the Netherlands civilian government as SS Cirrus (1947-1969)), Beaufort PF-59, Charlotte PF-60, Manitowoc PF-61 (US Coast Guard as USCGC Manitowoc (1946)),   (French Navy as Le Brix (F715) (1947-1958)), Gladwyne (ex-Worcester) PF-62 (Mexican Navy as ARM Papaloapan (1947-1965)), Moberly (ex-Scranton) PF-63, Knoxville PF-64 (Dominican Navy as Presidente Peynado (F104) (later Capitán General Pedro Santana) (1947-1979)), Uniontown (ex-Chattanooga) PF-65 (Argentine Navy as ARA Sarandí (P-33) (1947-1968)), Reading PF-66 (Argentine Navy as ARA Heroína (P-32) (1947-1966)), Peoria PF-67 (Cuban Navy as Cuban frigate Antonio Maceo (F302) (1947-1975)), Brunswick PF-68, Davenport PF-69, Evansville PF-70 (Soviet Navy as EK-30 (1945-1949); JMSDF as JDS Keyaki (PF-295) (1953-1976)), New Bedford PF-71, Hallowell (ex-Machias) PF-72 (1943-1946 Royal Navy as HMS Anguilla (K500); ), Hamond PF-73 (1943-1946 Royal Navy as HMS Antigua (K501); ), Hargood PF-74 (1943-1946 Royal Navy as HMS Ascension (K502); ), Hotham PF-75 (1943-1946 Royal Navy as HMS Bahamas (K503)); ), Halstead PF-76 (1943-1946 Royal Navy as HMS Barbados (K504); ), Hannam PF-77 (1943-1945 Royal Navy as HMS Caicos (K505); To Argentine Navy as ARA Trinidad (P-34) / ARA Santísima Trinidad / ARA Comodoro Augusto Lasserre (Q-9) (1947-1969)), Harland PF-78 (1944-1946 Royal Navy as HMS Cayman (K506); ), Harman PF-79 (1944-1946 Royal Navy as HMS Dominica (K507); ), Harvey PF-80 (1944-1946 Royal Navy as HMS Labuan (K584) (ex-Gold Coast); ), Holmes PF-81 (1944-1946 Royal Navy as HMS Tobago (K585) (ex-Hong Kong); ), Hornby PF-82 (1944-1946 Royal Navy as HMS Montserrat (K586); ), Hoste PF-83 (1944-1946 Royal Navy as HMS Nyasaland (K587); ), Howett PF-84 (1944-1946 Royal Navy as HMS Papua (K588); ), Pilford PF-85 (1944-1946 Royal Navy as HMS Pitcairn (K589); ), Pasley (later St. Helena) PF-86 (1944-1946 Royal Navy as HMS St. Helena (K590); ), Patton PF-87 (1944-1946 Royal Navy as HMS Sarawak (K591); ), Pearl PF-88 (1944-1946 Royal Navy as HMS Seychelles (K592); ), Phillimore PF-89 (1944-1946 Royal Navy as HMS Perim (K593) (ex-Sierra Leone); ), Popham PF-90 (1944-1946 Royal Navy as HMS Somaliland (K594); ), Peyton PF-91 (1944-1946 Royal Navy as HMS Tortola (K595); ), Prowse PF-92 (1944-1946 Royal Navy as HMS Zanzibar (K596); ), Lorain (ex-Roanoke) PF-93 (French Navy as La Place (F713) (1947-1950)), Milledgeville (ex-Sitka) PF-94, Stamford PF-95, Macon PF-96, Lorain, (ex-Vallejo) PF-97, Milledgeville PF-98, Orlando PF-99, Racine PF-100, Greensboro PF-101, Forsyth PF-102 (To US Coast Guard as USCGC Forsyth (1946); To the Netherlands civilian government as SS Cumulus (1947-1963))

Kusu JMSDF, USS Tacoma 1943 (1/1250)
USS Dealey
[+]4x3'', ASW
, DE-1006 Dealey, DE-1014 Cromwell, DE-1015 Hammerberg,F Typ "Oslo" (Norw., 1964-66) DE 1016 bud. dla Norwegii: "Oslo", DE 1017 bud. dla Norwegii: "Trondheim", DE 1018 bud. dla Norwegii: "Narvik", DE 1019 bud. dla Norwegii: "Bergen", DE 1020 bud. dla Norwegii: "Stavanger", DE-1021 Courtney, DE-1022 Lester, DE-1023 Evans, DE-1024 Bridget, DE-1025 Bauer, DE-1026 Hooper, DE-1027 John Willis, DE-1028 Van Voorhis, DE-1029 Hartley, DE-1030 Taussig, DE 1039 bud. w Port. dla Portugalii: "Almirante Pereira da Silva" DE 1042 bud. w Port. dla Portugalii: "Almirante Magalhaes Cerrea" DE 1046 bud. w Port. dla Portugalii: "Almirante Gago Coutinho",

USS Cromwell DE-1014, USS Dealey DE-1006 (1/1250)
USS Claud Jones
Diesel Version of Dealey, reduced weapons. [+]DE-1033-DE1036; ca.1974 Indonesian: CLAUD JONES/DE 1033 (1.6.57/27.5.58/16.11.58; 10.62 Kuba; sprz. 16.12.74: indon. "Mogindisi"), JOHN R. PERRY/DE 1034 (1.10.57/29.7.58/12.1.59; 10.62 Kuba; sprz. 20.2.73: indon. "Samadikun"), CHARLES BERRY/DE 1035 (3.9.57/17.3.59/25.11.60; sprz. 31.1.74: indon. "Martadinata"), McMORRIS/DE 1036 (1.10.57/26.5.59/4.3.60; sprz. 16.12.74: indon. "Ngurah Rai")
Modified Claud Jones buil in Turkey as Berk class

USS Claud Jones DE-1033 (1/1250), Ähnlicher Typ USS Cromwell DE-1014
USS Bronstein
1963; FF-1037 Bronstein, FF-1038 McCloy, both sold to Mexico

USS McCloy
USS Garcia
Larger version of Bronstein class [+]1964; FF-1040,1041,1043-1045,1047-1051;
2441 ts, 126,2 m; 2×127/38pl Mk 30, 1×8 wrt Asroc (8, *16), 2 wt 533b (.), 6 wtpop Seasprite; LAMPS. GARCIA/DE 1040 FF 1040 31.1.89: pak. "Saif"; , BRADLEY/DE 1041 FF 104125.9.89: braz. "Pernambuco", EDWARD McDONNELL/DE 1043 FF 1043, BRUMBY/DE 1044 FF 1044 pak. "Khaibar", DAVIDSON/DE 1045 FF 104525.7.89: braz. "Paraiba", VOGE/DE 1047* , W. D. SAMPLE/DE 1048* FF 1048 24.8.89: braz. "Parana", KOELSH/DE 1049* FF 104931.5.89: pak. "Siqqat, ALBERT L. DAVID/DE 1050* FF 1050 18.9.89: braz. "Para", O'CALLAHAN/DE 1051* FF 1051 8.2.89: pak. "Aslat"(323)

USS Garcia FF-1040, USS Garcia FF-1040 (1/1250)
USS Knox
1969; [+] Knox FF-1052, Roark FF-1053, Gray FF-1054, Hepburn FF-1055, Connole To Greece, renamed Ipirus (F-456) Sunk as target, Rathburne FF-1057, Meyerkord FF-1058, W. S. Sims Grant aid to Turkey as spare parts hulk, Lang FF-1060, Patterson FF-1061, Whipple To Mexico, renamed Almirante Francisco Javier Mina (F-214), Reasoner To Turkey, renamed Kocatepe (F-252), Lockwood FF-1064, Stein To Mexico, renamed Ignacio Allende (F-211), Marvin Shields To Mexico, renamed Mariano Abasolo (F-212), Francis Hammond FF-1067, Vreeland To Greece, renamed Makedonia (F-458) Decommissioned, Bagley FF-1069, Downes FF-1070, Badger FF-1071, Blakely FF-1072, Robert E. Peary To Taiwan, renamed Chih Yang (FF-932) Decommissioned, Harold E. Holt FF-1074, Trippe To Greece, renamed Thraki (F-457) sunk as target, Fanning To Turkey, renamed Adatepe (F-251), Ouellet To Thailand, renamed HTMS Phutthaloetla Naphalai, Joseph Hewes To Taiwan, renamed Lan Yang (FF-935), Bowen To Turkey, renamed Akdeniz (F-257), Paul To Turkey as spare parts hulk, Aylwin To Taiwan, renamed Ning Yang (FF-938), Elmer Montgomery To Turkey as spare parts hulk, Cook To Taiwan, renamed Hae Yang (FF-936) Decommissioned, McCandless To Turkey, renamed Trakya (F-257), Donald B. Beary To Turkey, renamed Karadeniz (F-255), Brewton To Taiwan, renamed Fong Yang (FF-933), Kirk To Taiwan, renamed Fen Yang (FF-934), Barbey To Taiwan, renamed Hwai Yang (FF-937), Jesse L. Brown To Egypt, renamed Dumyat (F961), Ainsworth To Turkey, renamed Ege (F-256), Miller To Turkey as spare parts hulk, Thomas C. Hart To Turkey, renamed Zafer (F-253), Capodanno To Turkey, renamed Muavenet (F-250), Pharris To Mexico, renamed ARM Guadalupe Victoria (F-213), Truett To Thailand, renamed HTMS Phutthayotfa Chulalok, Valdez To Taiwan, renamed Yi Yang (FF-939), Moinester To Egypt, renamed Rasheed (F.962)

USS Knox FF-1052 (1970) (1/1250), USS Robert E. Peary ( FF-1073 )
USS Glover
1965 ein Schiff AGDE-1/AGFF-1/FF-1098

Ähnlicher Typ USS Garcia FF-1040
USS Brooke
1966-1988 DEG-1 … then FFG-1-FFG-6

USS Brooke FFG-1 (1966) (1/1250), Ähnlicher Typ USS Garcia FF-1040
USS Oliver H. Perry
[+]1977-1989;FFG 7-FFG 61 Australien 6 als Adelaide class

USS Oliver H. Perry FFG-7
USS Freedom
Littoral Combat Ship [+]LCS-1 USS Freedom 2008; LCS-3 USS Fort Worth 2012 ;LCS-5 USS Milwaukee 2015;LCS-7 USS Detroit 2016;LCS-9 USS Little Rock;LCS-11 USS Sioux City;LCS-13 USS Wichita;LCS-15 USS Billings;LCS-17 USS Indianapolis

USS Freedom LCS-1
USS Independence
Littoral Combat Ship [+]LCS-2 USS Independence 2010;LCS-4 USS Coronado 2014;LCS-6 USS Jackson 2014;LCS-8 USS Montgomery 2015;LCS-10 USS Gabrielle Giffords;LCS-12 USS Omaha;LCS-14 USS Manchester;LCS-16 USS Tulsa;LCS-18 USS Charleston;LCS-20 USS Cincinnati;

USS Independence LCS-2
USS Constellation class
Design competition FFG(X). Class planned 20 ships, first in 2020. 6 firms participated:
Austal Frigate based on the Independence-class littoral combat ship
Fincantieri FREMM multipurpose frigate
Navantia Álvaro de Bazán-class F100 frigate
Patrol Frigate based on the National Security Cutter
Freedom-variant Frigate based on the Freedom-class littoral combat ship
Finally 30.4.2020 Fincantieri won the contract for the lead ship and options for 9 further. The design is a FREMM variant.

USS Constellation FFG-62, Congress FFG-63, Chesapeake FFG-64

Ähnlicher Typ Aquitaine D650


1 built, 1861, First submarine in the U.S. Navy. Purpose was to protect wooden ships against ironclads.
1 built, 1896, 5 others were made; only Holland (SS-1) entered the U.S. Navy
Plunger / A class
7 built, 1900, enlarged, more powerful Holland.
Viper / B class
3 built, 1905, Last in series of Holland-like submarines.
Octopus / C class
5 built, 1905
Narwhal / D class
3 built, 1908
E class
2 built, 1909
F class
4 built, 1909, In 1920, the class was designated SS-20-SS-23.
G class
4 built, 1909
H class
9 built, 1911, Three originally ordered by U.S. Navy. 18 ordered by the Imperial Russian Navy, 12 delivered. Other 6 bought by U.S. Navy.
K class
8 built, 1912
L class
11 built, 1914, coastal defense.
M-1 class
1 built, 1914
N class
7 built, 1915, coastal patrol.
O class
16 built, 1916
AA-1 class / T class
3 built, 1916, Prototype "fleet submarines"
R class
20 built, 1917, recommissioned 1942

Ähnlicher Typ HMS P-555 ex USS S-24,
Bausatzkandidat: R class by Loose Cannon
R-21 class
7 built, 1917, Similar R class

Ähnlicher Typ HMS P-555 ex USS S-24
S class
51 built, 1917, The S class is subdivided into four groups of different designs.

HMS P-555 ex USS S-24, Ähnlicher Typ C-2 U-Boot
Barracuda class
3 built V-1 Barracuda, V-2 Bass, V-3 Bonita, 1921

Ähnlicher Typ USS Balao SS-285
Argonaut class
1 built, 1925, Unique submarine USS Argonaut V-4; mine-laying submarine, later transport submarine. Classifications V-4/SF-7/SM-1/A-1/APS-1/SS-166

USS Argonaut V-4
Narwhal class
2 built, 1927 Developed on base of German UE. V-5 Narwhal, V-6 Nautilus

Ähnlicher Typ SMS U71 Minenleger 1915/18, Ähnlicher Typ USS Argonaut V-4,
Bausatzkandidat: Narwhal by Tom's Modelworks
Dolphin class
1 built, 1930 V-7 Dolphin

Bausatzkandidat: USS Dolphin by Loose Cannon
Cachalot class
2 built, 1931 V-8 and V-9—Cachalot and Cuttlefish
Porpoise class
10 built, 1933

Bausatzkandidat: Sargo by Blue Ridge similar similar,
Bausatzkandidat: Salmon&P class subs by Loose Cannon West
Salmon class
6 built, 1936, also called "New S class 1st group"

Bausatzkandidat: Sargo by Blue Ridge similar,
Bausatzkandidat: Salmon&P class subs by Loose Cannon West
Sargo class
10 built, 1937, externally very similar like Salmon, also called "New S class 2nd group"

Bausatzkandidat: Sargo by Blue Ridge
Tambor class
12 built (with Gar class = 2nd fiscal group), 1939

Ähnlicher Typ USS Gato
Mackerel class
2 built, 1939

Bausatzkandidat: Mackeral & Marlin by Loose Cannon
Gato class
77 built, 1940

USS Gato, USS Tunny SS-282 Regulus (1/1250), USS Flying Fish AGSS-229 1952
Balao class
128 built, 1942, 63 converted to GUPPY or Fleet Snorkel programs

USS Balao SS-285, USS Corporal SS-346 GUPPY II 1956
Tench class
29 built, 1944, 51 cancelled

Ähnlicher Typ USS Balao SS-285, Ähnlicher Typ USS Gato
German war prize

Basistyp Typ XXI
Barracuda class
3 built, 1949

Bausatzkandidat: USS Barracuda by OKB Grigorov Full-Hull
Tang class
6 built, 1949

Bausatzkandidat: USS Tang by OKB Grigorov Full-Hull,
Bausatzkandidat: SS-576 Darter by Bill's on Shapeways similar
Albacore class
1 built, 1952
T-1 class
2 built, 1952, Training and experimental submarines USS Mackerel (SST-1), ex-USS T-1, ex-AGSS-570; USS Marlin (SST-2), ex-USS T-2

Nautilus class
1 built, 1952, First nuclear submarine

USS Nautilus SSN-571
Sailfish class
2 built Sailfish SSR-572, Salmon SSR-573, 1953-1978;2007, Radar picket

Bausatzkandidat: USS Sailfish SSR-572 1956 by Bill's on Shapeways
Grayback class
2 built, 1954

USS Grayback SSG-574 w/ Regulus II
Seawolf class
1 built, 1953

USS Seawolf (SSN-575) (1/1250)
Darter class
1 built SS-576 Darter, improved Tang class, 1954

Bausatzkandidat: USS Tang by OKB Grigorov Full-Hull similar,
Bausatzkandidat: SS-576 Darter by Bill's on Shapeways
Skate class
4 built, 1955

Bausatzkandidat: Skate by OKB Grigorov Waterline
Barbel class
3 built, 1956, U.S. Navy's last conventionally powered submarines

Ähnlicher Typ Yushio
Skipjack class
6 built, 1956

USS Scorpion SSN-589
Triton class
1 built, 1956

Bausatzkandidat: Triton by OKB Grigorov Full-Hull
Halibut class
1 built, 1957, Unique submarine; cruise missile submarine
Thresher/Permit class
14 built, 1958

Bausatzkandidat: Thresher by OKB Grigorov Full-Hull,
Bausatzkandidat: US FLASHER WL- 700 by Bill's Bits n Pieces,
Bausatzkandidat: Permit WL by 3D Ships on Shapeways
Tullibee class
1 built, 1958

Bausatzkandidat: USS Tullibee by OKB Grigorov Full-Hull
George Washington class
5 built, 1957

USS George Washington SSBN598, USS George Washington SSBN598
Ethan Allen class
5 built, 1959
Lafayette class
9 built, 1961

Bausatzkandidat: Lafayette by Kokoda Trail Models on Shapeways,
Bausatzkandidat: Lafayette by OKB Grigorov Full-Hull
James Madison class
10 built, 1962
Dolphin class
1 built USS Dolphin (AGSS-555) research sub, 1968-2006

Bausatzkandidat: USS Dolphine AGSS-555 by Bill's on Shapeways
Sturgeon class
37 built, 1963, Redesign of Thresher/Permit class using lessons learned from loss of Thresher.

USS Sturgeon SSN-637
Benjamin Franklin class
12 built, 1963, Redesigned using lessons learned from loss of Thresher.

USS Benjamin Franklin SSBN-640
Narwhal class
1 built, 1966 on base of Sturgeon design

Ähnlicher Typ USS Sturgeon SSN-637
DSRV Mystic class
1910-2008 DSRV-1 Mystic, DSRV-2 Avalon

DSRV-1 Mystic
Glenard P. Lipscomb class
1 built, 1971 on base of Sturgeon design

Ähnlicher Typ USS Sturgeon SSN-637
Los Angeles class
62 built, 1972

USS Los Angeles SSN-688
Ohio class
18 built, 1976

Seawolf class
3 built, 1989. Numerierung ab SSN-21 da erstes Boot im 21.Jhdt.

USS Jimmy Carter SSN-23
Virginia class
Block I: Virginia SSN-774 (2004-), Texas SSN-775 (2006-), Hawaii SSN-776 (2007-), North Carolina SSN-777 (2008-),
Block II: New Hampshire SSN-778 (2008-), New Mexico SSN-779 (2010-), Missouri SSN-780 (2010-), California SSN-781 (2011-), Mississippi SSN-782 (2012-), Minnesota SSN-783 (2013-),
Block III: North Dakota SSN-784 (2014-), John Warner SSN-785 (2014-), Illinois SSN-786 (2016-), Washington SSN-787 (2017-), Colorado SSN-788 (2018-), Indiana SSN-789 (2018-), South Dakota SSN-790 (2019-), Delaware SSN-791 (2020-),
Block IV: Vermont SSN-792 (2020-), Oregon SSN-793 (under constr), Montana SSN-794 (under constr), Hyman G. Rickover SSN-795 (under constr), New Jersey SSN-796 (under constr), Iowa SSN-797 (under constr), Massachusetts SSN-798 (under constr), Idaho SSN-799 (under constr), Arkansas SSN-800 (under constr), Utah SSN-801 (under constr),
Block V: Oklahoma SSN-802 (on order-), Arizona SSN-803 (on order-), SSN-804 … 811
Siehe auch Aufsatz

USS North Dakota SSN-784
Columbia class
Dev Program name SSBN-X. 12 construction from 2020, service from 2031; to serve till 2085
Columbia SSBN-826, Wisconsin SSBN-827

Bausatzkandidat: SSBN-X by Kokoda Trail Models on Shapeways

US Coast Guard Cutters

Early flush deckers
23 Paulding, Clemson … classes

Ähnlicher Typ HMS Burwell H94 (1940) ex USS Laub DD-263
Northland WPG-49
1927-1946; Israel 1947-1961 Eilath…

(von Wikimedia, Autor, Rechte siehe dort)
Lake class
several as Lend-Lease to RN as Banff class

USCG Lake class, HMS Hartland 1941 ex USCGC PONTCHARTRAIN (1/1250)
Tampa class
Haida Modoc Mojave Tampa
Modoc was involved in battle of Bismarck(324)

USCGC Tampa WPG-48 (1/1250), USCGC Tampa class WPG-45/48
Wind class
WAGB USCGC Staten Island, Eastwind, Southwind, Westwind, Northwind, Burton Island, Edisto, Canadian: Labrador

USCGC Eastwind (WAG-279), USS Wind Class (1/1250)


WAGB-83, Great Lakes Icebreaker, Wind class, slightly larger, less draught

Ähnlicher Typ USCGC Eastwind (WAG-279), Ähnlicher Typ USS Wind Class (1/1250)
WAGB-4 Icebreaker, design Wind class, larger

Ähnlicher Typ USCGC Eastwind (WAG-279), Ähnlicher Typ USS Wind Class (1/1250),
Bausatzkandidat: Icebreaker USS Glacier AGB-4 1956 1/700 by Masters of Military on Shapeways
Treasury class WHEC
USCG John C.Spencer (1944) Bibb, Campbell, Duane, Alexander, Hamilton, Ingham, Spencer, Taney

USCG John C.Spencer (1944)
Famous class

Tamaroa WHEC-166 ex Salvage Tug USS Zuni ATF-95 of Cherokee / Navajo class

USCG Tamaroa WHEC-166
Acushnet WMEC-167 ex Shackle ARS-9 of Diver class, Escape WMEC-6 ex Diver class

USS Diver ARS-5
Reliance class

Bausatzkandidat: USCGC Vigorous WMEC-627 by Bill's models on Shapeways
ex deutsch Horst Wessel

Gorch Fock (1/600)
Owasco class WHEC
Owasco, Winnebago, Chautauqua, Wachusett/Sebago, Iroquois, Huron/Wachusett, Otsego/Escanaba, Winona, Klamath, Minnetonka, Androscoggin, Mendota, Okeechobee/Pontchartrain

USCGC Owasco (WHEC-39), USCGC Owasco (WHEC-39) (1/1250)
Hamilton class WHEC
Hamilton, Dallas, Mellon, Chase, Boutwell, Sherman, Gallatin, Morgenthau, Rush, Jarvis, John Midgett

Bangladesh Navy: Somudra Joy (ex-Jarvis), Somudra Avijan (ex-Rush)
Nigerian Navy: Okpabana (ex-Gallatin), Thunder (ex-Chase)
Philippine Navy: Del Pilar class: Gregorio del Pilar (ex-Hamilton), Ramon Alcaraz (ex-Dallas), Andrés Bonifacio (ex-Boutwell)
Sri Lanka Navy: Gajabahu (ex-Sherman), P627 (ex-Douglas Munro)
Vietnam Coast Guard: CSB 8020 (ex-Morgenthau), CSB 8021 (ex-Midgett)

Bausatzkandidat: Hamilton card model by Avondale Shipyards,
Bausatzkandidat: card model download Modified Hamilton-class USCG Cutters in,
USCGC East Breeze
ex deutsch WBS Externsteine, später USN Calleo

Wetterbeobachtungsschiff WBS 11 Externsteine (1944)
Casco class
ex Barnegat class seaplane tenders

USS Barnegat AVP-10 (1/1250), HQ-5 Trần Bình Trọng ex USS AVP-35 Castle Rock
Algonquin-class cutters
Algonquin, Comanche, Escanaba, Mohawk, Onondaga, Tahoma

USCGC Algonquin WPG-75, USS Tahoma WPG-80 1942 (1/1250), USCGC Algonquin WPG-75
Island class cutters
WPB-1301 - 1349, 110ft (168ts)

USCGC Island Class
Sentinel class cutters
WPC-1101 - WPC-1164

Bausatzkandidat: USCGC Bernard C Webber WPC-101 by Bills on Shapeways
Cyclone class patrols
Lend from USN 2004-2011 WPC-1 Cyclone ex PC-1, …

USS Cyclone class
Barracuda / Marine Protector class
87ft cutters. WPB-87301 - WPB-87374

Bausatzkandidat: USCGC Barracuda 87 ft class by Bills on Shapeways
Legend class
also known as the National Security Cutter (NSC) and Maritime Security Cutter, Large, WMSL-750…760

Legend class National Security Cutter
Heritage class
Also known as Offshore Patrol Cutter and the Maritime Security Cutter, Medium, based on VARD 7 110 OPC design, first expected for 2021 Argus WMSM-915, …planned 11, up to 25

USCGC Heritage class OPC
Point class
82ft Patrol vessel WPB-823xx

Bausatzkandidat: USCG 82' Point Class Cutter Set by TLAR Models

Landing ships & boats

See also Amphibious Assault Ships / Aircraft Carrier LPH, LHA, LHD
Amphibious Force Command
Apalachian class AGC-1-5, Mount McKinley class AGC-7-10,13-14, Adirondack class AGC-15,18,369

USS Blue Ridge AGC-2 1943/47, USS Catoctin AGC-5 1943/47
USCGC conversion
ex USCGC Duane WPG-33 / AGC-6 Treasury class

Ähnlicher Typ USCG John C.Spencer (1944)
Adirondack class LCC-16,17, Blue Ridge class (Rumpf und Antrieb der Iwo Jima class)LCC-19,20, Mount McKinley LCC-7,11,12

USS Blue Ridge LCC-19 / 2004
Landing Docks LSD, LPD
Ashland class

USS Ashland LSD-1
Casa Grande class
LSD13-LSD27, Royal Navy ex LSD9-12

USS Comstock LSD-19, Ähnlicher Typ USS Ashland LSD-1
Thomaston class

Ähnlicher Typ USS Anchorage LSD-36 1970
Anchorage class

USS Anchorage LSD-36 1970
Whidbey Island class

USS Whidbey Island LSD-41
Harpers Ferry Class

Ähnlicher Typ USS Whidbey Island LSD-41
Raleigh class
LPD-1 Raleigh, LPD-2 Vancouver, LPD-3/AGF-3 La Salle

USS Raleigh LPD-1
Austin class
LPD4-15 verlängerte Raleigh-class

Bausatzkandidat: Austin class by JAG, Ähnlicher Typ USS Raleigh LPD-1
San Antonio class
Flight I: LPD-17 - LPD-29, Flight 2: LPD-30- ca. LPD-42

USS New York LPD-21
Attack Transports
Attack Transports AKA

USS Algol AKA-54 1943/70, USS Callaway APA-35, USS Victory Attack Transport APA

USS Monitor LSV-5
LST Mk.2
LST (1) was built according to British requirements.
LST MkII was the main series, called LST-1-class.
LST-491 class replaced the elevator by a ramp.
LST-542 class got a navigation bridge, a water distillation plant and more weapons.

Experimental LSTs
Experimental flight deck for light aircraft and Brodie system

USS LST-393 w/ Brodie System, USS LST-906 "CV-LST"
High Speed Transports APD
Flushdecker conversions
Manley class APD-1 - 25, 29, 31-36

USS Ward APD-16 ex DD-139
Buckley, Rudderow class conversions
APD-37-139 Charles Lawrence class ex Buckley class, Crosley class ex Rudderow class

USS Liddle (DE-206/APD-60)
Landing Boats, Supports

Eidechse LSM (1/1250), LSM

Natter LSM(R) (1/1250), LSM(R), LSM(R) -188 *



LCI(L) 1-350 Landungsboote, LCI

LCAC Luftkissenboot, LCAC Luftkissenboot, LCAC Luftkissenboot

Ähnlicher Typ LCG(L) MK3

LCM1 (14), LCM Mk. III (1/76), LCM
Fire support ships, development of LCI(G), developped into LCS(L), then named LSSL. Later used in many roles (Tender, Drone Mother Ship in many Navies

LCS(L) (3), LCS(L) (3)

also called LCP(L) or Higgins boat


DUKW (1/76)


CMc-2/PG-52/AGP-1 see gunboats

USS Niagara CMc-2/PG-52/AGP-1
Converted Merchantman
CMc-3 Wassuc 1941 Converted from Florida East Coast train ferry Yale
CM-3 Aroostook ex SS Bunker Hill 1918-1919 then Aircraft tender till 1931. Stricken 1947. CM-4 Oglala ex Shawmut ex SS Massachusetts1917;1941;1942 7 Dec 41; at Pearl Harbor; Salvaged and converted to Gasoline Engine Repair Ship ARG-1
CM-8 Keokuk 1941; 1942; 1943 ex Train Ferry converted to AN-5;Converted from Net-Laying Ship AN-5; Converted to Net Cargo Ship AKN-4
CM-9 Monadnock 1941 ex-SS Cavalier (Coastal Freighter) First commissioned as Coastal Minelayer CMc4
CM-10/CMc-5 Miantonomah 1941 ex-SS Quaker (Coastal Freighter); First commissioned as Coastal Minelayer CMc-5; +25 Sep 44; mine at Le Havre
CM-11 Salem /
Shawmut 1942;15 Aug 45 ex-SS Joseph R. Parrott (renamed)
CM-12 Weehawken 1942 Converted from Florida East Coast train ferry Estrada Palma

USS Oglala CM-4 / ARG-1 (1/1250)
Terror class
CM-5 Terror 1942 Only built-for-purpose large minelayer

USS Terror CM-5 1942
Catskill class
Built as minelayer, re-classified as AP, then LSV, then MCS. Catskill LSV-1 ex CM-6, Ozark LSV-2 ex CM-7

Ähnlicher Typ USS Monitor LSV-5
DM Little/Clemson class
DM-15 Gamble 1930 18 Feb 45; air attack at Iwo Jima
DM-16 Ramsey 1930-1945 Converted to Miscellaneous Auxiliary AG-98
DM-17 Montgomery 1931 17 Oct 44; mine at Ngulu Lagoon
DM-18 Breese 1931
DM-19 Tracy 1917;1937 Converted from DD-214
DM-20 Preble 1918 / 1937 / 1945 Converted from DD-345; Converted to Miscellaneous Auxiliary AG-99
DM-21 Sicard 1937-1945 Converted to Miscellaneous Auxiliary AG-100

Ähnlicher Typ USS Ward DD-139 (1941)
DM Robert H. Smith Class
Variant of the Sumner class used as Minelayer and Minesweeper. Without Torpedo tubes. 1944 DM-23 Robert H. Smith
DM-24 Thomas E. Fraser
DM-25 Shannon
DM-26 Harry F. Bauer
DM-27 Adams
DM-28 Tolman
DM-29 Henry A. Wiley
DM-30 Shea
DM-31 J. William Ditter
DM-32 Lindsey
DM-33 Gwin
DM-34 Aaron Ward Basistyp Allen M.Sumner Class similar
ACM Auxiliary Minelayers Chimo class
ACM-1 Chimo 1944 ex- US Army Coast Artillery Corps Col. C.W. Bundy
ACM-2 Planter 1944 ex- US Army Coast Artillery Corps Col. George Ricker
ACM-3 Barricade 1944 ex- US Army Coast Artillery Corps Col. John Storey
ACM-5 Barbican 1945 ex- US Army Coast Artillery Corps Col. G. Armistead
ACM-6 Bastion 1945 ex- US Army Coast Artillery Corps Col. H.J. Hunt
ACM-7 Obstructor 1945 ex- US Army Coast Artillery Corps Lt. Sylvester
ACM-8 Picket 1945 ex- US Army Coast Artillery Corps Gen. Henry Knox
ACM-9 Trapper 1945 ex- US Army Coast Artillery Corps Gen. A. Murray
ACM Auxiliary Minelayers Butress class
ACM-4 Buttress 1944 Converted from PCE-878

Ähnlicher Typ USS Admirable class PCER


AM Lapwing/Bird Class
1917;1918-1953 [+]AM-1 Lapwing
AM-2 Owl Converted to Ocean-Going Tug ATO-137
AM-3 Robin Converted to Ocean-Going Tug ATO-140
AM-5 Tanager 4 May 42; artillery fire at Corregidor
AM-7 Oriole Converted to Ocean-Going Tug ATO-136
AM-9 Finch 10 Apr 42; bomb at Corregidor
AM-13 Turkey Converted to Ocean-Going Tug ATO-143
AM-14 Woodcock Converted to Ocean-Going Tug ATO-145
AM-15 Quail 5 May 42; artillery fire at Corregidor
AM-16 Partridge Converted to Ocean-Going Tug ATO--138
AM-17 Eider Converted to YNg-20
AM-20 Bobolink Converted to Ocean-Going Tug ATO-131
AM-21 Lark Converted to Ocean-Going Tug ATO-168
AM-24 Brant Converted to Ocean-Going Tug ATO-132
AM-25 Kingfisher Converted to Ocean-Going Tug ATO-135
AM-26 Rail Converted to Ocean-Going Tug ATO-139
AM-30 Seagull Converted to Ocean-Going Tug ATO-141
AM-31 Tern Converted to Ocean-Going Tug ATO-142
AM-33 Penguin 8 December 1942; scuttled to avoid capture at Guam
AM-35 Whippoorwill Converted to Ocean-Going Tug ATO-169
AM-36 Bittern 10 Dec 41; air attack at Cavite Yard, P.I.
AM-40 Cormorant Converted to Ocean-Going Tug ATO-133
AM-43 Grebe Converted to Ocean-Going Tug ATO-134
AM-46 Peacock
AM-52 Vireo Converted to Ocean-Going Tug ATO-144 Converted to Ocean-Going Tug ATO-144

PB-103 ex USS Finch AM-9 (Vireo kit), USS Bird class / Lapwing AM-1 class 1918 (1/1250)
DMS ex Flushdeckers
1940 converted [+]1940 DMS-1 Dorsey conv. from DD-117
DMS-2 Lamberton conv. from DD-119 conv. to Miscellaneous Auxiliary AG-21
DMS-3 Boggs conv. from DD-136; conv. to AG-19
DMS-4 Elliot conv. from DD-146
DMS-5 Palmer conv. from DD-161; 7 Jan 45; air attack at Lingayen Gulf
DMS-6 Hogan conv. from DD-178; conv. to AG-105
DMS-7 Howard conv. from DD-179; conv. to AG-106
DMS-8 Stansbury conv. from DD-180
DMS-9 Chandler conv. from DD-206; conv. to AG-108
DMS-10 Southard conv. from DD-207
DMS-11 Hovey conv. from DD-208; 6 Jan 45; bomb at Lingayen Gulf
DMS-12 Long conv. from DD-209; 6 Jan 45; bomb at Lingayen Gulf
DMS-13 Hopkins conv. from DD-249
DMS-14 Zane conv. from DD-337; conv. to AG-109
DMS-15 Wasmuth conv. from DD-338; 29 Dec 42; foundered in the Aleutians
DMS-16 Trever conv. from DD-339; conv. to AG-110
DMS-17 Perry conv. from DD-340; 13 Sep 44; mine off Palau Island
DMS-18 Hamilton conv. from DD-141; conv. to AG-111

USS Hovey DMS-11 1940 (1/1250)
AM Albatross class
set of following classes ex converted fish trawler, named like AM-71 Albatross….
AMc conversions
1941-44 converted fishing vessels, also called Reedbird class. Named like AMc-8 Cockatoo….

USS Crossbill AMc-9 1941
Accentor/Acme Class
1941-44 coastal and inshore minesweepers
Motor minesweeper

YMS (1944), HMS BYMS (1/600)
Patrol craft sweepers

USS Grafton PCS-1431 (1/1250)
AM Raven/Auk class
Raven sub-class: 1943/45: AM-55 Raven
AM-56 Osprey 6 Jun 44; mine in English Channel

Aux sub-class: AM-57 Auk, AM-58 Broadbill, AM-59 Chickadee, AM-60 Nuthatch, AM-61 Pheasant, AM-62 Sheldrake, AM-63 Skylark 28 Mar 45; mine off Okinawa
AM-64 Starling, AM-65 Swallow 22 Apr 45; kamikaze at Okinawa
AM-100 Heed, AM-101 Herald, AM-102 Motive, AM-103 Oracle, AM-104 Pilot, AM-105 Pioneer, AM-106 Portent 22 Jan 44; mine off Anzio
AM-107 Prevail, AM-108 Pursuit, AM-109 Requisite, AM-110 Revenge, AM-111 Sage, AM-112 Seer, AM-113 Sentinel 12 Jul 43; air attack off Sicily, AM-114 Staff, AM-115 Skill 25 Sep 43; torpedoed in Gulf of Salerno
AM-116 Speed, AM-117 Strive, AM-118 Steady, AM-119 Sustain, AM-120 Sway, AM-121 Swerve 9 Jul 44; mine off Anzio, AM-122 Swift, AM-123 Symbol, AM-124 Threat, AM-125 Tide 7 Jun 44; mine off Normandy
AM-126 Token, AM-127 Tumult, AM-128 Velocity, AM-131 Zeal, AM-314 Champion, AM-315 Chief, AM-316 Competent, AM-317 Defense, AM-318 Devastator, AM-319 Gladiator, AM-320 Implacable, AM-322 Spear, AM-323 Triumph, AM-324 Vigilance, AM-340 Ardent, AM-341 Dextrous, AM-371 Minivet, AM-372 Murrelet, AM-374 Pigeon, AM-375 Pochard, AM-376 Ptarmigan, AM-377 Quail, AM-378 Redstart, AM-379 Roselle, AM-380 Ruddy, AM-381 Scoter, AM-382 Shoveler, AM-383 Surfbird, AM-384 Sprig, AM-385 Tanager, AM-386 Tercel, AM-387 Toucan, AM-388 Towhee, AM-389 Waxwing, AM-390 Wheatear

USS Raven AM-55, USS Raven AM-55 1940 (1/1250), USS Pilot AM-104 1942 (1/1250), USS Raven AM-55
AM Adroit class
AM-82 - AM-99 1942. Adroit class minesweepers were a class of 295-ton PC-461-class sub-chasers completed as small minesweepers. Since unsatisfactory converted back into submarine chasers 1944 PC-1586…

Ähnlicher Typ USS PC 173' (PC461) (1/600), Ähnlicher Typ USS PC 173' (PC461), Ähnlicher Typ USS PC 173' (PC461), Ähnlicher Typ USS PC-466 (SC 173' )
1942 briefly USS Eagle (AM-132) the Q-Ship USS Captor (PYc-40)
Hawk class
Fishtrawlers AM-133-AM-135 1937;1942-44
AM Admirable / HMS Catherine class / PCE / PCER
1941-… 123 built

USS Admirable class PCER, USS Scout 1944 (1/1250)
DMS Ellyson Class ex Gleaves class
1944 conv. [+]1944/45 DMS-19 Ellyson conv from DD-454
DMS-20 Hambleton conv from DD-455
DMS-21 Rodman conv from DD-456
DMS-22 Emmons conv from DD-457; 6 Apr 45; kamikaze at Okinawa
DMS-23 Macomb conv from DD-458
DMS-24 Forrest conv from DD-461
DMS-25 Fitch conv from DD-462
DMS-26 Hobson conv from DD-464
DMS-27 Jeffers conv from DD-621
DMS-28 Harding conv from DD-625
DMS-29 Butler conv from DD-636
DMS-30 Gherardi conv from DD-637
DMS-31 Mervine
DMS-32 Quick
DMS-33 Carmick
DMS-34 Doyle conv from DD-494 Appeared as USS Caine (DMS-18) in "The Caine Mutiny"
DMS-35 Endicott
DMS-36 McCook
DMS-37 Davison
DMS-38 Thompson
DMS-39 Cowie
DMS-40 Knight
DMS-41 Doran
DMS-42 Earle

Ähnlicher Typ USS Livermore DD-429, Monsson DD-436
AMc(U) Underwater Locator Minesweepers
1945 converted from LST and LCI(L) AMc(U)-1…

Ähnlicher Typ LCI(L) 1-350 Landungsboote, Ähnlicher Typ LCI, Ähnlicher Typ LCT
MSO Agile class / Aggressive / Dash class
1951-57;1953-today 93 built

pic by

USS Aggressive class, USS Inflict AM-456/MSO-456 (1/1250), USS Agile AM-421 (1/1250)
AMS / MSC Adjutant class / Bluebird class
50s built as Lend-Lease-Program for many countries

USS Adjutant => Ponta Delgada (M 405), Castagno M5504 (1/1250)
AMS / MSC Falcon class

USS Kingbird AMS-194/MSC-194 1967 (1/1250)
Cove class MSI
Inshore minesweepers
Acme class
Osprey class
Coastal Minehunters, ital. Lerici derivative


Sonoma class (2)
Fleet Tug 1912 - 1912,
USS Ontario (AT 13)
USS Sonoma (AT 12)
Arapaho class
Fleet tug WWI 575ts Arapaho, Mohave, Tillamook
aquired civil tug class (7)
Fleet Tug 1917 - 1943,[+]
USS Chatot (AT 167)
USS Chetco (AT 166)
USS Esselen (AT 147)
USS Tuscarora (AT 77)
USS Undaunted (AT 58)
USS Acushnet (AT 63)
USS Genesee (AT 55)

USS Genessee AT-55 / PB-107
Bagaduce class (17)
Fleet Tug/Yard Motor Tug YMT, 1000ts, 1918 - 1921[+]
USS Allegheny (AT 19)
USS Bagaduce (AT 21)
USS Iuka (AT 37)
USS Kalmia (AT 23)
USS Keosanqua (AT 38)
USS Kewaydin (AT 24)
USS Mahopac (AT 29)
USS Mahopac (AT 30)
USS Montcalm (AT 39)
USS Napa (AT 32) Lost on 9 Apr 1942
USS Pinola (AT 33)
USS Sagamore (AT 20)
USS Sunnadin (AT 28)
USS Tatnuck (AT 27)
USS Umpqua (AT 25)
USS Wandank (AT 26)
USS Algorma (AT 34)
Harbour tugs 325ts, designation YT (Yard tug), also Woban class

US-Tug V2-ME-A1, USS Hoga YT-146 1941
V2-M-AL1 Port Sewall class
Lend-lease 90ts, most to UK
Harbour tugs big, YTB, 1220ts
ATR-1 class
Rescue Tugs wooden hull 168-ft. Many as lend-lease to UK, Canada, ..., e.g. HMS Justice ex ATR-20
Navajo / Cherokee class (28)
Fleet Tug 1230ts 1940 - 1943[+]
USS Apache (AT 67)
USS Arapaho (AT 68)
USS Bannock (AT 81)
USS Carib (AT 82)
USS Cherokee (AT 66)
USS Chickasaw (AT 83)
USS Chippewa (AT 69)
USS Choctaw (AT 70)
USS Cree (AT 84)
USS Hopi (AT 71)
USS Kiowa (AT 72)
USS Lipan (AT 85)
USS Macato (AT 86)
USS Menominee (AT 73)
USS Moreno (AT 87)
USS Narragansett (AT 88)
USS Nauset (AT 89) Lost on 9 Sep 1943
USS Navajo (AT 64) Lost on 12 Sep 1943
USS Pawnee (AT 74)
USS Pinto (AT 90)
USS Seminole (AT 65) Lost on 25 Oct 1942
USS Seneca (AT 91)
USS Sioux (AT 75)
USS Tawasa (AT 92)
USS Tekesta (AT 93)
USS Ute (AT 76)
USS Yuma (AT 94)
USS Zuni (AT 95)

USCG Tamaroa WHEC-166, USS Penguin ASR-12
Abnaki class (38)
Fleet Tug 1580ts 1943 - 1946, äußerlich wie Navajo/Cherokee[+]
USS Achomawi (ATF 148)
USS Atakapa (ATF 149)
USS Avoyel (ATF 150)
USS Cahuilla (ATF 152)
USS Chawasha (ATF 151)
USS Chilula (ATF 153)
USS Chimariko (ATF 154)
USS Cusabo (ATF 155)
USS Luiseno (ATF 156)
USS Mosopelea (ATF 158)
USS Nipmuc (ATF 157)
USS Paiute (ATF 159)
USS Papago (ATF 160)
USS Salinan (ATF 161)
USS Shakori (ATF 162)
USS Utina (ATF 163)
USS Abnaki (AT 96)
USS Alsea (AT 97)
USS Arikara (AT 98)
USS Chowanoc (AT 100)
USS Cocopa (AT 101)
USS Hidatsa (AT 102)
USS Hitchiti (ATF 103)
USS Jicarilla (ATF 104)
USS Moctobi (ATF 105)
USS Molala (AT 106)
USS Munsee (AT 107)
USS Pakana (AT 108)
USS Potawatomi (AT 109)
USS Quapaw (AT 110)
USS Sarsi (ATF 111) Lost on 27 Aug 1952
USS Seranno (ATF 112)
USS Takelma (ATF 113)
USS Tawakoni (ATF 114)
USS Tenino (ATF 115)
USS Tolowa (ATF 116)
USS Wateree (ATF 117) Lost on 9 Oct 1945
USS Wenatchee (ATF 118)

USCG Tamaroa WHEC-166
large tugs 1600ts, 1943-
Sotoyomo class
tugs 543ts
Cahto class
district harbour tug 410ts
Canada Tugs
modified Ocean Warrior class 1945/46 [+]
Army tugs
Large Tug LT (ca 35m-43m), Small tug ST (26m)

US-Tug Peder Ambjornsen ST-760, USS Fame
further not (yet) assigned

US-Tug Westcoast, US-Tug Heidi Moran, US-Tug John Sullivan
Eagle boats

USS Eagle PE-56 (1/1250), USS Eagle PE boat
SC 110' WkI
SC1 class

USS SC39 110′ Subchaser 1917 (1/600)
SC 110' Wk2
SC492 / PGM-1 class

USS SC497 110' Subchaser Wk2 (1/600)
SC 173'
PC461 / PGM-9 class

USS PC 173' (PC461) (1/600), USS PC 173' (PC461), USS PC-466 (SC 173' )
ARD-2 Floating Drydock class

USS ARD-2 Floating Drydock
Rescue & Salvage
Diver ARS-5 class: ARS-5 Diver, ARS-6 (WMEC-6) Escape, 7 Grapple, 8 Preserver, 9 Shackle, 14 Protector, 19 Cable, 20 Chain, 21 Curb, 22 Current, 23 Deliver, 24 Grasp, 25 Safeguard, 26 Sieze, 27 Snatch, 33 Clamp, 34 Gear, 38 Bolster, 39 Conserver, 40 Hoist, 41 Opportune, 42 Reclaimer

Penguin class (Penguin ASR-12 ex Navajo class Chetco AT-99, Bluebird ASR-19 ex ATF-164 Yurok, later Turkish Kurtaran; Skylark ASR-20 ex Navajo class Yustaga ATF-165, later Brazil Gastão Moutinho

Cherokee/Navajo class Salvage Tugs (e.g. Zuni ATF-95, later Tamaroa WHEC-166)
ATR-1 class rescue tugs (850-1300ts): ATR-31....
Boister class designed like Diver, slightly larger
Pigeon ASR-21

USS Diver ARS-5, USCG Tamaroa WHEC-166, USS Penguin ASR-12, Ähnlicher Stil Kommuna 2022 als Pigeon
Surveillance, Ocean Research

USNS Victorious (T-AGOS-19)
Vestal AR-4
Repair ship

USS Vestal AR-4, USS Vestal AR-4
Dixie class destroyer tender: Dixie (AD-14), Prairie (AD-15), Piedmont (AD-17), Sierra (AD-18), Yosemite (AD-19).
Basically same hull and superstructure
Fulton-Class submarine tenders: Fulton AS-11, Sperry AS-12, Bushnell AS-15, Howard W. Gilmore AS-16, Nereus AS-17, Orion AS-18, Proteus AS-19

and Vulcan-Class repair ships: AR-5 Vulcan, AR-6 Ajax, ....
Hamul class: AD-20 Hamul, developped from C3 cargo, AD-21 MarkabKlondike class AD-22/AR-22, AD-23-25 destroyer tender/repair ships of C3 classShenandoah class destroyer tender of modified C3 class

USS Markab AD-21, USS Dixie AD-14 1943 (1/1250)
Sumner (AG-32/AGS-5)

USS Sumner (AG-32/AGS-5)
Standard Cargo Hulls
Liberty Ships (EC2, T2)
Mass production cargo EC2-S-C1 ( 'EC' = Emergency Cargo, '2' =120-140 m 'S' = steam engines, 'C1' =r design C1). Successor of British ordered Ocean class and several others. Successor was Victory ship. Libertys build for Canada were called Park Ships, for GB Ford ships
Sub-classes and Variants examples were
EC2-S-C1: Cargo, troop ships, ammunition ships, AK (Attack cargo), Crater-class cargo ship
EC2-S-AW1: Collier
Z-EC2-S-C2: Tank carrier
Z-ET1-S-C3, T2: Tanker / Armadillo class
Z-EC2-S-C5: Boxed aircraft transport, some converted to Guardian-class radar picket ship
ARU(F)s (Aircraft Repair Unit, Floating) with Sikorsky R-4 helicopters on platform
USS Liberty: Belmont-class technical research ship (electronic spy ship), but being a Victory ship
MH-1A : Floating nuclear power plant
AR: Xanthus-class repair ships
ARG: Luzon-class repair ship
AKN: Indus class net cargos ships
ARV: Chourre class aircraft repair ship

USS Liberty Ship Jeremiah O'Brien, USS Liberty Frachter E 2-CS-C1, USS Liberty Tanker, USS Liberty Tanker, USS Liberty Ship (1/1250),
Bausatzkandidat: USS Luzon ARG by Loose Cannon East #142, USS LibertyShip Pack
Victory Ship VC2
Victory Cargos
Haskell class attack transports
Denebola stores, Bowditch oceanographic survey, Phoenix misc auxs, Watertown missile instrumentation, Longview missile instrumentation, Kingsport telemetry

USS Victory Attack Transport APA
C3 Cargos
Standard Cargo Hull length 150m, used as base for several designs.
Avenger class, Bogue class, Long Island class escort carriers
Windsor, Bayfield class attack transports
Hamul class, Klondike class, Shenandoah class destroyer tenders
Griffin class submarine tenders
Kenneth Whiting seaplane tenders

USS Markab AD-21, HMS Biter 1944, USS Bogue CVE-9/AVG-9, Ähnlicher Typ Kimikawa Maru als Kimikawa Maru, to Kenneth Wing, USS Callaway APA-35
T2 Tankers (325)
Cimarron class 1939
Fleet Oilers Type T3-S2-A1: Cimarron, Neosho, Platte, Sabine, Salamonie, Kaskaskia, Chemung, Guadalupe, Cacapon, Caliente, Chikaskia, Elokomin, Aucilla, Marias, Manatee, Mississinewa, Nantahala, Severn, Taluga, Chipola, Tolovana, Allagash, Chukawan / AO-22-AO-33

Ashtabula sub-class: Ashtabula AO-51, Caloosahatchee, Canisteo

Mispillion sub-class T3-S2-A3: Mispillion AO-105, Navasota, Passumpsic, Pawcatuck, Waccamaw AO-109

Converted to CVE Sangamon class: Sangamon, Suwannee, Chenango, Santee
Service 1939-1970, some up to 1992

Ähnlicher Stil Kokuyo Maru
Patoka class
Replensishment oilers 17000ts 1919-1946 Patoka (AO-9), Sapelo (AO-11), Ramapo (AO-12), Trinity (AO-13), Rapidan (AO-18), Salinas (AO-19), Sepulga (AO-20), Tippecanoe (AO-21)

Ähnlicher Typ USS Patoka (AO-9/AV-6/AG-125)
Neosho class
oiler class. Neosho AO-143, Mississinewa, Hassayampa, Kawishiwi, Truckee, Ponchatoula
Cimarron class 1979
Fleet replensihment oilers Service 1981-1998 Cimarron (AO-177), Monongahela (AO-178), Merrimack (AO-179), Willamette (AO-180), Platte (AO-186)

Ähnlicher Typ Mashu Replenishment Oiler JMSDF AOE-425 als before jumboization
Henry J. Kaiser class (Fleet oilers)

Ähnlicher Typ Mashu Replenishment Oiler JMSDF AOE-425
Sacramento class
Fast Combat Support Ship. Sacramento AOE-1, Camden AOE-2, Seattle AOE-3, Detroit AOE-4

USS Sacramento AOE-1
Supply class
Fast Combat Support Ship. Supply T-AOE-6, Rainier T-AOE-7, Arctic T-AOE-8, Bridge T-AOE-10

Ähnlicher Typ USS Sacramento AOE-1
Wichita class
AOR replenishment oilers

Ähnlicher Stil USS Sacramento AOE-1
Chicopee class
Chicopee AO-34, Housatonic AO-35

Ähnlicher Stil Kokuyo Maru
Mercy class
Mercy, Comfort

Bausatzkandidat: USNS Mercy announced by Combrig on FB Feb 2021
Kilauea class
ammunition ships 1967-1996. Kilauea, Butte, Santa Barbara, Mount Hood, Flint, Shasta, Mount Baker, Kiska

Bausatzkandidat: USS Kilauea AE-26 Resin by Ships & Co

Nicht zugeordnet

Minensucher (ggf. Geleiter/Kanonenboot)

Mersey class trawler

Mersey class trawler, UJ2101 ex Strymon (1/600)
Fairmile B

HMS Fairmile B (1/600), HMS Fairmile B (1/1250)

kleine Kampfboote

IV-57 ex US Elco Launch (1/600)
LCM / Allied Landing Craft WW2

LCM AA (1/600)

KFK Kriegsfischkutter (1943/45)
PT boat

PT-170 Boat Type 103,
PT-147 Elco 80',
PT-170 Boat Type 103
Asheville PGM class

USS Asheville (PGM-84) & USS Antelope (PGM-86)

USS M80 Stiletto

USS Vietnam ASPB Alpha Boat

USS Vietnam ATC(H), USS Vietnam ATC Monitor, USS Vietnam ATC Tango, USS Vietnam ATC Zippo

USS Vietnam PCF I Swift Boat
USS Pegasus PHM class

USS Pegasus PHM-1
Tarantul 1241.1

Tarantul, Tarantul I/II oder Pauk, Tarantul I 1241RE Hiddensee
USS Tucumcari PGH-2 class

USS Sea Hunter



Balilla class / UE
pic by
Enrico Toti 1934 (1/1250)


pic by
SMS Prinz Eitel Friedrich 1914 (1/1250)
444 class / Heywood class

USS George F. Elliott (AP-13) 1942
US Design 1020 Lake A


War Pigeon 1917 (Full)
Daifuku Maru No. 1 Class

San Francisco Maru
Robert Dollar Type / Belorussia class / West class / Anzan Maru class

Robert Dollar Type / Design 1013

USN Barges 4 (YC283, YOS1)

USS YO-30 Steel-hulled Fuel Oil Barge

Flak 2cm Oerlikon Mk10
LCM / Allied Landing Craft WW2

LCM AA (1/600)

Sinking Cargo Freighter

USN Barges 3 (YD33)

Don Isidro 1942

USS Garbage Lighter YG-17/YG-21

USS YO-43 Fuel Barge

USS Lakatoi 1942, 8 Guadalcanal
Abnaki class

USS Kopara AK-62 1942, 8 Guadalcanal
Dithmarschen class / USS Conecuh (AOR-110)

Altmark (1939)

USS Sea Shadow iX-529

United States (1/600)
RFA Stromness
RFA Ness class, USS Sirius class

RFA Stromness,
Bausatzkandidat: RFA Stromness announced by MT Miniatures (my pre-order was 18.06.2020)
Spearhead class

USNS Spearhead JHSV-1

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